About us

We are a group that helps you tap into your hidden potential in this life time, with your unique gifts and master energy healing, psychic awareness as well as actually understanding the functions of your human & soul bodies. State-of-the-art knowledge from highest dimensions that help you quicken your evolution on this planet, which will take you further in all areas of your life.

About Gabi Gal

Gabi Gal (penname), Gabriela, was born from miracles. Her mother could not have a child and after having a spontaneous healing during an evening praying for the skies, she became pregnant of Gabriela. At the moment of her birth, the doctor chanted healing prayers while deliverying her. She was born in a simple family in Rio de Janeiro, having clear visions of the future on the other side of the planet, as well as of her books. Gabi Gal was her artist and penname already since childhood.

She has channeled +44 books, amongst others about the human journey, healing systems and relationship healing and self-leadership. Ultimately on her own personal development journey, she started to remember past-lives and heal from lots and lots of emotional baggage after an awakening where she met Archangel Metatron before her bed telling her to wake up. From that experience, it has been years of melting down the enlightenment moment. She dropped her doctoral research in another field (international migration and ethnic relations, business & entrepreneurship) to dedicate on learning about medicine, Western and Eastern medicine. She especialized on energy medicine, continuing her studies to become a doctor on holistic medicine instead. Throughout the years, she has studied psychic awareness and remote viewing as well as non-local intuition, of accessing information from other parts and geographic regions, above all from her clients that searched for help with their relationship and life challenges.

Over +20 years of coaching & counselling, she started to teach instead and realized that the best way for evolution is that people learn to use their own powers. Everyone has psychic and healing powers, but it requires an amount of personal development and specific knowledge to be able to use them. The more we get enlightened, the more we get sensitive. Learning to use the framework we teach helps you tap into your own unique gifts at a much quicker pace.

Gabi has knowledge from different fields, amongst others engineering, peace and development studies, languages, medicine, social sciences, merging a lot of her acquired knowledge, wisdom, and knowledge and wisdom of her team on the other side, to help you get further on your journey.

You are welcome to check her work on Youtube (English: @gabigalworld), Brazil (@gabigal) & Instagram (@gabigal.se).