21 day trauma healing

Want to go to the root of your challenges in life with a state-of-the-art framework that helps you heal your traumas in 21 days?
We are going to teach you to go to the root cause of all issues that you are not comfortable with in your life so you can identify your own answers at a much quicker pace.
sign up for the program ”Reconnect with your Light” full speed and you will be getting access right away plus 21 day healing trauma tools.
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About the program
DIY – Do it yourself – I believe that we can only heal ourselves. But we can get help from outside to learn tools to do so. Most tools out there for healing entail giving advices when people know nothing about who you really are and what is underlying your situation. Many tools and methods out there act out on your cognition and mental training, such as KBT and even mindfulness, training your mindset. Trauma stores in your body and therefore cannot be sorted out fully through behavioural solutions. Besides, an intelligent part of you, your soul, plays an important part in it. Most research and methods exclude the existence of this pre-existing intelligent that regulates your system. We teach you how to activate this intelligence to be able to detect your own imbalances, at different levels so you can start your healing process.

Trauma for me is: whatever happened in your life that triggered negative emotions, negative experiences, unfulfillment, lack of peace, disempowerment, lack of clarity, self-doubt, frustration, anger, relationship problems, conflicts, mental and physical imbalance and even accidents.

To top up with the knowledge, I will be guiding you intuitively throughout the program where we will be working with the energies remotely in the background, accessing information and helping you resolve issues within yourself.

The body is like a computer. The soul is like a garbage can that you can store things as well as throw things, press down etc. Most of people’s problems happen because humanity is still learning the fact that the body is a computer but do not know how to manage, program and reset one’s own computer. Lots of experiences and traumas, challenges we have had in life is stored not only in the external hardware (the soul) but even the body’s central nervous system, affecting the vagus nerve but also impairing synapses and information to different organs. That causes imbalances and diseases. Because we are not separate from our environment, that can also cause relationship problems with the outer world, conflicts and even love issues.
Don’t let your life be governed by someone else.
Change that today.

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