Today there were some military planes flying out when I was contemplating the trees and talking to the Fairies. I came to see that the planes were there the whole time when I was outside. So I sent a telepathic message to the the military pilots because we came from the same soul family… telling them that we have the same goal but we have different strategies. I have learned a lot about strategies and I can also find the missing people and the objects often just thinking about them or looking at a map a guessing. I was once testing my intuition and I could find very clear details about places a stolen truck was traveling with the right coordinates. I can see through people’s subconscious and super conscious mind when I’m working or helping them, and I can often see, feel and know their experiences, those that led them to do certain things. Certain things people who are not good for the whole. It creates chaos and affect others negatively. But we are all learning to take responsibility for our actions and understand the impact of our choices at a planetary level. So I came to the pilots and told them telepathically that, our strategies to go to the aim are different. You see, I have a very deep connection with the US military from past lives and working with medicine saving people. So I understood that the masculine without a balanced feminine becomes chaotic. But the feminine also needs the masculine to put the plan into action more precisely. Not until both are in harmony, things start to change into wholeness. Then I came to realize that the masculine energy in them was focusing on FEAR. While the feminine energy in me was focusing on LOVE. And if I have a strategy based on love, I know that if I come to my TARGET and know that he is also source energy, he comes to me and acts with his imbalance and mental dissociation, lack of responsibility with the planet and his actions which are the direct reflection of his consciousness… then I know that through shining the highest frequency of love from my soul, he either leaves my perception by his own choice of staying in darkness or lighten up with new perceptions about himself, others and a deeper understanding that leads to forgiveness, growth and expansion. A soul is saved. And all of this happens because Love involves the Frequency of Fear but Fear cannot reach the frequency of love. So I come then to realize that most of the military-thought methods to kill to heal are not the most helpful one’s, I must say. You kill to help, to find balance, you find your enemies from big ones, corporations, to smaller ones, bacteria, virus and prions. But killing does not solve the problem totally because its healing source lies in consciousness. Have you not got consciousness to enhance your understanding about Thyself, it will be difficult to move forward effectively with what you want to reach, be it abundance, love, health or whatever it may be. Then I tell them telepathically a very clear message: let’s work together. I’d love to follow up in the skies and help you find the target, and approach them from another perspective. Because once you stop going for killing, for fear, then you will start to notice all the illusions that are created on this planet. There are a lot of illusions. And when you are part of them energetically, you suddenly lose yourself and start playing all those old archetypes, the good and the evil, the helper, the healer, the victim, the oppressor, oh so many. I choose instead to be free. But freedom only comes from consciousness.

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