Spirit has said “shine”, “time to fly”, and I haven’t understood this until some years later. This is because I see signs in everything and I get intuitive messages everywhere. So I realized over the years that when my light was off within, I happened to switch off even other people around me not even aware of it. And then I realized the real cost that all of that was having for me and also for everyone else around me here on this little kinder garden Planet Earth.
I realized that when there’s no sunshine when she’s gone… and when she is gone, everyone else is gone because I am the representative of the divine feminine within, the light between worlds is within myself and the mystery of birthing between one world and another is within myself as a woman.
This is partly true for me because men also birth projects and partly as well birthing seeds to babies; but as a woman I realize that I am the one holding this nurturing and reconnecting power within, this unique healing power between worlds because I see souls rather than what may be visible. This makes me realize that when my intuition was not working properly, I had serious problems in connecting with my power and with my nature. Yet when my intuition started to work and grow… I started to tap into the mysteries beyond life and beyond this physical dimension… I started to tap into the invisible and I started to heal… I started to help others in a totally different way and, perhaps, what was most important… I started to help myself because… I started to shine and embrace my true colors 🙂
Then I see that there are many women out there who are not tapping into their own and live with the lights off or half off and are not able to exercise power in their own lives and in the lives of others around them… And I think that I was also lost some day, and I know exactly what that is. And I am thankful for all mentors who have been on my path both incarnated on Earth and on the other side, because my path would be much harder otherwise…
So I decided to offer this opportunity to guide other intuitive women who want to make a difference not only in their own lives, their families and communities by learning to heal and tap into their intuition – owning their power ❤️❤️❤️
I believe that we are ALL One. And in oneness, we have this special connection with the Divine Feminine. As I have learned to tap into it, I can help other women reconnect with their own unique energies.
I am deeply thankful for all the gifts I have been given and I realized that I share them now with those who value my work and are willing to make a shift in their lives for the better, reconnecting with love, healing trauma and being able to be this spotlight on this planet too.
If you feel in your heart that this is something for you, I’d recommend you to book a free call with me to get to terms with your challenges and see if I can help you further towards things you would never think are possible in your life…
Time does not come back. If you feel this is hour chance, I am selecting some people to mentor in a mentoring program designed to help help you heal and explore your intuitive gifts… no more disempowerment, invisibility, isolation, being taken advantage of, resentment, frustration, not being enough, stressed, lacking purpose, giving away your power…
apply for a call when there are still spots left


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