About Me

Who is Gabi Gal?

I am a natural leader and intuitive coach who merges leadership with my feminine touch in being able to perceive and see things that often common people can’t.

I have a medical background as well as doctoral studies in the field of relationships and entrepreneurship.

Over the past decade I have been starting different projects to connect and heal people. I have got experience in different industries, both in the health field, relationship coaching and professional coaching. The latter has been something I have been engaged at research level, where I published different scientific articles in international journals and worked for, amongst others, the Swedish National Employment Agency in transnational projects.

During the last years of my doctoral research, I realised that my intuition blossomed. I started to experiment trance states. That opened new worlds to me, remembering data and information from past centuries. My research nose went on adventures to check whether information was real. When I realised that I had a proof, I realised I needed no more proof.

During these years, I started to reawaken a dormant gift I had when I was a child of channelling and having conversations with the Spirit World. I had a life crisis in my 30’s when I divorced from an abusive relationship and the Spirit World has been a great companion and help, which otherwise I would not be here.

I discovered my life purpose of counselling and channelling. Since then, I started to write several books and had a total career change. Today I coach several people in the world intuitively through my clairvoyance and mediumship. I also teach about intuition in my program, helping my clients regain their own power and expand as a soul – attaining freedom, love and remembering who they are.

I believe intuition is the key to every situation in life. It is the key to health, relationships and professional success. Yet knowledge about intuition goes beyond the law of attraction… You have to learn how the soul works and understand the invisible to be able to tap into the greater power that exists within yourself. Knowledge offers you the key to this expansion beyond matter. I teach this key.

I teach people how to read energies, tap into their higher soul gifts, understand why they are here on this planet, find their unique gifts, heal from past emotional trauma and relationship issues, find balance, access their akashic records (soul library)… All comes to soul knowledge.

You can only move beyond your current state of consciousness if you have the right keys. Having someone who understands and can read you is the only way to get there quickly and easily. You can go get different books and find different gurus but still, that will not solve the problem.It is only when you have access to the right energy that serves as a bridge for you in this process, that will enable you to move further in your self-development, growth, evolution and healing.

I usually serve as this bridge in my coaching. I have got knowledge from both worlds…And this is my life mission to serve as this channel from beyond.