Energy Program Online

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What is this Energy Program Online About?

I have just launched an online energy program where I will teach you about the Spirit World. This ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM can help you unlock your INTUITIVE GIFTS or SOUL GIFTS. It can help you RECONNECT with your SOUL and reach higher frequencies in your physical body.

This program will involve learning about the ENERGIES in the body, mind and spirit. We are delving into a method to understand subtle energies, telepathy and Spirit communication. Spiritual communication with your higher self and soul record (akashic record) and communication with other beings too. These beings include your spirit family incarnated, your soul mates, twin flames or other souls you would like to contact.

We will learn about the ANATOMY of your SUBTLE ENERGIES and what is inside of you. This includes DIVINATION TOOLS that will help you access HIGHER WISDOM and DIVINE RECONNECTION with your soul . In this program, you will understand your SOUL PURPOSES, why you in your body. The promise is that after this program, a lot of upgrade will happen in your life. You will make positive choices that are aligned with your higher self.

Who is Energy Program for?

The goal of this program is to guide you into yourself so that you can be empoered in who you are and take back the POWER that you have LEFT to the world. For this reason, and this priceless and timeless effect, we are working with souls who are highly invested in their self-development and soul growth, and who would like to move forward in their own journey into wholeness, reconnection, growth, healing, fogginess and transformation.

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Vibration and Healing Frequencies

What are Vibration and Healing Frequencies and how do they connect to me? Are these your questions? If so then I have something for you.

Last week I downloaded music from high frequencies down to the Earth Planet and I started to play music in different tones to help people remember who they are and release fear, imbalances in their chakra system and reconnect with oneness.
These balancing frequencies are available now to listen on Spotify. You can just search for Gabi Gal or click here.

there you have got vibration from different dimensions through music where you can also connect to different dimensions in the universe.
lots of love to you

Want to know more about Vibration and Healing Frequencies

Are you new to Vibration and Healing Frequencies? Would you like to know more about these two. If yes then you need to hit me up right now! I am Gabi Gal an expert Psychic with many years experience. I have webinars and classes that can take you through this class. Send me a message to get started right away!

Gabi Gal

psychic medium coach writer spiritual teacher

Female Power

written by Gabi Gal, psychic medium coach writer spiritual teacher

I have understood that my life here on this planet and the body I have for this existence has a lot to do with being an example for Female Power and Female Energy.

During my past lives, I have been both powerful and powerless. I have experienced lives where I had my healing powers and channeled a lot of information to balance other people and myself. But I also experienced lives where I encountered a male figure that was disrespectful, hurting, killing, stopping me from speaking, negating me.

All of that helped me learn about Inner Strength. And who I really am.

This life, I have been delving into the darkest side of my own consciousness concerning my female energy. This is because I grew up with a sense of independence from the Male energy. And at the same time I have developed the ability to embody the male or Yang skills within myself. Some of these include leadership, being dynamic, goal-oriented, direct and know what I want.

More on my female power

I was a born a Gemini and I have both very strong male energies in my configuration. But I also have VERY STRONG Female Caring energies within myself. But these have been disconnected as I felt I could not be in my full power living in a world where intuition and perception beyond the physical is still kind of awkward and “not accepted”, especially if you are surrounded by status quo in most modern societies, where regular school and university education is your guidance to work life and living.

Beyond that I have Leo as ascendant and I am very passionate to the point that I can’t really do things I have no passion for. And when I don’t have passion for what I do, I can get distracted and start something else. This has made me leave relationships and things that I don’t find passion within myself for to move forward.

If you are from a different astrology sign such as water in your base chart, you will probably be moved by your own emotions. I am moved by Fire. Although I have a lot of water in my chart to (which makes me be very sensitive and psychic). Fire and Spirit are the main elements I use to guide myself.

Why you should embrace this female power

Out of my own experiences as a woman, I have learned how it is to be wounded and experience relationship conflict. I have also learnt how to develop inner strength although my male counterpart may have physical strength.

All of my experiences led to an integration of the male and female within myself in a balanced way. This made me realize that I can allow my Female Gifts of Universal Wisdom and Reconnection with Womb to come up. Although this reconnection has been painful ,I realized that I was not born with my elements random this time.

I have learned about Courage and I have learned about Inner Power. I have learned that reconnecting the body-mind and spirit from different dimensions, allows you to embody your FULL FEMALE POWER, heal yourself and start healing the Planet.

We are now moving forward to an era of Reconnection with the Female Energy. And this happened because the Female Energy has been imbalanced and misunderstood for a long time.

Don't give up your gifts. You have been born a woman for a reason. There is ancient wisdom within yourself that you can tap into. There may be pain too. But we are all together on the same boat helping one another reach for wholeness. There may be painful relationships, misunderstandings and conflicts. There may be false beliefs and programmings that allowed you to be disempowered. But you are not alone. The universe is supporting you to reconnect with your core energies and allow you to heal. To accomplish all your dreams and become the being you wanted to become in your past life. 

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Your Star Origin

I know that reading this, you have been interested finding your star origin. And wondering if you really are from this planet.

For me, it has been obvious that I don’t since I was a child. And when I look at the stars I knww that my home is there and not here. And I know that I am different from the people I am surrounded by in my Earthly environment.

I also know that there is something within myself that makes people be afraid. But then I didn’t know much about it at all.

My Star Origin and how I discovered it

When I went to sleep, I usually played with energies and I could see materialisation of energy work I had in my mind in the dark. But I didn’t know whether this was just my imagination. But reading people and telling them about their thoughts, emotions and telling about their challenges before they mentioned to me made me think a while about something within myself that made some people afraid.

I was born in a three dimensional environment with some seeds of fifth dimensionality in Rio de Janeiro. So I was attracted by the occult and talk with the “dead” since I was a child. I was also aware that I would move to the Northern hemisphere as an adult and I constantly felt within myself a strong impulse to learn English, German and Swedish by myself.

As an adult already in Sweden, my Earth home right now, I realise that a lot of my childhood experiences were not my imagination at all. But society teaches often other rules and perceptions of reality that can be quite outdated or even pertaining those people who are in those vibrational frequencies.

I understood that I could talk to nature and communicate with the trees and plants, to animals and have a deep understanding of their urges and wants. And understanding that there is extraterrestrial life and that there are a lot of spaceships on this planet although most people can’t see.

For me, I grew up learning about this three dimensional reality and experiencing the same things as most people do here, learning that life was about creating a family, working, leisure, eat and sleep. But something within myself awakened again at some point where I noticed that this reality does not make any sense.

Why you need to discover your Star Origin

This awakening took me into realising that I had healing abilities that I was not aware of. Already as I child, I have been channeling and healing.

As an adult, I started to remember my past lives clearly. As I delved into past lives, my psychic mediumship started to come up and I realised that my roots where some where else.

In fact, a lot of people come from other planets originally. But they are in sleeping mode. They have believed in this reality and they cannot see the illusion. These people believe in life and death and they believe in what they should do and not what their soul urges to tell them. Also believing that they have to get a proof that things are true by other people and not what their inner compass tells them.

This is a picture of disempowerment. When you are disempowered, you are fully controlled by other energy systems. This is what happens with infiltrated programs such as virus that get into a human energy system and start to create miscommunication with a person’s soul. This way, you cannot remember or embody your full power.

I have also been in sleeping mode during many lives in a disempowered position as a woman. I took me a lot of lives to understand this and reclaim my feminine energy back and become fully empowered.

Why am I sharing this with you

I have been talking to one of my guides from the same star system and he has asked me to share this because a lot of our brothers and systers are trapped into this system for many life times and cannot go back home. They don’t remember who they are so they get trapped into Earth-based programs and this creates blocks in their energies, which draw them back to the cycle of rebirth in this planet. They cannot remember who they are and they believe that their Earth families and friends are their home. But there is much more than that in the universe.

As a starseed, you have specific energy signatures that can be read. Information in your energy can be tracked as well as the planets you have been travelling before and during your Earth visit. You collect with you information from everywhere you have been.

As an Earth-based soul, you perhaps do not have the same ability or connection to understand energies beyond the planet. You may think that what I am writing is pure fantasy. And that I might be some kind of weirdo. People are different. And I understand that you can only understand through your own experiences.

Programs, blocks, emotional clusters, soul-based agreements, contracts, vows and much more…

There are thousands of programs that may be visible in your field that may draw your energy back. You may feel totally disempowered, don’t remember who you are, sick, ill, outside, alone, depressed, having conflicts, sad, frustrated, angry, feeling emptiness and that there is a missing part within yourself, experience burnout, try to fit where you just can’t, punish yourself, do not find fulfilling relationships, your soul mates, twin flames etc

All imbalances in a human system have to do with information that has been corrupted someway and somewhere. When I scan my clients, I see where imbalances are and try to read the information that comes with it. Awareness starts and the person begins the healing process. Sometimes these imbalances are caused by misunderstandings but often they are caused by choices that you made that entailed negative programming from outside to come into your energy field. These can be painful and long-term challenges over a course of many life times and you never remember who you are or can fully be in your power.

I am telling you that I have been through myself these experiences during the past centuries until I finally remembered home. And I am here to guide you forward in your own finding, remembering, healing and integrating your own energy.

Get in now to discover your star Origin!

Since Atlantis, the Earth has not been the same. We have had a lot of knowledge and wisdom from Lemuria and Atlantis but many of us made choices that we were not aware of and some have lost their own power and wisdom. Power and wisdom have been fragmented on this planet. And it started to work from other three dimensional power guided by other civilisations. But we are now regaining this ancient knowledge and I am here to help you remember.

Would you like to participate in my Webinars to find your star origin? Or book a private psychic medium reading session? You are welcome to check and book here.

19 March WORLD MEDITATION for Corona Virus

At 18:00 Swedish time, we are meditating for Corona Virus to leave planet Earth.

As high vibrational beings, we are capable of directing our energies into creating our realities. The reality as it is now amongst our human partners is kind of different and a lot of fear has been multiplied everywhere.

As of worldwide concern, I ask you to join us where you are tomorrow at 18:00 and meditate together with the instructions below. If you see this post later on, you are welcome to start from the point in time where you see this. Because energy from above has directed you to see this, so please follow down with the instructions to meditate as following:

  1. Focus your thoughts within your heart and around your own energy
  2. Ask higher awareness to fill you and use you to reflect high vibration towards your city, country and planet
  3. Ask this vibration within you that is spreading throughout the planet to focus on Corona Virus
  4. Thank Corona Virus to have shown humanity a lesson and ask it to go now in peace and love
  5. Ask universal consciousness to help Corona Virus reconnect with its origin, exactly where it came from and those who have built it.

Your thoughts and energy are important and you can make a different on this planet.

Thank you for your participation.

/Gabi Gal.

Returning to Love

written by Gabi Gal, psychic medium coach hypnotherapist writer

I have realised that the life of a human being has two directions: leaving love or returning to love.

Our source is love but sometimes it may be hard to understand what love actually entails. Love is the essence of life and of the creation of this framework we live in, which is this physical universe you can perceive, listen, feel, hear, smell, touch and experience …

But love is sometimes translated into romantic relationships or dependent circumstances that resemble a relationship between a child and a parent. I have realised since childhood that love was something else for me. Perhaps coming down to this reality and realising that a lot of what I have observed in humanity is not me has made me think. But I also noticed that people love in different ways depending on their own level of awareness and understanding about what love actually is.

My way of Loving or Returning to Love

So I could say that my way of seeing love is X. And perhaps another person I know sees love in Y way. But that person’s view of love is not less or more than mine. I have noticed that in different vibrational spectrums, people love in different ways. Some may love one another and want to merge completely in a state of dependence. Others may not even know the limit between each other. Others may have a very clear limit and not merge at all.

Nowadays there is a concept of interdependence, especially in love relationships. With other words, that means that you are no a codependent and you know that we in human bodies need relationships to live because we have created a reality in which we need to exchange things, plant, sell, recreate and leave things back. And everything is more or less used or reused even in human society. This creates some kind of dependence on one another but not to the point that you have to depend on another emotionally, mentally and spiritually to survive.

How I understand love

My understanding of love now has to do with accepting what is because everything is a figure of love, and even if something triggers anger, disappointment, sorrow etc this too is also a sign of love because we are energy systems and part of this atmosphere in nature. Nature expresses itself in different ways. Anger can be love because anger can send a message to another person to rethink his acts. But it can also disempower you. Sadness can play an important role in love because you allow yourself to accept what is and understand the importance of that which is not present in your life anymore physically. And this too is a result of natural energy interactions in this world.

All these emotional stuff and mental masturbations of human beings make up possible forms in which energy manifest itself in nature. And therefore these are forms of love, as I see. Going beyond the lower astrals, these forms start to be rare and rare, and you do not see these expressions the same way. That is why, talking to angels or higher beings may not entail these emotional and mental outbursts. But as people here on planet Earth you are subject to all kinds of experience in thick matter, in 3D.

What you need to Understand about love or returning to love

I remember I wanted to keep happy and joyful all the time because that is my nature and I don’t like to be in a negative and low vibrational energy. But I understood with time that even the lower vibrations make an important role in the building of wisdom through the experiences here on planet Earth, and sometimes they may guide you towards other paths that you haven’t seen yet. As I was guided towards this path and leaving academic research behind me during my doctoral degree… I was very upset and angry with the narrow-minded frames of reference I encountered. This was a sign from my soul to refocus.

You see, love is within yourself. You are a MASTERPIECE of this universe, universal awareness. But returning to love may take a while especially if you have got a lot of emotional and mental masturbation in your energy field. Think of this as a trip you are taking towards yourself that may take a while but it may also go very quickly as you start it.

Need counselling on Finding love or Returning to Love?

Psychic medium counselling and guidance can be a chance for you to boost this reconnection, discover invisible patterns, blocks, restrictions, soul gifts, get guidance to relationship problems, finding love and so on. If you would like to book a private psychic medium energy reading /session, a past-life regression online or secure your place in my coming Webinars, you are welcome to check more info here.

Listen to a song of me and another singer sing to return to the energy of love. Click here.

Highly Sensitive Person

Written by Gabi Gal, psychic medium coach and spiritual teacher

Are you a highly sensitive person? Welcome to the club. During my own trip to understand my own energies, I have been delving into several books to understand and how my sensitivity.

As a psychic expert, I realised that during different periods in my life my sensitivity has grown to a point that sometimes I prefer to be alone. I wondered if I had anguish or was worried or traumatised but I realised that this is indeed part of my evolution as a soul.

The Society and a Highly sensitive person

In our societies, this is however interpreted as people who hold problems. Or perhaps even disabilities. Because I have ontacct with the Spirit world, I also understand that high sensitivity is actually a gift. It may not be interpreted or experienced as a gift in a world holding violence, disharmony and other stuff.

As a high sensitivity person, living in an environment that involves a lot of stress factors and what perhaps “average people” cannot understand, becomes a challenge. It becomes even a challenge when standards in a society as based on this average vibration which is much lower than your own.

Having lived during many life times, you become high sensitive because you also have gone through a lot of trauma. But you have also gone through a process of, I would say, purification of your energy field. And this purification has brought you to a point where you do not have the heavy atomic material around your aura that most people have.


Most people have a strong and thick emotional and mental layer that covers their core, which stops them from seeing their real selves and discovering who they are. It is when they encounter life crisis in their lives either through sickness, illness, someone in their family or friendship circle who died, accident, catastrophe or another event that shook their body and soul… that they start to awaken.

But when you are a child and you are already high sensitive, it is no question that you have gone through all these stuff but you were born already with a clearer energy, I would say, that lead you into this state of perception of your own consciousness and the world around.

I am not saying you are the most evolved being and fully awaken, but that you have already gone through a lot of experiences in your past lives that have made you somewhat more awake than most people who do not have any sensitivity.


Sensitivity brings awareness because you have an enhanced perception of your own senses. This sensitivity, as I, Gabi Gal, see, allows you to have higher perception not only through your physical senses but also through your astral senses, that is, the organs of your soul. And these are merged together in your body. In other words, your experience in your physical body becomes enhanced, but you can be overwhelmed with information from different sources. And this ability to catch information from different sources create emotional and mental challenges for most people who do not know how to handle because they do not know that they are sensitive.

I have been told as a child that I was shy. But I was not shy at all. I had no problem in talking in front of 500 people in a public when I was playing a character in a school theatre. I had no problem in singing in front of a public of 800 people although I knew I was not perfect in singing. But I have been thinking about this for a long time, whether I was shy indeed.

As the years passed, I understood that I wanted to be alone in my room many times and I didn’t want to hear a human voice. Although I love people (I really love to be with people, share and participate socially), I needed my own space and I preferred to be in a calm environment than around people who are loud. And my parents were very loud. I had a lot of trouble finding my own space as a child and teenager and also to be understood and respected by my sensitivity.

My understanding of highly sensitive persons

Today I understand that they were not aware of this. As most people who are not as sensitive as you are, they do not understand what you are talking about. And the more you delve into yourself and increase the awareness of who you are, the more you increase your sensitivity, the more you grow as a soul within your body, your vibration increases and you open yourself to receive more information from your environment and from other dimensions. How to explain this to a person who has no idea about other dimensions and who only lives in the lower astrals on this Earth planet?

For me, it has been no question about the non-existence of death and the fact that I talk and communicate with people on the other side. I have received proofs every day of that since childhood. Today I had a birthday celebration at home (not for me) but my grandparents. They came from the other side and I was surprised of so many beautiful things that they said. And even noticing other people coming that I didn’t know of and stayed in my house for a while. I was really flattered by the visit and all preparations they had, which I had no idea of. But you know, such things are hard to explain to a person who only lives on this Earth.


High sensitivity entails higher perception. It entails responsibility too. Responsibility towards your own energy and learning how to handle it. You have to learn to survive in a material world that is , I would say, limited. You have to learn how to cope with living. And also surround yourself with energies of people and objects that vibrate in a totally different way from yours. And learn how to manage the channels you receive and send information.

As you learn, you may also learn to encode information and to translate information between worlds as I do. That is part of my psychic mediumship. Having traveled between worlds, I have understood that the way to benefit from your own sensitivity is managing your own energy. And learning how you can live in a multidimensional world of vibrations yet still living your Earth reality.

This multidimensional entails a non-linear thinking, which is beyond the human understanding. But as a soul, you do not have linear thinking. This is why deep sensitivity within yourself makes use of your higher vibrations as a soul.

Challenges of sensitive people

Maybe the biggest challenge for most people, especially those who are entering the fifth dimension now (5D) which I call the lower astral dimension, is to start learning how to live multidimensionally and carrying a human body. As well as learn how to heal themselves from past memories. And other blocks that may stop them from reaching higher vibrations.

In my own process, I delved into understanding own blocks and past-life. And also challenges that were active in my current life DNA. Unsolved things and non-understood patterns came up and I needed to learn and integrate wisdom. I have lived over 2000 years on this planet and I had a lot of things to integrate.

When you reach the eight dimensional framework, you start to unlock your soul wisdom by yourself. You do not need a guide or someone help to help you out with this. Then when you reach the ninth and tenth, you start to access ancient wisdom from the planet and from our galaxy. Short or long way ahead, I invite you together with me to learn how you can get the most of your vibration and realign with your core energy which will bring you a lot of benefits to your soul experience here on planet Earth. And you will perceive your sensitivity in another way, as a gift of an evolved soul that is here to reach its best potential.

Webinars to Unlock Ancient Wisdom and help a High Sensitive Person

I created different webinars during this year to guide you into ancient knowledge. The information that comes through me from my soul wisdom, from the planet and from the galaxy. It has been a cooperation with my friends on the other side, soul family, ancestors and ascended masters.

Would you like to participate in this webinars? You will learn more about energies, and have a possibility to get guidance live during the webinar. We are working together with energies from the astrals and higher dimensions. Guiding you forward towards growth and a more evolved consciousness of yourself. There we will talk about different things during the year and support in your psychic mediumship development. And also learn how to deal with different energies in your body, mind and soul.

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Energy Forecast from 18th March

written by Gabi Gal, psychic medium reading live for the world.

Listen to me share with you an energy forecast from 18th March 2020. I am sharing with you as well energies that are coming together with this Corona Virus crisis.

Week Energy forecast with tarot and oracle cards with Gabi Gal

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Gabi Gal

Soulmate and Twinflame Relationships

Soulmate and Twinflame Relationships are things a lot of people do not fully understand. One of the benefits of psychic mediums is that it explains everything. It lets you know about yourself and so much more.

I have been on this trip coming back to Earth specially due to relationships. And it is through relationships that we learn and remember about ourselves too. The relationships with others and the relationship with ourselves.

In the relationship with others, there are different aspects that we learn. The learning process may come through conflicts. It may also come through other circumstances that appear in the relationships where we have to make different choices. But it can also be a learning to recognise the other, or recognise the self. Perhaps you are learning to balance your own energies in a relationship or you are learning to heal one another.

Understanding Soulmates and Twinflame Relationships

There are different contracts in a relationship. And the contracts can be both painful or happy. And the challenges involves learning about one another, respecting and also exchanging some kind of energy that allows for co-creation.

When you have energies that are unbalanced from the beginning, you enter relationships with several “disabilities”. And perhaps the biggest disability is to know thyself. This is what makes up most of the relationships on Earth those that are not connecting people spiritually. But are connecting people on a physical, emotional or perhaps mental level.

The relationship that you encounter yourself and the type of conflicts that you may have have to do with the kind of awareness you have about yourself. The more you grow in self-awareness, the more you encounter relationships that mirror that kind of awareness you have about thyself.

My Experiences as a Psychic coach and expert

I have experienced several types of relationships throughout my lives. And also had karmic relationships that followed the course over a period of thousand years, in the same painful and destroying way, almost coming with a lesson. Having had relationship with soulmates and souls that come from the same soul group. And I also experienced being left alone without my twin flame.

In the current experience I have during this life time, I have been on this trip towards oneness. And I have gone through all types of relationships, which made me realize I do not need a relationship. This has come to me from life to learn to handle being alone and finding love within. And this trip of finding love within actually is a twin flame trip. It involves the highest relationship one may have. which is the highest connection you may have with another soul. Or if you prefer to say a copy of your own signature in another polarity.

Throughout history, human beings have learned to mature in relationships. In the same way that they mature about who they are and see themselves with an extended frame of reference. I have been during a long time maturing myself and forgiving myself for being in relationships that were not of highest goals in past life times due to my lack of awareness by then and choices. This lifetime demanded me to be honest.

Soulmate Relationships

Soulmate relationships usually start from a place of honesty. This is when your soul starts vibrating in a higher frequency, that allows you to communicate not only in 5D but perhaps higher than that depending on your soul group vibrational spectrum.

When you start reaching a much higher frequency, you may start accessing the energy of your twin-flame if you have got one and if you have planed during this life for this type of relationship.

Two and a half years ago, I was in a process of reconnecting with my highest truth. I started dreaming about my twin. Since then, I started to have new dreams, where I could see the future. I have received a lot of telepathic messages thought these years and clairvoyant messages. And I must confess that I thought he was other people I have met because I have had strong soul bonds with the people I have met during this time even in the astral world. I know he comes to me physically when time is right and then I will decide what I want to do. And psychically I know what is going on with the energies and I know that I needed a break from this to focus on my consulting and counselling business to share important information with you that may change the course of your life.

Whatever the trip you are into, soulmate relationships or twin flames, they are the highest blessed relationships in terms of soul evolution and reconnection because they allow you to either find a sense of home through another’s energy and your own, forming a bond and remembering one another, helping one another remember what she or he is doing here and yourself, perhaps doing things together, and leaving back to your source when you are done here.

Partnerships for higher awareness

I chose to go for higher relationships because I realised that during this life time I had to handle old karma and reconnect with my core, as well as heal others. As of my role here with healing and integration, to support my own healing but also other soul’s remembering, reconnection and the consciousness of the planet, I realised that partnerships as soulmates and twin flames are usually those for the souls who are here for the same purpose.

Soulmate relationships, as I see it today, are partnerships with your soulfamily. And these relationships you may find a lot of support and help and you may not feel the same depth as in a deeper or highest soulmate or twin flame relationships – where you have to go to the depth of yourself and heal whatever aspect is there from past-life times and other vibrational frequencies that are not aligned with 100% who you are.

My understanding of these relationships today from my own experience is that they enhance your light and support another’s light in a more or less constant way, which allows you to both accomplish tasks that you came here for or that you share as a soul group or soul unity. And this task is usually remembering one another, keeping one another’s frequency and also reconnecting with the deepest aspects within yourself and the other, and leaving this Earth reality back home.

How Reincarnation is involved

The Human trap of incarnation was once a beautiful experience. But it is a learning curve to incarnate in these dimensional frequencies that are very solid. It requires a lot remembering of your soul to be able to thrive and live in a more unified way with your soul.

The increased vibrational frequencies on Earth allows you to come closer to your soulmates. And also , soul family because you start vibrating in a higher frequency that brings you recognition.

Soulmate and Twinflame Relationships Psychic Medium Counselling for you

Are you going through a soulmate, willing to find your soulmate, perhaps a twin flame experience?

Allow your own soul review to you what is best for you at the right moment. Release your own will as a human being and allow things to come and present themselves as they should be according to higher awareness. If you would like to book a private session for a psychic medium reading about your own relationships, relationship conflicts, perhaps trying to understand if you have got a block in your energy, what it is about and how you can transform your energies?

Or perhaps insights on how to cope with a twin flame? You are welcome to contact me here, book a private psychic medium reading. You can also learn a past life regression online or a Webinar so you can learn yourself about energy works. Click here to know more.

Lots of love to you,

Gabi Gal

Soul Secrets

written by Gabi Gal, clairvoyant psychic medium and energy readings

What are your soul secrets? You may have asked yourself the purpose of your life and existence, why you are here on planet Earth and what your life is about.

Some time in life, a human poses this question to herself, earlier or later. It could be that existential questions come from an experience close to dt eath, sickness, relationship failure or challenge, family circumstances, the death of a loved one, a career crash, a dreaming falling down or, perhaps, like me, an experience in contact with the Spirit World since childhood 🙂

What are Soul Secrets and how you can utilize them

I knew as a child that my soul had information that my body could not process. And I knew that there was a lot of wisdom within myself in every meeting with another human being. Although I realized the early reactions from other people with what I said and did. Sometimes how I said things.

I have realised that depending on a frame of reference of a human being and her state of awareness of her own Spirit within the Body, she accesses different kinds of information or frameworks. These frameworks may make up to how she can access information beyond her physical body.

In my practice and psychic mediumship guidance and Webinars, I teach people how to tap into their own intuition and inner guidance. So that they can start unlocking their own soul secrets. to understand the gaps in their lives, understand how they can take control of their lives. And even change the course, direction of what they are doing. How they are approaching life and how they live their physical existence.

What can I do for your Soul secrets

You may see this work as a wellness course but what I actually teach you are methods to understand the mechanics of your own energy. And also learn how to make self diagnosis, how to balance your own body-mind-soul. How to listen to your soul information… I can check your own energies as well through remote viewing and provide you meaningful information. Most especially in my private psychic medium energy readings. There, I usually take a look at your original energy from birth, your past life experiences and the blocks, restrictions you have got, as well as which kind of dimensional framework you are living right now. I guide you through the problem or challenge at hand so you can have insight on your situation, not only from a physical perspective but from a mental, perhaps emotional or spiritual perspective.

Our experiences are not created in the physical world. Because they are not created in the physical world, there is much more beyond that a common human being cannot understand because he cannot access where he is. He goes blind to higher dimensions because he has not learned to access them.

Remembering and learning how to access higher dimensions mean that you grow within and start opening doors into your soul so that you gain more awareness of who you are beyond your physical body. The more you get awareness, the more you can heal yourself from whatever imbalance you may have in your life or choice that is not aligned with whom you are. And the more you heal yourself, you also heal the planet.

The problem of the Society

A lot of people are living every day from an imbalanced point of view, making choices that are not aligned with their soul wisdom and energy because they are simply not aware of whom they are. They have internalised and run on socioeconomic roles and past-life patterns, and integrated different walls within themselves. Their chakra system is clustered. And their ways of being are not in line with their higher source.

Disconnection from source brings you a lot of problems. The first problem is physical imbalance. This may be very noticeable at physical level through problems in your body. Not knowing how to manage your emotions and other people’s emotions also create disconnection and imbalances. Not knowing how to manage your own thoughts and other people’s thoughts also create energetic imbalances. And not knowing the language of your soul perhaps creates the biggest imbalance.

Your soul Secrets

Your soul speaks in different energy languages. It has a unique language and a unique signature. This signature vibrates in a specific way. I can recognise your signature by accessing your unique energy from distance through my remote psychic medium readings. There are Spirits who try to resemble like another person on the other side. But even so, they cannot copy a person’s signature.

When you do not know your own energy signature, you may start on a blind process not able to connect to your highest version of yourself here on planet Earth but also navigating through other people’s compasses instead for your own. And the compass I mean is not only navigating through the atmosphere of thoughts and emotions. It is understanding the specific language of your soul.

Your Soul carries information from the time you have been first individualised as a soul until the time you live right now in this time-and-space reality. This library within yourself that exists within higher vibrational fields is the source for you to reach wholeness.

Understand your soul secrets and take charge

A lot of people go blind and instead, are born again and again on this planet being drawn back because of the emotional and mental garbage that they have unconsciously collected throughout many life times. And it becomes a process of rebirth again and again to try to get right and integrate wisdom from past experiences here on the planet and at the same time reconnect with source, because source has been darkened by so much crap.

And it is perhaps this crap that allows you to remember who you are not, that makes people wonder about the meaning of life and start to delve into all this shit. Crap that you have acquired from the News you watch on TV, to the beliefs of your family and culture, your past life misunderstandings about life and choices that you have made against yourself that you are not aware of.

The trip within may be a big CHALLENGE. And the biggest Challenge is to look within and check all suffering that you have had throughout time and space and be able to heal all that so that you become whole again. By wholeness I mean reconnection with your source, with your Soul Signature and allowing life force energy to flow through you freely.

But when you look within and start this trip you set a process of transformation that you cannot hold back…. You may realise that you cannot hold back this process because your soul speaks to you. It throws you towards people and situation so that you can review and learn from your mistakes. And this process may go on and on until you clean all the crap that has been accumulated…

Energies and Soul Secrets

Diseases, illnesses, modern chronic challenges, depression and sometimes even mental problems are usually due to the same thing. A person has got an imbalance in their energy because of clusters of energy. They are not aligned with their own unique energy signature and energy system.

The same happens with emotional problems, such as a relationship that leads to a divorce or family conflict. Or even a separation with your soulmate or twinflame. All these things often come from internal disturbances and lack of knowledge of who you are. Or even lack of knowledge of how you can command your life and create in this material universe.

What are your soul secrets, I ask. And I, Gabi Gal, Answer you: In this universe there are no secrets. A person I met at university when I was studying a course in Health Sciences in the nursing program said to me “that is unethical to talk about a person’s pain and history”. And I told her, “in this vibrational universe, there are no secrets. I can read information from your soul as you can read information from my soul.” Perhaps shame and guilt make belief want to keep their walls up and not recognise that when another person sees shame and guilt or react upon us, then we start to heal and are obliged to look at the emotional bug that exists within.

I totally understand about ethics in the three dimensional reality. But I also understand that the more you develop as a soul, the more you can see things that people cannot. The more you learn about your own secrets, things that you didn’t know of about your own soul, the more you start to heal and transform yourself to a more integrated and whole individual, and the more you start to see other people’s secrets too.

A whole universe outside your body

Beyond your physical body there is a lot of information. As a light being, you are connected to the skies and the limit is the limit of what you are as an individual in this reality. Information that makes up who you are is directed related to how your soul moves itself in time and space and experience itself.

The human body is a vehicle that allows you to move from a place to another on Earth. But it is also a platform for experience of your light. Part of this light is channeled into your body. A big part of it is outside yourself.

You have got an astral body which is beyond your physical body. This body allows you to move your aura and also to travel during night time, what you experience many times as dreams.

I remember well astral projections where I went to schools on the other side and when I woke up, I had learned something new and I started to execute the things and make new choices here on the planet. I also notice very clearly when a person is thinking about me and when someone is angry at me. It feel around my astral body and the Angels remove it.

My discoveries

When I work with people through guidance and psychic mediumship doing remote viewings or through healing. Most times, I feel the energies come to my aura as a person was healing and transforming through my energies.

I realised later how I had to readjust and also handle these things. Sometimes I talk to a person on the other side of the planet over the internet or the phone. It makes them feel good but I feel their pain around my astral body and it affects my physical body. It causes physical pain and discomfort that was not mine indeed.

During that time, I had to spend many days in nature and meditation to understand who to handle this. And this is one of the reasons why I have specific days I attend to people . In the high vibration I see myself now, I can feel people’s pain no matter where they are. So psychic mediums may have its positive attributes. But on a planet that is healing, it can also be quite of a challenge.

Webinars and Psychic Medium Readings

If you would like to know more and learn about the mechanics of your energy. Understand your own challenges and more about your life. Or even heal different aspects within yourself… you are welcome to book your spot on my Webinars. Or book a private psychic medium energy reading online. Please Check more information here.