Throughout my life, I have been thrown at different situations and in a way or another taken a lot of responsibility to look after the whole, groups and people, being aware of the needs and wants, but also having a greater vision that would benefit the whole.

That came often naturally because i saw no one else taking the role and i felt often that people around me did not mobilise to changes and upgrades for the whole, because everyone was so busy with their own thing, and perhaps did not even see things I saw. That started when I was around 8 years old.

I have been born in a family that was very unstable. Although my parents tried to love me as I was and tried to provide for my basic needs and what they could, I was constantly hearing them scream and have conflict with one another then being friends and loving one another. I never understood that. During that time, I told myself I would learn as much as I could and focus on education, and move very far away.

I already had dreams about the forest in a cold climate and I felt since i was a child that I would move to a foreign country when I grew up, so my free time interest was reading the dictionary and a lot of language books. English came to me naturally already very early and I learned it very quickly, even though there was no English speaker around me.

I went through several challenges and difficulties in my life that I had to find different solutions and be creative. From painful situations to lighter situations, and all of these have been teaching me something very important: inner strength and balance.

I could not be there for others if I did not know how to reach my own balance. I could not be there for others I did not know my own truth, who I am, my gifts, my weaknesses and if I did not trust myself, but also trusting higher guidance that i got in several situations.

I could often see through people and often guess many things that would happen. And sometimes i felt that being a leader and following my own path led me to be independent, but also alone many times. Because others did not understand half of what i have been through and because it seemed that i was a leading magnet since i was a child, I was often seen in different way by people who worked with me.

The greatest test I went through was in a close relationship, a marriage with a narcissist. I have always been very sensitive. I had to learn to dive deep into all my shadows and fears and be free from them. I had to learn to love myself deeply and accept myself all the way. I had to see the truth within and really understand all types of energies that i co-created with unconsciously; and also take ownership of all my decisions. but also release all that i was not responsible for, that i have been holding onto for decades. I have witnessed changes in my cells and in my physical body, vitality after I understood the lessons and I left everything behind.

I have learned to see that I have been holding onto a lot during many decades. And I think this is a common characteristic for many people who take on a leadership role. There is this joint responsibility for what others do and their choices, and when you usually have to guide people into a common vision, or even their own “higher” vision, then all of a sudden if something happens which is completely different, you may take blame and shame or guilt out of that.

I learned to be humble. But I also learned that every person has his and her own responsibility for her or his own actions, to the whole. I learned that I do not need to hold on to other people’s burdens and that I always do the best I can. Everyone is on his or her unique journey. I am only the vessel who communicates important information, the same way that other people in my life and other beings on the other side have guided me. I lead but I am also led. That is the game.

Somewhere on this journey, I started to realise that I had to learn to trust a higher power. I had to learn to trust the invisible. And I had to allow myself be led by a higher consciousness. It was only then that things started to change in my life. I took me a great deal of courage to trust the invisible and allow it to lead my life, my actions, my thoughts, my feelings. And this invisible part of me is my soul. The unconscious part of me who carries a whole deal of intelligence and wisdom beyond time and space, that I did not remember because I was so enmeshed with human stuff in my mind many times, education and other stuff inbuilt here in many societies. I had to start discover what is in me and beyond, beyond what is here in the physical sphere. And to do that I had to do a great deal of experiments…

Any motivations based on ego or fears that I had in the past with trying to lead others and go for a common goal ended because I started to see the unity of the human dream. I started to see the connections of everything that happen at every single moment. I started to see the intelligence that happens behind every single thing. And I also started to see the soul beyond the physical body.

When my psychic mediumship started to flourish after all these life experiences, I happened to understand that for me to guide others, I had to learn inner strength and balance first; and that entailed learning to deal with all sorts of energies and stand in my own power. But I always believed that I was weak and little. I learned to change my mind and see how much I have dared experiencing and doing that I had no idea about.

I learned to see the beauty and the perfection in everything and, instead of looking at CV’s, references, and even what people said, I started to look at their souls. Because I also looked at mine and I knew where I stand. Wonderful things started to happen. All of a sudden, I started to activate unconditional love in my actions.

I stopped being there for others because of their requests but i started to honor the divinity within myself and what it wanted me to do. I started to honor my universal connection, my higher wisdom, my collective consciousness and my ability to tap and communicate with each little being here and beyond, and be able to be this whole instrument for something greater in human life. This is the impersonal part of me.

So I have met amazing people throughout the years. My lesson with the narcissist, led me to understand a lot about my sensitivity, masks i held, situations I avoided and trusting myself no matter what, and deciphering brainwashing and the mechanisms that lie behind all of this attempt to be loved from another.

For me today is leadership about helping another connect with her greatness, her power, her light. A lot of people have no idea about how to use their own power. They go on their lives sleeping. They keep on a system of dependence to fulfil their own needs and wants, not reaching for their wholeness, their power, their freedom. They get enslaved in corporate jobs, children, household, marriages, businesses and different situations not finding the way out  – because they do not know who they are.

I started to understand who I am when I started to see beyond the illusion. There are a lot of illusions in the world. People get sick, unemployed, segregated, poor, stuck, sad, angry, frustrated because of illusions. I have been through many illusions when I started to believe in – fear. And life has taken me to dive deep into every little fear and dissect their truths.

I always wanted to love people. This is part of my nature. but I realized that, when you love people for their reasons and suffering, there is actually no unconditional love for yourself. I had to learn to be self-centred  after all life experiences to find balance.

I actually felt that being born on Earth again has been very painful. and I tried to avoid a lot of the circumstances because it has required a lot of courage to even do half of the things that I did and be able to see my own power. It has required a lot of courage to face so many difficult situations and still regain balance, and have a high level of sensitivity. That was not easy. It was not easy to sense people’s energies on the other side of the planet. It was not easy to psychically access information and be overwhelmed and even have visitors from the other side in my house in the evening and nights when i was expecting to be alone – and I cherished my time alone.

It was not easy to come to this plane, access multidimensional information about other times and spaces, and be able to function here as the societies are built. I could see the future and I could see the past. I could have dreams about things that would happen and I could sense connections and people, telepathic messages, lovers, and even when people were cheating years before that happened.

At some point, I just wanted to get rid of everything and be completely alone in the woods…with the trees, the water and the birds. But then I started to remember again why I came to this physical reality. I managed to understand the power of universal forces that govern here this plane, and also remember old wisdom from other life times as of how to create, co-create and generate resources to higher projects here on this planet.

Overview of my career

When I was a child, I have been communicating with the other side unconsciously. I was channeling a bunch of stuff and writing several books from when I was 5. I started to counsel people and look at their souls, saying things to them that sometimes touched their hearts and made them cry as a release. I tried to learn a bunch of languages by myself. I spent a lot of time singing and painting as well.

I knew that I would write and I knew that I would talk to people because I wrote already this name “Gabi Gal”, which is a shortening to my birth name and I signed it thousands of time and in all books that I found in my place. My parents got tired of seeing my autographs.

I wrote several books that I never published when I was a child. I spent huge amount of time memorising long texts in my mind, books from plays in a theatre group I was part of during about ten years since I was five. That changed my life completely because I was a very sensitive kid and I did not dare going to scenes and I never wanted to show up myself. My father insisted that I joined the group. That helped me overcome a lot of obstacles in my life and sometimes even speak to thousands of people. I spent huge time writing songs, trying to play a keyboard by myself and singing in a city choir.

Though circumstances were quite “limited” where I lived in Rio, my dream was to be a musician and write, and I never believed in my dream because I thought I had to get a job and work with something else. So I studied to be an engineer. I was interesting in quantum physics when I was a teenager and all those weird theories. I was being called a nerd and a weirdo because I was trying to learn Swedish by myself and discuss with the university professor about the Entanglement theory and how quantum particles travelled matter without being noticed; and I dreamt of starting to experiment with a particle accelerator. But I was actually never really great at physics and I was bored out of that narrow-minded way of seeing life in mechanics. I understood plants and animals. But nothing about machines. Asked me to fix an animal, go cut and sew, I had no problem with that. But ask me to go draw a CAD plant on paper, I got so frustrated at that that I torn the whole university book and threw it somewhere after the teacher asked me to do that over again the third time. I got even more frustrated at the advanced math teacher. He distributed exercise lists with multiple integers, and we had to know formulas to get to a specific result. That was very boring. I asked myself, why the heck am I doing here…? Applying formulas to get a pre-determined result was for me very simplistic. I told myself I was not a machine and I left the program.

When I grew up, I was interested in the mysteries of the universe and not copying what other people have determined: the past, nothing new, copy and paste… I got a job offer as a language teacher and a translator. Some years later, I moved to Sweden. I spent a great deal of my time talking to my Swedish friends over the world and asking for help with my Swedish pronunciation.

In Sweden, I studied languages then got a masters in peace and development. I wanted to understand world poverty, social problems, and how to establish peace – my own journey, I had to establish peace despite of chaos around me. During that time, I started an organisation, a professional mentoring platform regionally in Kronobergs län. This project made me stay in Sweden, because I had broken up with a boyfriend I had and I was actually tired of the Swedish lack of social contact. I was doing some volunteer work at the Red Cross, counselling refugees and studying the Swedish law.

I took a chance to work for the Swedish government then, as an officer/ recruiter. Then I got an opportunity there to move to the South and work with a national mentoring project. In this project, I got in contact with mentoring and coaching projects in the world and I did some field work in Europe. After feeling disappointed with them not taking in my ideas on how to implement a mentoring system that would decrease unemployment, I decided to research.

During my PhD research, I went on the same coaching and mentoring journey, this time with entrepreneurs. I did some cross-country work with the UK and talked to several entrepreneurs who managed starting their businesses in the UK – leaving Sweden even though Sweden met their basic needs through a social security system.

That took me again to miss the organisation I started, so I started to journey on again into coaching and mentoring, writing a project to finish my PhD (because I only got 2 years of financing). This was an international network that I built together with organisations in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Finland. I got some millions for this project but the university declined my offer. Perhaps because it was too innovative. I was experimenting with hypnosis and coaching immigrants to understand their segregation, trauma and unemployment and taking in health science into the picture.

To carry on with this project, I had to have a back up of an organisation so the European Union accepted me managing this project with my previous organisation; and that is what I did. I got pissed at the university for not letting me finish my PhD, but I understood since then that a PhD diploma would just be a piece of paper – but my experience, knowledge and wisdom goes much ahead of time – because I discovered something very important during that period. I discovered that I could connect with the people I coached remotely and intuitively; and read a whole lot of information about their lives that they haven’t told me during the coaching sessions. Because of this, it helped me guide them better and they were very thankful in the end, that they finally understood why they were in the situations they encountered themselves.

So I had to explain all this in a book. It was hard to explain with scientific terms. You can order it here. When I published the book, I got no financing for it back. But it was worthy anyway. I removed a big weight from my shoulders revealing to the EU that I was a psychic medium too. I started to accept that everyone is born with gifts and that I too have mine. And that all gifts come with a purpose and function here in the bigger ecosystem.

From this public change in other people’s eyes, I had a lot of people leave my friendship and working circle because they probably thought I was weird. And I do understand that it is weird for some that have no experience or knowledge in an unknown territory – especially if someone can read their subconscious mind. I would be scared if I had a lot of secrets.

We are all one. This has made me channel different books during the last years, especially about the Divine Feminineand healing relationships. All of which was a mixture of my own life lessons, soul wisdom and channeling information from the other side. Meanwhile I have taught courses to help people develop their own intuition and lead their own energies, the same process I have got through; develop their healing and psychic gifts, and understanding more about their human life, their own life purposes and so forth… Some can be found hereand accessed right away.

During that career change, I decided to leave back all masks i was wearing over the decades unconsciously. I had to leave all merits and business suits and I actually threw a whole lot of thing from my place. I realized that I am no longer that “business” woman who has taught to prove herself with a lot of titles and copy a man-made system. I embraced my intuition and my sensitivity fully. I was tired of all that story of evidence because the evidence was within myself and through the meetings i had with people. I was tired of having to be someone else that I was not to please or not to sound weird or different. I am different. And I am unique. Everyone is. I no longer compromised or felt ashamed because my psychic skills. Instead, I realized that this is a very feminine feature. I started then to embrace my sensuality, my own rhythm, my feminine nature and I started to leave behind all this man-driven roles that you may learn as well – to work hard, to fight, to reach for goals and act out of rationality most of the time – I realized that I was absolutely not that.

On a journey that I felt sometimes harassed when I was dressing up and really showing my beauty because I am happy, not having male employees who respected me because they had different beliefs about a woman leading, I decided to throw this all. And I took ownership of my own life to live as I want to live.

During the last decade, I have coached and mentored people in different ways. During last years, I have added my medical and health knowledge due to my new (old) knowledge area, nursing studies, energy medicine, psychic mediumship studies and natural medicine studies. All of this has come to me as an attempt to learn about my own balance in the physical plane.

I love working with groups and helping people grow, reconnect with their own gifts and find their purpose because I believe that when we all are aware of our special function here, we start to blossom. Not the function that we have learned from school, our carers, our parents’ etc but something that is born with you there from before… about your special energy that is uniquely yours… learning about this gives you a greater contribution to the world and also lead to fulfilling your purpose and bringing you happiness, wellness, health, abundance and love.

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