Family lineage prayer 🙏
Today I pray for all women who are lost, need to find themselves, are experiencing relationship problems and haven’t yet found their true soul purposes. I pray for those who have struggled and those who have passed and never took the chance to release all wounds they carried within from many generations. I send forgiveness and I forgive myself too for having been on this trip. I pray for healing and love to enter all women’s hearts.
I happened to meet some of my sisters and soul mates on the other side, women who have suffered the pain and abrupt death because of the imbalance in the masculine spirit here on this planet. My soul has been through the same path and I saw thousands of those who have been supporting my incarnation here on this planet to help other women remember who they really are and heal their wounds, that which has held them back from becoming their divine love and light within.
I asked them for answers, to why we have gone through so much suffering in so many generations of relationships with men who were disrespectful and people who wanted to control, dominate, enslave and envy the fact of being loving and compassionate – which is indeed a birthright of every soul on this planet and beyond.
I happened to understand that there was only a way out. And this way has been to see that we would only become healed and whole if we integrated the masculine within ourselves and started to make peace with it. Learning about leadership, assertion, embracing all these post-modern features we all know of doing and doing. But… all of this has only made many of us lost and made us forget our intuition, our psychic gifts, our soul wisdom and who we are indeed beyond our physical body.
Copying the masculine does not make a woman soul fulfilled either. As embodiment of all this, I understood that the only way out is the path within. So I went on this journey breaking free from all that has made me disconnected from my source. And I started to see that light had to be connected with Love. And if Love was not there, I would become a robot by the human society, a computer programmed to tailor something else than My purpose. At that moment I realize why I forgot my purpose…
the way back was not easy. I asked my ancestors today why I had to carry so many trauma and pain from so many women . And I wished I didn’t because I know I deserve to live a happy, abundant and healthy life. But I understood that I have a very special mark in history which is the Birth of the Divine Feminine integrated in its Full Power and self-expression. The masculine has been integrated with the feminine and the more I grow, the more I embrace a new level of love from within.
So I realize why I have so much support from thousands of those who have left this planet and want to see this a better place for the incarnated women souls. A place of freedom and dignity; a place of love and communion; and a place of empowerment.
I believe that everyone has the ability to tap into all that and start discover her intuitive soul gifts and becoming fully aligned with their purpose. I know that there is however a lot of fear and doubt to take that step. But fear and doubt are only old enslavery mechanisms that only keep many generations to keep on suffering…
I see already the effect on my awakening and healing on my family and the people around. And I know that I learn something new everyday. Yet I am also proud of having taking time, energy and money I have invested in getting where I am today. And I wish that every woman sees too the importance of reconnecting with their dormant gifts – because those are not taught by the modern society.
If you are ready for transformation and really Believe that it is time now to end this cycle of suffering, emotional pain and disconnection in your family, in your life, in your society, think of how much you can do not only for yourself but also for the whole world when your light starts to shine as of how it should from the very beginning.
There are a lot of women not taking this chance and daring starting this process to move higher within because they are afraid and dominated by what others think and what others tell them to do. But… it is Your life. When are you going to start living your life? Or do you want to let your life be loved by someone else?
I am selecting very few women to participate in my coming program where I’m teaching the whole process of awakening to the soul and healing different wounds. I am also personally guiding them throughout the process with their unique challenges.
If you feel this resonates with you and you feel called to this, feel free to apply for a breakthrough call www.gabigal.se/apply
Yet I am very selective and only work with highly committed women who are resourceful and value my work so I can share what I have learned and help you open doors you would never thought of.