About Me

I am a psychic medium, author, spiritual teacher, with a medical background.. I am helping women heal from trauma, regain confidence, self-worth, learn more about their intuition and find empowerment again, trust in themselves, start embracing their intuitive and healing gifts. I do this through my books and leadership courses online.

Problems you may have

Heart-breaks, emotional trauma, stress, struggle, having to handle a 8-5 job, paying expenses for kids, household, not having time for partner, not being able to accomplish all your dreams, not finding true love, even having money challenges have to do with two things:

  • Not knowing whom you are
  • Having unresolved and unhealed wounds, traumas within yourself that you were not aware of and that are controlling you.


All of this takes you into situations that are quite difficult. It may be difficult to make right decisions, to choose the right partners, to find true love, to love yourself because you are either being controlled by fears and unresolved patterns from the past or making decisions from a place of not embracing your full intuition and soul wisdom.


There is a great well of wisdom beyond your physical body. But you have to learn what it is and how to tap into it.


I have been on the same journey. I started to awaken to my psychic medium gifts, past-life experiences and understand my soul gifts after I went through a life crisis that led to a divorce from an abusive relationship. This, together with having small children, made me want to change my careers completely and not be able to focus on my leadership and PhD research career. I was coaching and mentoring people over the last decade in different areas as well. But my spiritual awakening took me to realize something much greater than I would not even imagine.


I started to access my intuition, open up my clairvoyance, heal myself from physical, emotional, mental and even past-life traumas that I had no idea about. From that, I decided to teach what I know to help other women (and even men) who are going through similar situations.


I do this through my books and programs. You can check my latest book “Divine Feminine: taking back your power” where I share a lot about my own journey, my healing process and also channeling healing, energy healing, that takes you into a process of healing yourself at the same time that you are reading.


This book explains how I healed my own essence and reconnected with my Divine Feminine essence that was wounded through many generations. I believe that it is time now for the Divine Feminine to take over control on Earth and embrace its unconditional love, its gratitude, its wisdom, its perfection, its sensuality, its intuition, its leadership.

If you would like to grow further and expand together, I invite you to book a free call with me so that we can see where we go from there.

I believe that the Earth is going through now a new transformation process with the new Aquarius age that started December 21, 2020. Something happened that now we have to choose to either step into the new Fifth Dimension (5D) or still act out of fear in the third dimension (3D).

In other words, for those choosing fear, they will end up leaving the planet sooner or later because consciousness is evolving on our planet and if you don’t follow with it, you will not be able to live in harmony with the ecosystem. Not living in harmony results in stress, diseases, imbalances, pain, sickness, being susceptible to lower vibrational energies, such as sorrow, anger, frustration, self-sabotage, self-denial, self-sacrifice and so forth. All of this causes emotional trauma.

Some of this emotional trauma are carried on during many life times and create imprints in your energy system (your body, mind and soul). These imprints lead to deep imbalances that do not allow you to meet your soul family, create harmonic relationships, live a happier life, find joy, self-fulfilment and even discover your life purposes.

I believe that the Law of Attraction of Abraham & Esther Hicks only works half way. Yes, this is a transformation of an universal law of cause and effect. But to understand what you are creating in your life, you first need to know about the Creator.

The Creator is you. It may be very difficult to understand who you are just going with what feels good. This is because when you have emotional trauma in your system, you are not connected with your divine feminine essence (even if you are a man) and you will not be able to access the well of wisdom and intuitive awareness from beyond your physical body.

All of this leads to a limited understanding of human life, what you are doing, what you can do, how far you can go in your life and how you can manifest your dreams.

It may take plenty of life times for you to reach for a “vortex” of energies that are clean and vibrating at high frequencies. But this can be absolutely shortened and reached very quickly when you start to bypass the shadow of not knowing who you are.

I co-created a system of knowledge to help you know who you are and also channel information that may help you heal and reconnect with the Divine Feminine, healing it from core through my work.

Check my books. If you would like to talk to me and get more help, we can discuss how it is best to help you combining other knowledge databases and psychic medium guidance.


Who I help best

You are a woman who has been stressed, busy life, between 30-44 years, perhaps have gone through some life crisis or deep changes, such as divorce, co-dependence, abuse, childhood trauma, or do not even know what is wrong because there may be other things controlling you in the background that makes you sad, frustrated, feeling you are not enough, that you need to do more, struggle, feel that you have a gap within yourself that you need to fill such as your time, relationships, buying things, working too much, focusing too much on your career.

But busy woman translates something else: a lack of joy and meaning in your life. Where does this come from? Dependence comes from an inability to love yourself and you must find love in others or other things. But these things are too temporary and it is not until you find true love for yourself, that you will be able to navigate life in a completely different way, start accessing your intuition and dive into your own divinity that goes beyond your physical body.

To get there, there are many ways. It can be quite a long process. You may have contacted a lot of therapists, doctors, nurses, books, courses, educated yourself but the only true answers lie within yourself. It is not until you understand your own intuitive gifts and are able to tap into them that you start embracing more of who you are and become your full potential, find balance and unconditional love.

You are aware that you need to be committed with yourself and be resourceful, open to learn more about you and find paths so that you can be in contact with your soul, self-respect and self-worth.

This work can be very hard and difficult especially if you are journeying alone. With someone like me who is both an expert in this area, have medical knowledge, leadership experience over a decade and is a psychic medium can help you easily tap into those unseen things and help you heal and reconnect with your light much quicker.

You want to transform your life to the better and do it now. Because you know that if you wait further, you will be losing great opportunities that life may want to offer you and even avoiding people from experiencing what you have to offer the world.

Many people leave this planet without reaching their full potential. They end up living other people’s lives and never getting to understand who they are. They copy their parents’ patterns, their school systems, cultural patterns and what they have been taught about who they are. True empowerment and freedom only comes from within.

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