Human Energy Field Coherence

Are you ready to learn more about how your body, mind, soul and planet work together in your body, how imbalances come up and unseen factors that control your life, lead to stress, challenges, bad performance, sick leaves?
I am teaching a state-of-the-art framework on human energy field coherence that helps you tap into the science of the unconscious experience that your body, mind, soul is having in your life – allowing you to regain more control of your choices, improve your self-leadership, attain balance much quicker, make better decisions, improve your results at work or in your business, gain deeper understanding about your gifts and find missing pieces of your life.
All of this from within yourself. The program gives you keys to tap into your intuition and higher perception that most people can’t – because they need to still have experts around them who can’t answer their answers but come up with even more questions…

I wrote this book some years ago, called the Human Experiment (changed name to Reconnect with your Light) about the human life depths on planet Earth. If you are curious, read it but I’d deeply recommend you to join our upcoming program now in the coming weeks, because you will have the opportunity to experience how to implement the knowledge and tap into your hidden wisdom at the speed of light… And you will not have to struggle and be focusing on statistics, even hard work because you will just know the answers…

I will be guiding you LIVE along side the program that you can get access right away https://lnkd.in/dR5VtGgS

Who we are searching for
Healers or leaders who want to dive deeper into more control and higher healing abilities even if you are not present, using powers of e.g. telepathy and other senses that are not commonly used by people who are living in shadows of what other people have taught them. You have been on your journey of personal development and self-awareness and you want to dive deeper into even deeper layers within yourself, because you know that the answers come from within.
You are open to be coachable and committed to learn – at your own pace during ca 6 months.

This is what you will learn in the upcoming program you can start accessing right away:
– psychophysiology of your body, mind and soul
-identify and read energies, even if you are not present
-the state-of-the-art human technology and how it is programmed, how you can change its programming and regain control of your destiny
-understand the multidimensionality of your being & how to apply it in your daily life
-master your energy field
-develop your sixth, seventh senses and other soul senses
-access information in different timelines
-balance your whole system – not only your chakras
-understand your connection with light and benefits of it
-enhance your consciousness for decision-making as new earth leaders seeing beyond… https://lnkd.in/dR5VtGgS

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