One of the archetypes I’ve been working with this life time is the warrior. I’ve had to learn courage to move forward, to leave people and things behind, to go for my dreams, to love unconditionally, to be present in myself, to understand my soul, to follow my intuition no matter what, to risk taking steps and trusting the universe because I understand that there’s an intelligence that I’m part of that is self-coordinated. But not all the time have I felt like that.
I have been afraid many times and, indeed, because I have tried to embrace this archetype in this life time, I had to release a lot of fears. Fears of not being loved. Fears of not being reciprocated. Fears of hurting others for standing in my own truth. Fears of breaking up friendships… because I realized that all these fears were actually instead manifesting the same things I didn’t want to.
I’ve had this tendency to love others so much that I could give my life to others. That is something I’ve done in many life times. But this life, nature has turned it around so I could find balance. And this has required me to learn to say no to people I love, even if they can’t accept or understand my choices; be able to stand in my own power and live my life according to what my higher self wants because then it becomes for the greater good of all.
Some people are born here to learn different lessons. Some have to learn to love others and put others first. I have already learned that. I came to a turning point in my life that the other side told me, love yourself. And I suddenly understood that I couldn’t really control people’s choices and situations around me that were crazy. I had to accept them and choose to leave them. I had to love myself and move on. I understood that I have learned a leadership lesson. I learned to stand in my own power and in my own truth. And the more different situations came to me, I started to see that I was able to love myself and more, understand my life plan and be able to accept myself and see my worthiness even more. And with that, I started to be able to love others much deeper.
I had to release a lot of guilt and shame. I couldn’t save people anymore from their suffering. I realized that it’s their own responsibility and that they create their own challenges and imbalances even unconsciously. And they are the only ones to overcome them. I could just offer my presence, being the light that I am and allowing myself to shine my light no matter what.
So my healing journey has been that of realizing that to release the conflicts outside myself, I had to work with my inner being. I had to unlock my soul wisdom and start listening to it; start embracing it and accepting it as it is; start loving myself even if I have made sometimes choices that didn’t support me in the past; and for having loved others and being there for them when they didn’t want to reciprocate or give back any thing or even being there when I mostly needed.
I am not the kind of person who usually asked for help. That was my ego and my fears.  I tired to fix almost everything alone. But life has showed me I had to release my pride and start showing my vulnerability. Trust and open myself to receive. I started to realize that when I did it, then I really noticed those who really loved me.
This awareness journey had to go so deep as 1200 centuries back so I could understand the red thread of my life.
Are you experiencing the same?
Standing in my own power has been especially important in this life time with the turning point of the divine feminine; allowing myself step into my feminine energy and still feel that I am respected, loved, appreciated and that I can live my life free, I can embrace my soul wishes free and I can dare loving others even deeper. Because I no longer hold on to people and objects and I know that I am whole. I know that all love exists within myself and I have learned about empowerment.
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