19 March WORLD MEDITATION for Corona Virus

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19 March WORLD MEDITATION for Corona Virus

At 18:00 Swedish time, we are meditating for Corona Virus to leave planet Earth.

As high vibrational beings, we are capable of directing our energies into creating our realities. The reality as it is now amongst our human partners is kind of different and a lot of fear has been multiplied everywhere.

As of worldwide concern, I ask you to join us where you are tomorrow at 18:00 and meditate together with the instructions below. If you see this post later on, you are welcome to start from the point in time where you see this. Because energy from above has directed you to see this, so please follow down with the instructions to meditate as following:

  1. Focus your thoughts within your heart and around your own energy
  2. Ask higher awareness to fill you and use you to reflect high vibration towards your city, country and planet
  3. Ask this vibration within you that is spreading throughout the planet to focus on Corona Virus
  4. Thank Corona Virus to have shown humanity a lesson and ask it to go now in peace and love
  5. Ask universal consciousness to help Corona Virus reconnect with its origin, exactly where it came from and those who have built it.

Your thoughts and energy are important and you can make a different on this planet.

Thank you for your participation.

/Gabi Gal.

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