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How to find great solutions within yourself – without having to over-analyse or having to go search for books or materials, people, outside yourself…

You have to read this.

The solution is very simple: connect with your superconsciousness. Instead of trying to find a lot of models and how-to that other people have taught and told you should do. All of that is just crap if you are not learning how to cooperate with your own intelligence because you are using other people’s ways of doing things and not your own. The only way to change that is through self- and higher awareness.

If you continue copying. You have no innovation, just a mere human robot. And I don’t think you are a robot. But our societies teach you to be a robot.

Learn how to do this in the article I wrote and I hope you have a great evening or day out there,

/Gabi Gal

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The Greatest Solutions are Within Yourself

written by Gabi Gal


You carry the power of the universe and you work not only through the law of attraction but also with a consciousness that transcends this physical realm, and co-creates with raw matter. This raw matter turns your ideas into physical form and leads to projects, relationships and situations.

Often what stops most people from reaching what they want is the measure of their own consciousness, not only how they think, their life-world, but also their ability to unite their yin and yang into a process of full self-expression and balance, within their own unique creative force in their human body. In other words, it is not until you discover your unique energies and who you actually are, and what you are capable of, that you will be able to reach whatever goal you would like to and resonate from a superconsciousness instead of your limited persona that you have built upon during this and other life times.

The superconsciousness is already within yourself and you need not get better than you are or try to change who you are to become something else, or try to use a lot of models and theories that a lot of people claim to be true and right that you have learned in school. The key to use your superconsciousness is to learn to merge with it and use its faculties not only to your own good but also for the good of humanity and also all other living beings on this planet.

Many people spend their lives trying to make the hangings of their own current reality, their routine and solving problems that they and other people have create, they become slaves of a three dimensional system that limits their ability to express themselves completely and become the best version of themselves which already exists within themselves but they do not know how to tap into it. They go to different courses and they try to acquire different merits, they start relationships, professional careers, climb the ladder in the company they work for or the business they have. They may get rich financially or even have a family they have longed for but they are still poor in the sense of not reaching for their full potential by not using their full superconscious power – because they do not even know what that is.

Today I have been observing nurses and patients and I understood suddenly that the fact that people encounter themselves in very difficult situations in life and end up having great energetic imbalances in their bodies is their size of their own consciousness and awareness of who they are and what they are capable of. Instead, many of these people ended up in very complicated situations that not only affected their mental life or emotional life but also their physical bodies. Disconnection from their power led to taking actions that led to disease and separation from source, they experienced a lot of relationship problems that led to deep sadness and frustration. They experienced a lot of traumas and limitations of things that they must do and that are limiting their self-expression because others have decided on how they should act. They have no freedom. They don’t really know who they are.

I had this conversation today with a nurse being very open that I have another view of medicine because I have both knowledge from the Western medical world and also Eastern and ancient practices. And I have told her that I am going to be myself completely if I am with patients and use what I think is more applicable. And she came to me and said… “remember, here we act from evidence. What we do is evidence-based”. And I told her that I have studied more than 1000 pages during the last years to see which kind of literature they were basing the health and nursing sciences in Sweden, where it said that a lot of the concepts and philosophy as of how you should act is based on praxis. So I asked her whether praxis is studied and scientifically measured to compare why e.g. Chinese medicine with an extensive evidence of over 2000 years is not integrated as a regular treatment for patients. She could not answer me. Then she said, “but we try to do things as we used to and have routines for”. And I asked her… “is there any evidence for your routines?”, she could not answer me.

I thought, after this, that what causes a human being limit herself from applying progress and finding solutions to recurring problems is her ability to connect with her superconsciousness and act from it. For it to happen, as of my experience, you have to merge from a human persona to a transpersonal persona; and work in harmony with the collective mind, which is also yours. And this process may be a long process to attain but it may also be shortened by deep inner work and self-awareness.

From this example there from the nurse, I asked her if it was because of her fear of the unknown that she reacted like that towards me. Of course, what is unknown makes a lot of people feel threatened and even bothered for someone’s presence. And then I come out of nowhere and start telling a completely different view of things, and that makes her react. Yet I realise that, my intention was not to make her off her leadership role, but to express myself and what nature wants to birth through me for the greatest good of all. I believe that we are all born with unique gifts, motivations and things we can add and enhance the whole. It is when we limit ourselves that we get disempowered and we also stop others from experiencing greater abundance through what we can help them with as well.

By being said this, you lose and also a whole lot of people lose from your lack of investment on yourself and growing into your own consciousness because the world will not benefit from your discoveries and your gifts, your happiness and your products or services, love and joy. Instead, they will react to your sadness, desperation, anger, frustration, disease, disempowerment, isolation, pain and lack of faith in life.

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Lots of love to you,

Gabi Gal

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