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I, Gabi Gal, coach/naturopath, energy medicine/Eastern medicine practitioner, psychic medium, have been researching, writing books in the field of healing and relationships & coaching thousands of people over the last decade. During the last years, I have been reeducating myself as a nurse, and bridging Eastern with Western medicine in my own work. I have taught different courses online over the years in this field, helping people learn about energies, their energy systems, grow, heal, reach for more freedom & empowerment



Energy Anatomy and Soul Medicine – future medicine for self-leadership and self-healing

World change from outside to within

Global change is happening with the Corona episode in humanity. I have watched this during some time knowing that this would happen a couple of years ago. I already sensed this happening and I decided to do two things: (1) move to the countryside, live more outdoors and make sure i can grow my own food, get in contact with local producers, get a house that is more or less self-sufficient and is not so vulnerable as it is in big cities with all the dependence on electricity to warm water, heat and everything else. I wanted to go free and naked if I wanted in my garden and be able to plant my herbs, get contact with the forest and its wild animals. (2) I made sure that I would study Western medicine and be able to learn how to handle different situations because I got a vision that a lot of people would need help. I wanted to understand how Western medicine men thinks, get an understanding of the body as a unit system according to physiology and pathophysiology.

During the last years, I have been dedicating myself to studies of Western medicine, and counselling/coaching side by side. I ran a couple of courses and taught, amongst others, principles of human energies and ancient wisdom that I channeled and have learned as well. I discovered something very important: learning about energy medicine, that is the underlying energy systems in our bodies but also on this Earth planet, allows a greater tool set to master Human life, become wise Witch that can draw upon knowledge to create and re-create things, manifest things in our reality more clearly; and live a more conscious life contributing not only to thyself but also to the planet.

It has enhanced my perception of Oneness when I connected the East with the West.

I suddenly started to understand how energies work and merge with each other, and I started to see things manifesting before my eyes that I thought some seconds earlier. Synchronicities started to happen very quickly and I started to understand lots of pieces of my life puzzle, things that I lacked awareness, old fears, past-life habits, but perhaps the most interesting thing: the reconnection with Oneness, of my both brain hemispheres – the left and the right, in conjunction with one another, producing a New perception of reality that I haven’t got before; a higher perception.  I suddenly discovered that I have grown.

I have grown. Not as a human being. But as a soul. And I started to get deeper and deeper connections with the other side and other dimensions but also notice deeper signs around and within me that i haven’t before. All of this came with the knowledge that was lacking.

Mastering the Human existence

I believe that enlightenment comes every day as we start to integrate new pieces of our life puzzle and understand events, and situations that we haven’t before. Learning is certainly part of enlightenment but I also realized that it also comes from right knowledge that is pumped in the conscious mind, and creates the activation of circuits and pathways that were dormant before. When you insert this right knowledge, then you automatically enhance the understanding of your own experience; and get more empowered. As a consequence, you also empower everything around you with your light.

I have discovered that the best way to reach there, from my own experience, has been that of learning about energies at micro and macro-level so that I would be able to then use this knowledge consciously to change, transform my reality, embody more of myself and experience all of which I came here to.

I don’t believe it must take many life times. But what may take so much time and energy, is the amount of disappointments, the sadness, the worries, the anger, the fears and everything that has been accumulated in one’s aura during a long long Earth time. And sometimes not even that. I have observed a soul who incarnated on a man’s body, a very new soul. This soul ended up very locked up with so much crap around it and it didn’t know how to handle. I realized that lack of knowledge on who it is, its own power and how to activate its power to use it in the physical world are keys to live a happy, aligned, abundant life with light within.

I don’t believe only Buddah, Allah or Jesus get enlightened

I believe everyone has the power within to be enlightened and manifest its full potential, as well as to contribute with these gifts to the planet. One of the reasons why the planet has become like this is that a lot of people have not found their own unique gifts and cannot manifest abundance, love themselves and have been trapped into fear, illusion, separation, pain, you name it.

I don’t believe either there are some selected people. I believe we are all equals as source energy. We breathe the same air, we eat the same food and we have a similar body configuration but most of us are different souls. We have been through different life paths, different experiences, have gathered different knowledge and went through different lessons. In fact, we are born with light but many of us cannot see it because of not knowing how it works. If we cannot see ourselves, there may be no conscious system to activate your own self-reflection – if not looking at another through interaction and seeing yourself, or reading books about other people’s experiences that can teach you something. BUT when you activate, with the right knowledge, these inner circuits, you start to open your intuition, your third eye, your inner power, your ability to move higher from within and start accessing a whole new world that you haven’t experienced before on this planet.

How to access this right knowledge

There are several ways to do that and I guess you are doing that every day through learning about yourself through interactions, reading books, looking for other people’s help etc. but if you would like to accelerate this and be able to find out more how to be independent, how to feel completely empowered on your journey, how to start activating your higher intuition, soul gifts, higher knowledge, then I would deeply recommend that you take a look at my coming course “Energy Anatomy”, where I am teaching about energies behind the manifestation process you may have tried through the law of attraction or even other sources.

These are some of the things this course may help you with:

*learn to handle and identify energies, read auras, develop your energy sensitivity  
*improve your manifestation process with knowledge about yourself and the Earth energy system
​​understand about your soul, energy blocks, self-detect, subtle energies, soul gifts etc
*learn to access your soul library and heal from trauma, self-sabotage, pain, limitations, love or relationship problems, money-problems, health issues, co-dependence
*​​​learn to understand challenges and issues from core through energies 
*open and develop your third eye and your own inner vision
*​​increasing your vibration and releasing negativity, worry, anguish, fear, sadness
*tapping into your natural healing skills

Beyond this, you are getting now LIVE coaching calls with me throughout the process. I am offering this to give my students support throughout their transformation, healing and upgrade process.


About the Energy Anatomy Course

In this course, you will learn to tap into the world of energy in yourself and the planet, understand the energies behind you and that you are comprised of physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; and those energies around you that may interact with you from the planet, and beyond.

You will learn, through interactive material, videos, exercises and LIVE calls/workshops about the world of energy from the complex structures to knowledge packed in ways that is easy to understand. You will enter a new world of energy that you have perhaps not been before.

The course content and support will help you guide within yourself, into your own life, healing and spiritual awakening experience, as well as to tap into the unseen, understand energies around you and be able to create your life more consciously. You will learn tools and knowledge that will serve as great help on your journey to empowerment, self-fulfillment, healing, expansion and enlightenment.


What can this course help with?

This course is designed to help you tackle different issues, such as:

  • Relationship problems, helping you understand underlying issues that are invisible and stopping you from reaching successful, supportive and satisfying relationships
  • Healing old trauma, past wounds, family-related wounds, family lineage wounds, childhood wounds, past-life wounds, cultural and society patterns that may be reproduced in your life and creating self-sabotage, stopping you from reaching better health, relationships, success with your work life and happiness. Some of these patterns may create anger, worries, sorrow, distress, stress and fear of any kind. Tapping and learning the world of energies may help you understand, detect and heal yourself easily. When the right diagnosis is done, healing can begin. You will get support throughout this course as well with LIVE coaching calls, a supportive community and possibility to ask for more help if you need.
  • A safe platform for self-development, spiritual awakening and soul growth with a great database of knowledge of ancient energy healing, practices, tools and Western medicine knowledge
  • Activating higher frequencies and vibrations together, leading to higher awareness and understanding of yourself and the world around you. As a consequence, you will learn to develop your intuition, psychic abilities, tap into the unknown at will and universal consciousness.
  • Accessing your soul library with information from past-lives and past wounds, and getting activations to reach there easily within seconds. This goes beyond mindset reprogramming and working with your mind. We are working with your soul.
  • Healing material that will support your journey moving your energies to a higher level and discovering more about who you are, what you are capable of and your soul gifts
  • Understanding of energies that govern the planet and learning to create magick from them through conscious energy management, leadership and self-awareness.


Why should you take this course?

If you are on a journey of spiritual awakening and soul healing, have perhaps tried mindfulness and yoga, energy healing and meditation, knowledge about the energies that you are composed of, the unique gifts, the planetary energy system and your own soul will help you tap into a higher awareness, integrating your higher self and enabling you to moving to a higher ground in your own empowerment journey. As you attain right knowledge, you will move to a higher level of consciousness into your own journey. The framework taught here is created to help you tap within yourself and access realities you perhaps do not even know of.

Previous students and clients working with me have clearly shown the benefits and precision of the information that I have shared and helped them move forward in their healing and understanding about themselves, their spiritual journey and soul enlightenment. They have understood problems with their relationships at core, with themselves, their families, work-life and even health. All of this came with the deeper understanding of the self, the soul. I have witnessed clients’ change from chronic illnesses and taking several drugs during many years to being completely healthy and changing their own body conditions after working together; changing their energy systems to aligning with their natural gifts and soul wisdom. I have witnessed relationship healings, people having children after having huge challenges to conceive, attaining professional success when encountering a lot of challenges to move forward, even finding their soulmates, and healing from issues they have had since they were a child in a couple of weeks.

If you would like to move to the next level of your journey and invest on yourself, on your soul, learning about energy anatomy is a great investment you will give to yourself, because it will help you attain more independence, empowerment and freedom as you learn to discern who you are, attain more flow in your life and life the life that you are meant to live – instead of letting yourself be controlled by others and unseen energies.

Common things you may be experiencing in your life

  • Self-sabotage – you do not get to where you want to go because you don’t know what is stopping you and that is creating blocks in your energy, pain, suffering, regrets, burnout, misunderstandings, health issues, relationship issues and frustration, sadness, fear. Perhaps you have experienced co-dependence, doing so much to others and not so much to yourself or something stopping you every time you want to accomplish something and moving forward towards what you want to do.


  • Eternal spiritual seeking. Have tried different things before, the law of attraction, different theories, readings, even tarot, but now need to go to another level because you want to know the energies you possess and understand the concrete factors that are influencing your manifestation process, so that you can act upon them and transform your reality.


  • Heart-breaks and sadness. Have problems with your relationships but never understand why you attract certain people, even if you change your mood, emotions; why you get painful experiences, especially with the opposite sex. You want to understand the energies behind this and how relationships work at an energetic level and what is really going on, so that you can change.


  • Challenges with self-love and negative energy. Learn to come to a deeper place of self-love and balance, alignment with yourself, through knowing your own energies. You experience a lot of negative energies, negative experiences with your relationships, perhaps even health issues, challenges at work or perhaps not succeeding in your business as you wish. Learn instead to understand the anatomy of the energies in your own system, the relationship grid that you have created unconsciously and other energies that are affecting you that you may not be aware of.


  • Burnout and lack of respect from others. You give too much and you have challenges finding the middleground. You have perhaps reached the wall or even been taken for granted by people and situations. You may have run out of money, relationship, have your partner not respect you, experience a sense of frustration, not motivation in your projects and dreams. All of this is a result of lack of awareness of your own energies and who you are at core. Learning about the anatomy of your own energies, which kind of inbuild gifts you have got and how you can rebuild yourself with a solid ground, may help you return or attain a continuous experience of abundance, financial success, health and relationship harmony.


What is unique for this course?

You will learn a unique framework I have put together from ancient energy knowledge to Western medical knowledge, and channeled material through a long-term experience of more than a decade in this field working with clients and patients in their own healing and enlightenment of different life areas.

This unique framework will help you not only develop your energy healing skills but also your psychic skills. Perhaps even your mediumship skills if you are into it. You will learn to dive into universal consciousness and your own with an easy-to-understand material. Besides, you will get support throughout your journey with LIVE interactions.


Why does everyone benefit from this knowledge?

Learning about Energy Anatomy as taught in this course enables you learn about your own energies, be more conscious of your own actions, come into better alignment with yourself, release what is not serving you, start understanding your own power of transformation and healing, help you access your own soul wisdom, information that you perhaps do not remember, tap and identify underlying issues that may stop you from moving forward, become the leader of your own life, understand energy blocks, take back control of your own life, attain a greater state of harmony and balance, understand your sensitivity, empathetic gifts, learn to handle them so that you can attain successful relationships, health, perhaps start your business and live your life exactly as you wish to live.

The only way to free yourself from what is holding you back and controlling you is through knowledge. Understanding the world of energies help you tap into this unseen knowledge and make it seen. It helps you easily access, transform knowledge into wisdom and learn tools that will help you transform your reality at a much quicker pace.

My own experience is that if you only focus on what is good, as in the law of attraction, you will not necessarily get what you are searching for because there may be a tunnel of energies in the background that you may not be aware of. This lack of awareness makes people have a lot of challenges in their lives but they do not understand why, if they are so good, giving, have a good heart and soul and are always there helping people. The only way to change that is through the right knowledge. This course gives you specific knowledge to handle all these issues and move higher in your own journey.

Why am I the best teacher for this course?

I have been on this healing journey myself, remembering past-lives, connecting with the other side, having a great deal of empathy and willing to help other people since I was a child. I had challenges with my relationships, health and even work-life and did not know where all this came from. The only solution that helped me was learning about energies and tapping into the unseen world to be able to rescue knowledge and information about my soul. I have then studied the human body and several healing modalities to understand the wholeness of the human existence. I experienced deep healing in all life areas and found balance, my own purpose and discovered a well of wisdom within myself I did not know about.

I have left my doctoral education to study spiritual medicine and Western medicine. Since then, I discovered my psychic medium abilities and started to coach my clients from a multidimensional perspective, getting information beyond time and space, and connecting with them on the other side of the planet. I started to contact as well souls on the other side and communicate important information to the people I have met. I discovered a strong mediumship gift I have got to share with the world. Since then, I have been channeling information into books I published in the field of healing, relationships and the Divine Feminine. I have also taught courses in the field of healing.


Course content

Module 1

  • Energy anatomy – different layers of your being.

You will learn about the different layers of your human vessel, tapping into the seen and the unseen layers that create the energy system that you are, understanding the connection and interconnection of these energies and how imbalances are created. You will learn to detect imbalances and intuitively find problems before they start to manifest themselves – so you can change and understand them.

Module 2

  • The anatomy of the spirit

You will learn to bridge from the human body to the human soul, and spirit. Here you will receive activations and access information about your own soul, through accessing your soul library at will, being able to tap into higher consciousness and understand the differences between your energies and another’s.

You will learn to increase your awareness from body to soul, your soul faculties and hidden information.

Module 3

  • The anatomy of relationships

You have learned in the previous modules more of the general energy anatomy that comprises your being, both seen and unseen. Here you will learn about the anatomy of relationships, how they are created, transformed, blocks and recurring challenges, how you can identify hidden information, understand past challenges and how to move further in your own relationship journey, twin-flames and soulmates

Module 4

  • The anatomy of work

You will learn about identifying your soul gifts and energies that you can use to create work, business or professional success; what blocks your success, what creates imbalances, and how you can transform these energies.

Here you will learn to tap into the unseen energy world to understand and tap into your own creations, what goes wrong in your own energy manifestation process and how to change that. As you have learned about your ground energies in the previous modules, you will learn to tap easier at different phases of what goes wrong along the path; and how to create or generate outcomes that you desire more consciously and effectively.

Module 5

  • The anatomy of the universe

Here you will learn about energies that you may interact with that may affect your own creation, health, relationships, professional success that you may not be aware of. You will learn to tap into the energy of oneness, understand other energies around you so that you can co-create with them and live a more empowered, balanced and happy life.


How is this course taught?

This course offers you access to each module every week. We will start with a kick-off call during the course start. You will be able to study the video and written material at your own pace, as well as the exercises, anywhere you are in the world. You will be able to listen to the LIVE call recordings in the platform, even if you can’t join them. You will get access to monthly calls but there may be other workshops that you may be invited as well.


Who’s best suited to take part in this course?

You are already on your spiritual healing journey, perhaps interested in meditation, massage, the world of energies, perhaps have had challenges in your life that you need to heal, with your relationships, health and even trying to find your own path in the world, your gifts. You are an empathetic person with a good heart and you would like to contribute to the world with your own gifts and grow together. You are motivated to make a difference on this planet with your contribution. You believe that you can make a difference by first investing on your self-awareness, self-love and healing yourself. You believe that you must first learn to be empowered, take on a leadership role in your own life and be able to learn more about your soul to be able to help others better, more effectively and greatly impact on this planet – making it a better place.

I have created this course thinking of my soulmates out there in the world, helping them free themselves from energy devices and programs that stop them from embracing what they have come here to do; and be free, empowered, to live beyond the matrix that is often taught in most human societies. I believe you too think outside the box and have come here with a higher frequency than most people are you; and because of this, self-awareness is of greatest importance to be able to free your own soul from suffering and illusions that you may be living right now.

I believe that this is one of my missions here, and because of this I am sharing knowledge about soul medicine, energy medicine and spiritual energy work to help this planet be a better one, where we can live and co-create from love and joy.

If you feel called in your heart to take this course, listen to your intuition and follow through it. You will get an opportunity to part of this soulmate community and be able to grow together, get continued education and support.


Development possibilities and continuous studies

Have you decided to join the course? You will embark on a journey at the quantum world to the physical world, understanding the wholeness of your relationships, health, professional life and human life. You will also be able to deepen your knowledge into universal sciences and moving further your vibrational spectrum to access higher energies and embody them into your physical life. Because of this, I have created continuous educational opportunities that you will learn more about during the course of your studies.

If you happen to feel that you need more support throughout this process, you are welcome to contact me and ask for further coaching contact@gabigal.se


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

It is actually up to you how much time you need but I do suggest that you dedicate at least one hour per week to go through the material. Yet you will be able to access it as long as the course platform is up. If you happen to miss the LIVE calls and workshops, you will be able to listen to them later on in the course platform.

  1. When and where are the LIVE calls scheduled?

I usually schedule for the late afternoon, Swedish time on Thursdays. That is somewhat around 4pm, Stockholm. Time and dates are updated in the course platform. The calls are on Zoom (www.zoom.us). More information about the conference call number or link will be available in the course platform. You will also be invited to workshops that may come up in the same platform. Check the platform here and then for more information.

  1. I have registered and wonder if I can cancel registration or get a refund

I have decided not to accept refunds or cancelling registration. This is because I believe that doubt and fear can be one of the main destructive forces when you want to move forward. Sometimes we take an action to move forward, and then we take an action back and we may destroy the flow of energy that we may have focused on with doubt and fear. Because of this, I have decided to offer this course with a course investment fee that is highly available for most people who have been joining my previous courses.

My personal belief is that of commitment as well. If I am commitment to something, I want to go through it and move forward with what I committed myself with. I have realized that when we doubt on our own commitments, we take a step back from our power as well and act from a fear-based energy. Therefore, I believe that if you have chosen this course, you have also chosen to be committed with taking part in it, see its value and the coming effect of the knowledge in your life.

  1. Is this course worthy the investment?

I decided to offer an investment fee that is highly available to everyone who has participated all my previous courses and who have followed up my work throughout the whole decade. So I believe that you too can find resources to join this if this is really what you would like to learn and add to your life.

The value of this course knowledge and working with me is far more than the course investment fee. Here you are learning knowledge that I have learned and studied through several degrees, education, courses and experience with clients, my own life experiences and research and soul wisdom that I am sharing with you.

Freedom and empowerment are outcomes that are priceless. When you understand and heal yourself, become free from something that has been taking your sleep, motivation, health, relationship happiness, peace, harmony, and life force energy… it is actually priceless. Time does not return and when you learn to use your energies more consciously through knowledge, you start to act from a place of consciousness and wisdom, alignment and expansion.

  1. What happens if I feel resistance when I start?

Every course that entails self-learning, self-awareness and growth, entails you having to dare looking at yourself and having an open mind with your own energies and the things that you have experienced and done during your life. Because of this, resistance may come up and this is one of the reasons why this course is non-refundable. You have all support to ask for further help if you need it.

  1. I have a friend or partner and would like to invite to this course. Do they get a discount?

No. But you get a discount. For every person that joins this course because of your referral, you will get a 10% discount in the next level. Let me know by sending a copy of your friends’ or partner’s e-mail order receipt to contact@gabigal.se and you will get a discount offer for the next level. 


Pre-book it here. Early book discount of -200€.


Prel. start 1 June 2021. Limited amount of spots.


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