Want your business or organisation to grow? 

Challenges and growing needs happen when the business system or some part(s) of it is not going along your own growth and flowing along in your own journey. You can hire coaches, business experts to go through your business and identify areas you need to look after, transform, change but, it is still you who is managing and driving it – so you or leaders in your business will have to make decisions that are aligned with the outcomes you want to create.

A business is a more complex system than you may imagine when you start to realise that every little piece of it, including your employees, companies you outsource work and tasks and even your thoughts may affect the outcome of the whole system. So learning to grow it, you need also to learn about your own growth and what is happening behind the scenes, in the “invisible”, where energies are being put into practice and you are learning to orchestrate different pieces, as a conscious leader, CEO, manager, coach.

Business integration

When you want to implement changes because your vision has grown, changed, transformed itself or even you have a joint business with others with different ideas and energies that need to cooperate with each other, it is important to understand the wholeness and the underlying energies behind all “parts”.

Corporate business growth help

I have over a decade of professional experience and education with leaders, entrepreneurs, coaching, mentoring and psychic, intuitive gifts. I can help you detect challenges, growing areas, counsel and suggest changes, mirror the wholeness of your business and sense different challenges.

When can this be a good idea

In time of crisis, where many companies and business in the world may close, shut down, cut down employees or even not grow as they wish, it requires a new way of performing actions and making decisions. Even if your business is stable and move forward, getting counselling, other ideas may help you and your business board to be able to move forward in different directions and identify different factors, consequences etc and avoid a lot of unnecessary costs.

It is also a good idea to get counselling, support, other ideas and intuitive guidance from someone who can see wholeness and factors that may lie behind the scene like me, and help you along the path of growth, implementation of visions and so forth.

Why get help from me?

I have both worlds within myself and I can help you along your growth path and your own journey too. I know myself that being in business as a CEO, leader, project manager, coach can be quite a lonely journey especially when you are going through a challenging or growth journey. I can help you as a business mentor looking at the energetic perspective behind you and your business, employees and your goals and visions.

Who am I working with?

I am only working with businesses and leaders, CEOs, manager, coaches, project managers, entrepreneurs who are conscious and aiming at creating value for the society and who are passionate to spread their light. These are giving, conscious, committed and respectful people. They have been on a spiritual awakening journey and even have believed in the law of attraction – but there is also a new level of consciousness beyond the Earth laws.

Who I am not working?

I am not working with those who are only running a business for their own gain and supporting suffering and dependence on final clients or customers. I am not working with those who are not coachable or open to receive counselling and I may cancel our contract if I feel that my work is not getting through or helping in your and your business growth because you are not open to listening or testing new things. I am also not engaging myself with clients who do not respect or take my work seriously. These are not spiritually conscious or conscious of their bigger role in the world. And they do not create the kinds of business that are aimed at a greater collective purpose.

How do I work

Apply for a free breakthrough call so we can talk and see if we would like to work together. I will help you map out your challenges and see where we go from there. The call is valued 500USD.

What I can offer you – Business Coaching Integration Package

  • I do a business check up identifying different areas that need alignment and to be looked over
  • I check up and follow you psychically and intuitively, your energies and own life mission, purpose, lessons, challenges, growing areas etc
  • I work as an advisor, counsellor, mentor, coach for you (bollplank) when it comes to what you would like to implement, change, grow, transform and the current circumstances, structures, challenges in your business
  • we are working at subtle, energy level and you are learning throughout the process, empowering yourself, reaching more freedom etc.


Common business challenges that need expert counselling help

  • products are not generating the results you are aiming at
  • customers are not replying to your business or your marketing
  • you have new ideas to implement but do not know how
  • employees may have conflicts and problems
  • employees may not be full motivated and giving what you are asking for
  • your business has a high level of sick employee rate
  • you have got too many leaders and people involved in the decision making
  • you are launching a new product and need more help to implement it, see how to reach customers, clients and engage employees
  • you are worn out, tired, work too much and do not know how to get out of this cycle
  • you experience personal challenges with your relationships
  • etc


I am not a marketing expert or a product launching expert. I am advising you with the underlying energies and the process of putting into practice, manifestation, of your business and growth. I can help you see the wholeness of the challenges, situations and also the roles you are playing, your gifts, other people’s gifts, how to optimise groups, what is behind challenges and conflicts and how to avoid costly choices and decisions – that may affect employees’ future, health, business continuation, growth, clients and even your own personal peace and satisfaction.

If you want to check my public psychic medium and intuitive guidance, check my Facebook Page here

If you want to check my current Intuitive Leadership Program (course) online for Leaders, Managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, project managers, coaches where I am focusing specifically on YOU and teaching you esoteric and ancient wisdom, and knowledge, check here

If you would like to discuss a B2B (business to business) support where you are included as well, apply for a breakthrough call here. 

Please note your e-mail when you are booking with more information and refer your B2B interest to the complementary form I am sending so I know what you would like to get help with.

Let’s grow together!


Gabi Gal


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