Reconnect with your Light

Heart and brain coherence is the science of connecting the energies of the brain and the heart and that functions oftentimes physically. But we are not only physical but non-physical. That means that lots of our awareness, pain, challenges, relationship challenges come from non-physical sources. Yet standard medicine oftentimes disregard the non-physical sources it cannot measure and do something about it. Oftentimes this happens because of lack of knowledge.

Yet, in some part of your personal development journey, you may learn that memories can stop you from moving forward in life. You can also become sensitive to people, environment, ”energies”, oftentimes considered to be ”diagnosis” or even ”syndroms””, tentencies ”, tendencies to specific psychological disturbances, especially if you are dreaming and tell a person that is sleeping that you have seeing a loved one that has deceived.

Experts may react in different ways and try to affirm their knowledge as a way to over power you. Instead, the only solution and pathway for growth, evolution, empowerment and freedom comes from within. We do not gain anything by trying to affirm our own truth to another person – because another will always have gone through different life situations and carry with him or her a whole complex consciousness. Yet, still, modern science has difficulty to measure and understand what consciousness is – more than subjective concepts that are difficult to apply.

We are going beyond that.

You are NOT crazy for being sensitive, depressed, worried, experience anguish, fear and other challenges that many societies teach instead to normalize and push down your experiences, instead of going deep and learning more about who you are and what is the actual cause of your challenges; as well as offering you an instant solution that can change your life.

You can offer these solutions to yourself, your family, friends and societies.

Become aware of who you are and dive deep with you own consciousness awakening your own power of materialization beyond meditation and yoga. We are going directly to the point and you will understand more of what you are going through in your evolution journey as well as gain tools to navigate your next steps gracefully.

Check our membership and reconnect with your light & access the knowledge right away.

Magic and illusions exist only for those who do not have the right framework to understand and use the reality before them to their advantage and evolution. If you know that Chinese has different tones, then you will understand that it is actually a language – not a song. If you know what birds emit in the frequencies of their sounds, you will know the underlying communication and be able to communicate with them. If you know how your human journey and your systems work, then you can easily tap into their functioning, change, repair, strengthen and choose different paths that support you right before you even have to experience something or learn by mistakes of self and others who are in a completely different journey.

The gifts of freedom and empowerment do not come from avoiding painful relationships and circumstances, trying to forget, taking drugs, going on years of therapy. They come from tapping in your own wisdom. The wisdom you may need, may not be in this life time, and perhaps not even in your own soul…