Apply for a Breakthrough Call

You talk to an expert who maps out your situation and discuss how you can move forward. This is a non-binding call. The goal with the goal is to offer you help as well as see if I can help you solve your challenges on a longer-term basis.

This call is worth 500USD. You can apply it for FREE. Please have in mind to show up at the conference link you will get in your email as soon as you find a time that suits you. You will get an e-mail with instructions right away so you will know what to do and where to reach me at the day/time you booked.

WHO am I searching for?

Leaders, CEO, managers, coaches who experience emotional trauma or challenges, want to move forward in life, finding freedom and empowerment. You are committed and resourceful, open to be coached and willing to move forward in your life and professional career. You have been on your spiritual seeking journey to learn more about yourself, your soul, your life purpose, understand your life, your place in the world, your gifts, release and heal from e.g. self-sabotage, self-denial, unsupportive habits, emotional trauma, divorce, co-dependence, self-sacrifice, violence in relationships, suffering in silence, lack of direction, self-doubt etc.

What do you learn when you work with me?

You will learn to develop your energy-awareness, heal wounds and reveal information about yourself that you perhaps did not know about before. You will get both energy leadership education online, learn to develop your intuition to make better decisions- what will enable you to work deeper with your self-awareness, healing and growth – and intuitive counselling, coaching and mentoring.

WHO am I not working with?

If you are not on a spiritual awakening journey, do not even know about the law of attraction, tried some time in your life meditation, mindfulness or any kind of self-development course, then this is NOT for you. If you are not committed to your own growth, self-development, resourceful and open to learn new things, this is not for you either. My clients are very aware that if they do not choose to invest on themselves now and move forward in their lives, it will cost them much more than staying where they are. It will cost their lives, their health, their energies and even professional careers and businesses who break down because of their inability to be in their full power, freedom, creativity and strength. It will cost their family members, children, spouses and even potential partners that will not be able to meet them or experience joy, happiness and unconditional love.


Look forward to speaking to you on a FREE call,


Gabi Gal

41h Program

Please check your e-mail box and read the confirmation e-mail. There you will get information on how to reach me, where and how. You will also get a FORM that I ask you to fill out before we talk. This will help me so that I can help you best during the call. I do appreciate if you take some minutes to fill it out so that we can make the most of our time together.



This is a call to help you map out your challenges and see if we can work together. When you apply for the call, you authorities me to read your energies psychically and intuitively and also through mediumship to help you out the best way. If I cannot help you, I will be honest with you and inform you about it.

I have been coaching and counselling thousands of clients over the last decade, as well as myself had leading roles in different organisations and businesses. I believe that you are also on this journey and for some reasons, sometimes we need a mentor, a coach and education that can help us forward to the next step on our journey. If you feel that this is right for you, and that I can help you to your next step, and I also feel that I’d like to help you, I will be very glad for our loving exchange, where we support each other in our growth.

I like to say that the best way to prepare yourself before the call is to take time off somewhere that you are totally focused and are not disturbed.

The call is recorded for housekeeping purposes but your information will not be spread to other parties. I have a deep respect for your personal information and I know myself that it can be very sensitive to open up and reach for help, especially if you are holding a leading position or yourself helping other people. Your information will only be revealed to the public if you authorise it.

Hope you feel safe and loved on this journey 🙂

Gabi Gal

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