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Who is Gabi Gal?

Gabi Gal is the shortening of my birth names. When I was a child this was my artistic name. So I took this name again publicly in my work when guiding people publicly as a psychic medium but also in the musical world.

I first got into coaching about a decade ago and integrated my psychic and intuitive skills throughout the years with my conscious awakening of my gifts.

I went through different challenges in my life that made me grow and awaken into my full potential as an intuitive business woman. This defining time happened because of a divorce, I was in an abusive relationship, I moved to another country, I got kids and I was in the top of my career travelling internationally and finishing my doctoral education in the area of entrepreneurship, integration and relationships.

Today, I guide, coach and teach women how to reconnect with their light, heal, overcome emotional pain, trauma, and awaken their intuitive and psychic abilities.

I have got many beautiful testimonials over the years, where clients tell how they have saved time, energy and have overcome challenges in their relationships, health issues, and even saving their businesses, when they understood the root causes of their challenges. They also describe that they found intuitive tools to tackle and keep on growing by themselves – reconnecting with their life purposes.

I help them find clarity, release fear, understand the cause and what has triggered their challenges, relationship patterns, quicken their healing process by helping them tap into their intuitive and psychic powers.




Why do I do this?


I went on the same spiritual awakening journey to my Goddess power within, reconnecting with my intuition that lied somewhat dormant in a modern world where evidence and physical outcomes are usually what is supported. I started to consciously tap into my intuitive and psychic gifts, my Divine Feminine Power, remember my soul healing gifts and a lot of wisdom I came here to share with the planet.


Who do I serve?

energy readingI serve committed and resourceful intuitive (business) women who are suffering from emotional pain, relationship challenges that affect their lives. I am serving them who have, as I had in my past, lost or didn’t remember life purpose; who would like to reconnect with their wholeness, reconnecting with their soul mission here on the planet and learn to tap into their own knowledge from within.

I integrate both worlds in my work. Heaven and Earth. I have a background in science here through studies and education, but I am also connected with other worlds.


My program was crafted for people who are excited about and committed to reconnect with their life purposes by learning to tap into the invisible within themselves – reaching for freedom, abundance, taking their relationships to a new level.

This means letting go of fear, anger, frustration, sadness, stress, self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, self-denial, self-judgements and self-doubt. I will help you work around your challenges so you can reach growth, clarity, ease, abundance, freedom and purpose.

Being an independent, motivated, committed, giving woman myself, I know to work best with independent motivated, committed and giving women who are committed to their success no matter what and who are looking for knowledge and guidance to achieve growth, clarity, self-awareness, freedom, purpose, self-fulfillment and abundance.

I am known to be very selective about who I work and do not work with those I do not believe are suitable to get the results. My program is NOT for people who are NOT willing to invest in themselves, who aren’t committed, aren’t goal-oriented, are not willing to work on themselves or find solutions to their challenges and growth opportunities.


If you fit the above criteria, here are a few suggestions I have for you:


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Short Program Description

My program teaches tools and knowledge how to heal the human energy system, detect imbalances, awaken your intuitive and psychic skills, become aware of your soul senses and language. You can use one of the tools I teach to detect problems before they are visible, contact your subconscious and superconscious mind; and even make decisions based on your higher awareness. I also teach you how to read your soul history beyond time and space, and become aware of higher dimensions. Besides, you get full support in your trip towards emotional healing, increased awareness through interaction with me and the support network.

Why does this actually work?

intuition power relationships healing spirituality woman emotional healingI have had many clients that have explained about my work and how it has affected their lives positively, towards their soul gifts, purpose, finding themselves, healing the soul, their relationships, finding directions in their businesses and even restoring their health. This program offers knowledge I synthesised during many life times’ of suffering and experience from my soul and in cooperation with higher dimensions, to a quicker and greater awakening of many souls here on this planet; and support for women, leaders and entrepreneurs, who, like me, want to make a difference in their families, relationships, societies, countries and on the planet.

This is a roadmap to enlightenment and the result is a clearer pathway ahead with more light, awareness, healing, power, freedom, love; all of which impacts in all areas of your life. Why not having a soulmate relationship, or putting the dreams in practice, living the life that you wished for when you incarnated in this physical body? There are many souls that regret the choices they have made when they leave this physical body. I am personally guiding you, teaching information and material that will save you thousands of dollars, energy and time that you lose with painful experiences and choices that are not aligned with whom you are.


Ready to fly?

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I have written different books about healing relationships and energy work. The last book “Mastering Yourself” I have written connects science with psychic mediumship work.

I have been counselling and mentoring people all over the world, and sharing ancient soul wisdom on my Facebook page and on my Youtube channels – a Brazilian Portuguese Channel and an English speaking Channel. 

Contact me to book a breakthrough call, partnerships or if you would like to participate in the referral program. Feel free to explore my shop with e-books and video program for self-development, soul realignment, reconnection, relationship healing and psychic mediumship development.

Feel free to explore my blog with free articles as well.


# leadership, ledarskap, coaching program, spådam, medium, tarot, searching for answer, healing, guidance, medial vägledning, kbt, livscoach

leadarskap, leadership, spådam, medium, tarot, searching for answer, healing


Some things I have done on planet Earth during this life time and invested in my own growth to help you


  • Business Coaching Program, Germany/UK
  • Doctoral researcher, Migration and Ethnic Relations, mentoring, Malmö University, Sweden
  • Master’s degree in Peace and Development Studies from Linnaeus University, Sweden
  • BA Languages, Engineering and Teaching Studies from Linnaeus University, Sweden, UERJ and CEFET-RJ, Brazil
  • Energy Medicine, Avalonskolan, Sweden
  • Hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis, SSEAH, Sweden
  • Psychic Mediumship and Soul Studies at SoulXX, USA
  • Chinese Medicine, M. China.
  • Naturopathy, Rockwell USA
  • Nursing Education, Linnaeus University, Sweden
  • Holistic Coaching Certification, Wisdom of the whole, USA
  • Mediumship Studies, Arthur Findlay College, England
  • Mediumship Studies, several places – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Reiki 1 and 2, Sweden
  • Past-life regression therapy, SSEAH, Sweden

Past Work Experience

  • Over a decade counselling and mentoring professionally both as a volunteer, privately and publicly at Integration in Sweden (an organisation I co-founded about 11 years ago), Swedish Public Employment Agency and Swedish municipalities. But I started counselling when I was 5 🙂
  •  Writer and researcher, have been writing books and scientific reports about mentoring, coaching, healing, reconnection, relationships, health and wellness, subtle energy work. I channeled books since I was 5.
  • Board member counsellor/coach of different companies
  • Project manager and leader of different integration projects in Sweden and in Europe, travelling the whole world.



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