How to integrate Mindfulness in your daily life – Tips and exercises to handle stress and worry

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Gabi Gal, medium/ intuitive coach, writer. I have counselled thousands of people over the last decade on relationship, health and career, helping people heal, gain self-awareness, understand the soul and get more empowered. I have written several books in the field, some of which can be found here. Some of my gifts are medical intuition, remote viewing and soul readings. I see people’s soul, karmic patterns, life lessons, challenges and gifts. I have been experimenting with healing arts, writing and singing since childhood.


How to integrate Mindfulness in your daily life – Tips and exercises to handle stress and worry

What is mindfulness?

The word mindfulness means literally working with the mind in a way that you focus on it and allow it to be present. Making the mind be fully in the present moment, allowing the thoughts and experiences you have in your mind, the things that stress and worry you to just be and perhaps even leave your conscious perception. In other words, mindfulness is a kind of meditation.

During a day, a person may have more than 60 000 thoughts. These thoughts may be hovering your mind and creating a lot of worries and stress. This is particularly true, especially when you have not handled, integrated, acted upon them or understood them.

To come to a state of mindfulness, it is important that you integrate a meditational state of consciousness, which is to decrease your brain waves, calming down our mind and being able to observe your thoughts. Most people are working on a high pace, which sinks their perception of the thoughts that are being downloaded into their physical bodies. Relaxation through mindfulness can be a beginning path into the journey of self-actualization, self-awareness and healing.

How to use mindfulness in your daily life

There are different mindfulness exercises you can try during your day.

1. Breathwork

You can try to breathe deeply and observe your breath. Doing breath exercises, you can perhaps stop a couple of minutes at work or with what you are doing and take a moment to observe your own physiological or body processes. Observing your breath may take you into a state of presence within yourself. When you take your consciousness to the present moment, you allow yourself to merge with your own self-awareness. This allows you to observe and also cleanse some thoughts and emotions that may be hovering in your mind and creating chaos.

Breath exercises may help you take your consciousness into the present moment rather than be travelling to what a lot of responsibilities, must’s, should’s, what happened or what will happen. Instead, you allow what is before you through acknowledging the underlying biological processes in your body that allow you to live and bring the security and the inner knowing that everything is well and already a part of you. You are one with nature and you are granted your own breathing as part of a bigger intelligence running within you, that is also allowing your thoughts and projects to come forth in your life. Recognizing and observing your breath are start points in your mindfulness journey to release stress and worry. Breath work may also lead you to an enhanced connection with whom you really are, in your process of self-discovery.

  1. Creating rhythms 

Another exercise you can try is to create rhythmic physical experiences. It could be through physical exercises that involve a specific pace of rhythm. If you like to run or go to the gym, cycle or swim, for example, you can make use of these practices to allow yourself to come to the present moment and come to an observing state, rather than allowing your thoughts and emotions to control you.

Rhythm allows the reconnection with the beat of your heart. This creates a sense of reconnection with the natural rhythms of nature we are all part of. Our heart beats at a specific rhythm and our biological processes need these rhythm intervals to be able to run a circuit of veins, arteries and blood cells travelling at a specific speed and providing oxygen to every part of our being. Without rhythm, there is no movement and existence on this planet.

Rhythm creates movement and the ability for us to transport ourselves in our physical bodies, act in the physical world and transport ideas into actual experiences and projects. The Earth rotates around the Sun and all our atoms rotate and exchange energy in a rhythmic way. As a consequence, rhythm allows the energy transference and presence needed for metabolic processes as well as for experiences that are visible to our human eyes.

When we create rhythms, dance, move our bodies, run, walk, sing, we are creating mindful states that allow us to relieve stress and worries. This is because rhythms reconnect you with the universal consciousness that we are part of. As a consequence, rhythm enables you to recalibrate your energy with the energy you find in nature.

  1. Activate your subconscious mind 

A third way of doing mindfulness is to allow an already subconscious physical movement, such as driving a car (something you already know that you do automatically in the background) to create room for a mindful state of consciousness. When you are driving a car, you will be literally creating a room for thoughts and emotions to come up and show themselves, or to even clean them from your mind.

When you activate your subconscious mind and start listening to it, you enable your life experience to be more expanded. You embody mindfulness in your daily life through opening yourself to new experiences, self-reflection and perceptions that you would not have otherwise, if you are just caught in chaos, stress and worry. There is a richness of information and wisdom in the subconscious mind.

  1. Embrace sex and make love

Another exercise I like to share, which is very useful but also may be interpreted differently depending on your own point of view, is to have sex. Having sex and making love with someone you like may bring you to the present moment and allow you to come to a state of mindfulness, helping you clean your thoughts, emotions and gain more clarity.

Though I personally believe that when you have sex and make love already in a clear state of mind, you can deepen your bond with your partner, I also see sex and making love as something that can be quite healing for both. So it is possible that you also come to this state of mindfulness in sex. If you are interested in this, you may be interested in reading more about tantra healing.

You can use sex and love making with yourself or with a partner in a way that you embody mindfulness, your full presence, your partner’s presence and you allow the higher connection of your being with the source of nature. Through sex and making love life is born on this planet, creativity is birthed and reconnection with the truth of who we are comes up.

When we are naked and vulnerable with ourselves and another dear one, we are able to connect or reconnect with a mindful state of presence in our being, releasing stress, worries and other fear that may arise in life. During love making, you can surrender to what is and experience the present moment with ease. This is perhaps why some people get addicted to sex. But using sex and love making from a higher mindful perspective can be a great experience for growth, stress release and healing, not only for yourself but also for another.

What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation exercises against stress and worry?


There are plenty of meditation exercises you may want to try. Meditation is a practice that has been done over thousands of years or perhaps even as long as humanity exists. Dating back in the Indian and Chinese meditation practices, there are thousand ways to meditate and activate the physical body, mind and soul in different ways. Mindfulness, however, is seen as a kind of new category that focuses more on the mind, its ability to clear thoughts and emotions and release stress and worry.

My personal opinion about mindfulness is that it is a start point to explore deeper truths of the soul and life, and it may be an entry point for you to handle stress and worry. Yet if you would like to learn more about yourself deeper, what causes worry and stress, understand more about your soul, you will perhaps want to go deeper into other solutions…

If mindfulness does not work for me, what will I do?

I like to think that mindfulness is a start-point in your spiritual awakening journey, where you will learn how to handle some stress or worry, But it will not necessarily help you with understanding what your stress and worry are telling you from a soul-level perspective.

Some people go further into therapies, KBT, medical help through drugs and even Yoga or meditation. Yet, during their journeys, they will probably notice that all of these solutions may help them release the symptoms, but it will not teach them necessarily the wisdom that needs for them to move to the next step of their own life journey, where they will get more enlightenment, total relief and reach for soul growth.

Stress and worry are often consequences of something. The causes are often in another level of consciousness. Mindfulness and even meditation may help to surpass the physical reaction of what you experience (e.g. stress and worry) but you will not necessarily reach the answers, if you don’t have the right tools to get to an even higher level of awareness of where the issues were really formed.

It is easy to remove people from our lives that create stress or worry, change jobs, break-up from relationships, remove the external stressors and even try to change lifestyle or eat healthy food. But all of these do not necessarily teach you the higher wisdom that requires to heal the cause.

If your problem comes back again even if you have removed the external stressors, then you may realize that the real cause is within yourself… So it is not until you make the move to really invest in your soul and learn about it, that you may reach for real freedom and empowerment.

Different ways to go deeper than mindfulness

Mindfulness can be a starting journey to handle stress and worry. As I explained earlier, drugs and other exercises may have the same effect, but they may not solve or handle the “cause”. If you picture the top of an iceberg, you will see that if you are flying over the North pole, you will see the visible parts but the cause, what is sustaining that, lies under the water. You have to dig into the water, be able to transcend what is visible to be able to come to the real cause. It is not until you remove the cause, that you will be able to remove the outcomes or the symptoms.

Coming to the cause, you may want to experience different consciousness states. You may want to get guidance from an expert professional in hypnosis, that may help you to dive into your own mind in a more goal-oriented way to get to the cause. But even this approach may take you to different roads. It may also depend on your guide, the tools she has and the knowledge she has got…

My experience over a decade with diving into unknown territories within people is that the person guiding you into this process needs to possess a great deal of sensitivity to be able to pick up what is important to help you move forward. This is particularly good if you are working with a psychic medium who can feel your energy and access it from distance, as well as being able to see your soul, catch up your older memories and also guide you through yourself so that you can awaken your own memories and things that need to be healed, integrated, changed, transformed, released, elevated etc.

When I have been working with many patients, I have realized that real healing happens when I communicate the right words, information at the right time, guiding them forward into remembering the Cause of their stress or worries. When this happens, healing can happen or start very quickly, saving them years of pain, loss of money, time, life force energy, coming to a state of empowerment, learning, peace, and self-love.

Stress is the biggest cause to all diseases and illnesses. Everything that stresses the cells may create a changed environment that disables their perfect communication, making it difficult for nutrients to flow and to permeate all places that need to be supplied with oxygen, glucose and distribute ATP so that cellular processes continue to exist.

The stressors come from a lack of communication or lack of clarity about the orders or processes coming to the cells. Long-term stress may often come from trauma and other experiences that may lie beyond what you may remember, beyond time and space and even beyond this lifetime. Then you can only see the consequences. It takes you to go on a journey of remembering to see the Cause and heal.


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