Spiritual awakening is part of the process of embracing more of your soul and being able to understand that you are a soul in a human body; instead of just a human body that is going on all of itself without having a commander.

The soul within yourself is a consciousness that carries information and specific data that takes you forth in different life paths. It is an incubator for ideas and different unique self-expressions that allow you to take actions in the physical world.

When you start to understand more about your life journey, your spiritual awakening process starts to awaken new parts of yourself, new parts of your soul, past-lives, old memories, pieces of your life puzzle and also release a lot of old patterns, traumas, relationship and family conflicts and karmic issues.

As you embrace more light of your own soul during your spiritual awakening journey, you allow yourself to merge with higher consciousness and bring down more information to the physical realm that you can use, to live a balanced and happy life, and to embody a greater consciousness of whom you are as a being who is greater than your physical self.

The understanding of your spiritual awakening comes with different senses and experiences on a daily basis that allows you to understand that your intuition starts to grow, you start to sense other worlds and you perhaps may even start to see the future or communicate with other realms, like the astral realm of spirits or even other types of consciousness such as archangels, beings from other planets and beings of the Earth such as trees, plants, animals, faires etc.

Your spiritual senses may get clearer as you start to understand more of whom you are. In this process, you may allow yourself to see these other realms as your higher consciousness opens and your third eye develops.

For me, it has been challenging that since I was a child, I could see other people as their souls and not their human persona. I had to “remember” about the lower personas and start to make sense as I was vibrating in a higher frequency than many people around me. I started to understand my leadership role and I started to awaken spiritually more and more  in different phases. This has led to me starting to sense other people in depth even if I am just thinking of them; and get information from the past as well as some information about the future; and also talk to the spirit world, to the trees and other beings on the other side, my soul family outside the planet Earth; sense other types of consciousness and communicate basically with everything.

So my communication pathways started to develop and I started to have to clean out the past and the energies that came from lower dimensions and frequencies. These cleaning processes took me to different challenges in my life where I had to really be with myself, love myself, respect myself, go deep within myself and heal. With healing, it came deeper understanding about myself, my life and the human life. It also came with greater clarity about the laws that surround me and the different reasons to why humans experience so many problems in their work, business, finances, health and relationships or love life.

Spiritual awakening would not be possible if I did not follow my intuition to make use of teachers that came my way during different periods of my life and taught me different things I needed to move to the next level. I also had to dare taking the chances instead of just being in the same state. Growing takes courage. But staying where you are may instead take you into suffering, frustration and dissatisfaction on the long run.

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Gabi Gal

Author/ psychic medium/ intuitive coach & researcher




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