About Me

About me

I am a writer, speaker/coach/spiritual teacher. I help leaders and entrepreneurs grow and heal the endless soul to reach freedom and empowerment. I channel information coming from beyond in my work to help humanity expand, reconnect with love and heal.

With more than a decade of experience in the field, researched and written books, I have gathered a lot of experience and actual knowledge in leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, business, as well as human problems such as health, and relationship challenges.

There’s much more to human life than the eyes can see, the body can feel, heal, touch and smell.

I help coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders develop, grow and heal from emotional issues and other things that may block their success, freedom and er.  I am particularly interested in helping those who would like to make a difference in the world with their gifts and who are committed with their own self-development, resourceful and carry a giving nature.

I have coached people over the last decade, managed, started different projects in the field of integration and development (decrease of inequality, poverty, social challenges, integration problems). I have written different projects ( inclusive research) financed by the European Union and Swedish public organisations.

My vision is that our Earth should be a better place to live when you start to live your own gifts, and know how to do it. For that, it requires professionals like me to tap into what people cannot see. I am good at discovering what can be seen.

I have studied engineering, languages, teaching, peace and development studies, health sciences and alternative medicine/energy medicine and psychic mediumship.  I also studied a PhD program in the field of integration, mentoring/coaching and entrepreneurship.
My last research/coaching project was in the field of intuitive mentoring/ integration and health. I have published scientific articles and books.

I left research to focus on helping people, counselling, and not just sitting behind the computer. I have also volunteered and worked many years with associations to support the local and regional communities.

I enjoy seeing people grow and be happy. In my free time, I am an artist, I paint, dance and sing. I also love children, animals and nature.

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