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Gabi Gal

I am a psychic medium coach, healer, spiritual teacher and Speaker.

I am here to guide you inwards, towards uncovering your soul power, gifts, energy flow and purpose.

I have guided thousands of people throughout the last decades. You are welcome to join my teaching programs, groups, LIVE calls on facebook, and subscribe to my newsletters for FREE material, gifts and updates.

I have written different books about healing relationships and energy work. The last book “Mastering Yourself” I have written connects science with psychic mediumship work.

I have been counselling and mentoring people all over the world, and sharing ancient soul wisdom on my Facebook page and on my Youtube channels – a Brazilian Portuguese Channel and an English speaking Channel. 

Contact me to book guidance, counselling or for cooperation. Feel free to explore my shop with e-books and video program for self-development, soul realignment, reconnection, relationship healing and psychic mediumship development.

You may also be interested in the Energy Program Online where you will learn about energies, access higher realms, learn about ancient wisdom…

Feel free to explore my blog with free articles as well. In the membership area, you will find a possibility to join my community and participate in free calls and materials just for the community.


# spådam, medium, tarot, searching for answer, healing, guidance, medial vägledning, kbt, livscoach

spådam, medium, tarot, searching for answer, healing

As a psychic medium and coach, but also researcher with a background in heath sciences, social sciences and natural sciences, I have delved into both worlds – here and on the other side. I try to guide people to connect both: the unseen world with the seen, so both become ONE.

Whether you are searching for self-development, healing, psychic mediumship development, tarot, astrology readings, numerology readings, counselling, empowerment coaching, online courses, psychic development tools, e-books for soul growth, healing your relationships, improving your health, understanding and remembering who you are, finding your way through your career and choosing professional paths that suit you… This is the right page.

Feel free to book a time for a psychic medium reading, coaching and counselling or take part in the upcoming program, Energy Program Online. You may also want to check and register for the coming Webinars…

Perhaps you would like to delve by yourself in the world of psychic symbols and self-development through tools I teach online that you can access immediately here

Feel so WELCOME with lots of LOVE 🙂

/Gabi Gal

CV for Earthians

Gabi Gal (Gabriela Galvao)

  • Doctoral researcher, Migration and Ethnic Relations, mentoring, Malmö University, Sweden
  • Master’s degree in Peace and Development Studies from Linnaeus University, Sweden
  • BA Languages, Engineering and Teaching Studies from Linnaeus University, Sweden, UERJ and CEFET-RJ, Brazil
  • Energy Medicine, Avalonskolan, Sweden
  • Hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis, SSEAH, Sweden
  • Psychic Mediumship and Soul Studies at SoulXX, USA
  • Chinese Medicine, M. China.
  • Naturopathy, Rockwell USA
  • Nursing Education, Linnaeus University, Sweden
  • Holistic Coaching Certification, Wisdom of the whole, USA
  • Mediumship Studies, Arthur Findlay College, England
  • Mediumship Studies, several places – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Reiki 1 and 2, Sweden
  • Past-life regression therapy, SSEAH, Sweden

Past Work Experience

  • Over a decade counselling and mentoring professionally both as a volunteer, privately and publicly at Integration in Sweden (an organisation I co-founded about 11 years ago), Swedish Public Employment Agency and Swedish municipalities. But I started counselling when I was 5 🙂
  •   Writer and researcher, have been writing books and scientific reports about mentoring, coaching, healing, reconnection, relationships, health and wellness, subtle energy work. I channeled books since I was 5.
  • Board member counsellor/coach of different companies
  • Project manager and leader of different integration projects in Sweden and in Europe, travelling the whole world.


I am passionate about counselling, coaching, seeing growth, innovation, healing, communicating, co-creating, Mother Nature and music. I am a very loving person. I like experimenting stuff between this world and the other. I am learning to sing and I sometimes play the piano. You can check my singing experiments here. Feel free to join me and sing a duet together. You may like to check Spotify as well and hear my channelled music from the other side, by searching “Gabi Gal”.


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