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You can get guidance, healing and understand your problem better when you book an appointment.


As you book an appointment, you will get a confirmation via e-mail with the details on where to connect with me. You can connect me with a local number or via a Zoom link. The call is recorded for the educational purposes and future help for you when we decide to work further together.

I work as a doctor getting information from far away clairvoyantly about your energies, your life and detecting other relevant information I may see or be guided into through mediumship. You ask questions you need help and guidance with. You take full responsibility as of how you choose to apply the guidance and the information I communicate. If we decide to work further, you will have an opportunity to be coached on a longer-term basis and get help with implementing changes and get guidance at the same time. This has been a gift many clients have mentioned to be because I blend coaching, expertise in different areas and psychic medium sensitivity- helping you integrate heaven on Earth.


I usually ask my clients to find a calm atmosphere within and around them a couple of minutes before the call. It is recommended that you are in a surroundings where you can talk to me without interruption. If you cannot talk at home, you can sit in a car, a room somewhere, an office or perhaps even walk somewhere in nature. For some people, there are delicate things taken up in the call, so be mindful that sometimes come unexpected things you need to heal or integrate within yourself, emotional issues or old trauma. It may even come messages or people you know that are on the other side and want to say something. Be gentle with yourself after the call.


You don’t need to have specific questions either. If you do have questions or challenges to cover, it is ok too. It is up to you. Some people have questions. Others don’t. Questions may also come up as we go through your energies. Sometimes it is good to have some questions to start. Sometimes it is not good to have a lot of questions at once because it may disturb that which may want to come through from other realms. I will guide you through the process, if I feel I need to tell you something.


When I am guiding, I am mainly using my own intuitive senses to gather information about you and your questions at hand. I am also using my knowhow in different fields, if it has to do with a physical problem or challenge, such as the physical body, a business or the like. Sometimes, I may use tarot cards, oracle cards, astrology, numerology to support my work and get more objective information. I may also lead you into trance to heal issues that may affect your body, mind and soul, as well as remember events from your own soul. We are doing this if it feels good for you. You decide throughout the process.


I connect with your higher self, your soul, your guides, sometimes your loved ones on the other side and higher consciousness that want to work through me to communicate messages to you. I don’t work with lower energies. I only work with loving and higher energies. I will never tell you something to cause you more pain and suffering. The purpose of my work is to help people heal, overcome emotional challenges, trauma and reconnect with their own power at different levels, learn more about themselves, their souls and get support on their journeys, their dreams, their Earth life, relationships, health, business. I am quite aware that some information I may say, even though it was not meant to cause pain, surface pain that was already within to heal. I will help you throughout the process during the call. I do advise that, if you have a lot of things to heal, the best is to work on a long-term basis. I do advise you to check my program to develop your own psychic and healing gifts as well, because there you will also learn a lot of knowledge to connect even higher with your own soul. It is a perfect combination to invest on yourself on a long-term basis through education and counselling at the same time if you want to move forward quicker and more effectively. Some people are not as committed with themselves and prioritise other things in their lives until a life crisis come about and their soul is urgently calling for help. Be mindful as well to respect the souls that are helping me from the other side, their dedication and my time to serve you on a higher purpose. This is why I do appreciate if you come in time to the appointment. Because of this, we do not refund bookings. I have a grace waiting time of 10 min in the call. If you don’t show up, I will leave the call and will understand that you do not show up. No refunds or re-bookings will be done.

Can I book different appointments at the same time?

Yes. You can book different appointments at the same time. You can choose to book 30 min or 60 min appointments and you can also book an e-mail reading. If this is the first time you talk to me, I’d recommend you to book just the first appointment so we can discuss further a tailored solution to you. I am not interested in make you pay more or less. I am interested in helping you solve your challenges.



Gabi Gal