Weekly Energy Intuitive Forecast 17 -24 Januari 2021

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Weekly Energy (Intuitive) forecast

I am trying something new now. Instead of sending you thousands of emails. I have now recorded a video and also write down the forecast below for the whole week. 

Monday 17 January 2021 – Sunday 24 Januari 2021

Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. We are attracted to signs and energies. Perhaps your answers are here.

wish you all the best


Gabi Gal

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There is an important decision to make tomorrow. You will be swept away by a positive event. Something that you did not even imagine will happen tomorrow. A big surprise. Whatchout so you don’t lose your feet because it will be great moments of joy.



You may be thoughtful about how things are changing in your life and what you have left go. It could be a day where you are a bit nostalgic and search for answers within yourself. A perfect day for meditation or calming down your thoughts.



Here you got a new chance to move forward with your work. If you don’t have a job, then something new will come up on Wednesday. Whatchout for signs and people that pass by your way. It could also be that you get a new idea about something you haven’t thought before when it comes to work or joy.



The winds are moving quick now towards full moon and you have a lot of seeds that are coming into fruition before this full moon. The energies may be very speedy and a lot of joy will come up as well. Allow yourself to raise your vibration so that you can benefit of the greatest joy on Thursday. There is something about a move. Perhaps you are moving to a new place, selling your house or the like. Things will go very smoothly and positively, with greater news that you would imagine. If you are searching for a change in your life, this is the perfect time to travel or change your environment as well. This is a good day for changes and for really make the move that you would like to, whether it is in you personal or professional life, or even in your physical location.



On Friday there are many things going on. I am seeing a lot of balls in the air. It could be that you are trying to juggle a lot of things. Allow yourself to get clear about what it is that you are doing and which things you can remove from your lists. Do what is most important for you and leave the rest. It is important to focus on your own wellbeing at first.



On Saturday you will get a gift. It is an important gift. The gift could be something physical like an object. But it could also be something subjective, such as an insight, something that adds great value to your life. It could be that you make a decision to give yourself a gift, something that uplifts your life someway. I am also seeing a heart here before me on your hands, so it could be a gift from a loved one but also your ability to give love to others, to give them the gift of your presence and your gifts to others.



On Sunday you will have great surprises coming in. I am seeing some clouds moving very quickly. This could mean that you are getting clarity about different thoughts that are disappearing from your sight, and you are able to then look forward towards other things you would like to experience in your life together with others. I am also seeing a gathering. It could be that you are gathering with friends, family or other people that mean a lot to you. It could be that you join a group or something even on the internet that brings you joy. Allow yourself to be in the present moment and make the most of it.


All the best,

Gabi Gal


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