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Would you like to learn to develop your psychic skills?

Apply for the Soul Medicine Program (Reconnect with your Light 2.2.) here  This program is a compact program offering you information about healing, psychic development and intuitive development. You will also learn grounds to understand and contact with other higher awareness through mediumship work and also how to access your soul library, your akashic records. A program all in one during 3 months of studies, every week giving you new video-lessons, written material and exercises. You can also book extra individual support with the tutor.


How to start your psychic development

Creating a firm foundation in any Psychic or Mediumship work is essential.

Over this twelve week course Gabi Gal will guide you through the skills you need to lay the cornerstones of this work, and understand the “human project”. You will learn to tap into Earth-bases energies, imbalances and also increase your level of energy awareness so that you can start opening up higher channels within yourself. It is a program, not only focusing on techniques and skills but also a great deal with inner work. You will do a lot of self-awareness studies to be able to melt down and make the knowledge solid, in your unique energy system.

You will have access to different materials in the course: Meditation for quieting of the mind, grounding your energies, your psychic self, looking at your intuitive gifts, sensing subtle changes in energy, reviewing the foundations, imbalances, energy anatomy, higher connections, Akashic records, psychic mediumship tools.

You can also join the VIP community group, to get support, discussion, sharing your experiences and meet like minded people. You can also check for a possibility to book private and individual guidance or counselling along the process.

You will leave having built the foundations for your future psychic and mediumistic work and will have the understanding and confidence to continue your development in this field.

We are pleased to be able to offer this course to you online. This means you can join Gabi Gal for classes in the comfort of your own home each week.

All you need to take part is a computer with audio and internet.

On paying for this course, you will receive an email giving a link to access your classes. Please use the same link for every class. Remember to check your spam folder if you don’t receive this confirmation email in your main inbox.

Please email: if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy the course!

Gabi Gal

I have always been aware of the existence of the spirit world but I spent many years ignoring the communication and messages that I was receiving. I could channel when I was a child. During my teenage years, I was very critical of what could not be proved. I emerged myself into science though I was curious about auras and mediumship. Eventually I decided to join a mediumship study group when I was around 13. From there, I started to experience healing, and contact with the Spirit world. But it was not until my adulthood, I started to awaken to psychic mediumship again during a life crisis. It helped me understand more about life and my purpose, as well as connect with my loved ones on the other side. It has helped me understand human life in a completely different way and help other people too. It continues to be a wonderful and incredible journey. I feel privileged to be able to work with spirit and also be able to know about energy reading and psychically being able to help others through my senses.