Masks. Why to hold masks of merits, being the nice one, the one that wants to be there for others all the then, the strong one, the hard-working one, the one who can take a lot of responsibility, the loyal one, the perfect one, if within yourself you feel empty, not enough, unhappy, depressed, filling your reality with alcohol, relationships, substances, overwork, try fill the void of something you don’t know about. So when you realize that you cannot find more meaning in the outer reality, then you’ll see that there’s nothing outside yourself that can complete an inner gap; because you don’t know who you are are; you have built this human character but that’s far from what you are. Because you are love. Start loving yourself fully, drop all masks and things you’ve learned, feel accepted, validated, good enough, better, proud & having fulfilled your purpose. Grasp instead your own unique energies, who you really are behind all these inbuilt masks. This may be a long journey. For some it may lead to divorces, life crisis, illnesses, health issues and even business and professional break up. Ive been there too But I’ve found out that a well of wisdom within when I dared looking…

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