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Unlocking your LEADERSHIP from HIGHER Grounds

Leadership is the process of learning about your own energies, how to create consciously your reality, use your soul gifts and intuition towards practical and goal-oriented actions to transform your own and other people’s lives.

The more you become conscious of who you are, the more you embody leadership skills. If you are reading this, you already have some kind of leadership skill or want to develop further yourself and be able to develop your intuition, higher sensing, ability to tap into quick decision-making, creating new visions, implementing beneficial projects to yourself, your business and humanity…

The more you uncover who you are and discover your soul, what lies beyond your physical body, the more you start to uncover POWER. With POWER comes RESPONSIBILITY.

When you uncover POWER, you also uncover a HIGHER DEGREE of MANIFESTATION. That is, you can accomplish your dreams at a quicker pace.

I have been working with thousands of clients throughout the last decade helping them unlock their powers, soul gifts, reconnect with intuition, learn how to make conscious choices, improve their relationships, health, focus, use their creative energy more consciously, embrace their current experiences, life purposes and discover themselves into a new levels.

This process of discovery and re-discovery, transformation, rebirth, has taken many I have coached into higher levels in their businesses, leadership positions, families, relationships and society roles.

Human beings have both VISIBLE and INVISIBLE factors within that make up their own soup of ingredients. It is not until you can SEE and UNDERSTAND all these INVISIBLE and VISIBLE factors in yourself, that you can boost your projects, businesses, entrepreneurial ideas, help the society find solutions to problems, transform your community, grow spiritually, support other people, guide them in different functions, find compatible employees, tap into your own intuitive gifts to solve daily challenges and much more…

This UNIQUE Leadership Program, is designed by me, Gabi Gal, to provide you expert coaching but also psychic medium (intuitive) guidance taking into account the whole YOU, into higher LEADERSHIP realms.


You are entrepreneur, community leader, business owner, CEO, boss or have some kind of leadership skill within that you would like to develop. You would like to get guidance and follow-up in your own self-discovery process, transcending challenges, getting counselling, tips, energy readings, mirroring of your talents, life purposes, stuck energies, energies that need balancing, understanding your relationships at a deeper level, as well as the relationship with yourself.


This program is individual at the moment. You expect tailored guidance and support during 6 weeks. 1h/week via online conference and e-mail support once a week for further questions.

During the first meeting, I have already collected intuitively information about you, your overall energy through clairvoyance and other relevant information that I pick up before we talk.

From this, we work in depth with your questions, challenges, difficulties, problems, goals so that you can find further tools within to grow, expand, transform, leave behind, learn about yourself (self-knowledge), express yourself, go deeper into your creative process, projects, business, relationships, health.


You set the goals during our talks and I follow you up with important information about your energy, higher consciousness, expert knowhow and my own experience with leadership all these years.

I am guiding you forward into what you would like to transform, accomplish, learn, expand, leave behind. We set the goals together. But I am backing you up with information from higher dimensions. This could be important information I pick up from your relationships, patterns, energies, coworkers, associates, partners, friends, choices, home or something else that may be involved with your goals.


I am guiding you. But we are working with your own energy so that you can move to HIGHER grounds. You are the one who set the limits though. Want to go deeper? We can delve into yourself with different tools and techniques that I know of, exercises and other experiments outside the coaching sessions too that you may do yourself. You set the standards for how deep growth, transformation, awakening, change, evolution, understanding you would like to experience.


Leadership is a concept usually used in professional areas. For me, it is applied to everything you do, think, feel, experience in life. It is understanding the metaphysics of existence within yourself and learning which tools you can use so that you can tap into the invisible, what is beyond and connecting with what is tangible.

There are therefore many areas we can explore in your Leadership GROWTH, such as health, work, business, career goals, health, family life, love relationships and much more. Often one area is connected with another. There is always an explanation to why things are as they are. We go to the ROOT to help you come closer to AWARENESS.


*Help you see your power, how you can course correct, transform, find inner tools, develop your intuition, connect to your superconsciousness, heal, integrate, leave back what you don’t need, transform your life and your business into your higher and integrated vision – the best version of yourself in the world.

*Identify areas of imbalance, energies that are stuck, where it needs to flow, be transformed, even back in time that can be frozen in your body, mind, thoughts, emotions, soul. This can be old stuff! From childhood and back on time and space.. before you were born…

*Coach and guide you through sessions based on psychic mediumship skills and expert knowhow in the field. I am guiding you forward within yourself, helping you integrate different layers within and implement them outside yourself.

*Guide you into climbing into a higher understanding of your life, business, relationships, health, projects etc.

*Unlock ABUNDANCE from inner knowledge and tapping into your own wisdom

*Understand ENERGIES within yourself and outside

*Learn how to LEAD your life and others. Leadership starts with yourself!

*Learn to see what you don’t see. See beyond!

*Help you reconnect intuition with action, decision-making, self-love, true love, collective consciousness, growing within, expanding, transforming yourself, your life, others and your projects.


You have felt drawn to this page for a reason. This is because of my own energy. There is something in my energy that resonates with you. In other words, the universe is trying to guide you into my energy because I can help you move forward or accomplish something you want to do, perhaps get insights or answer your questions.

I work intuitively and psychically but I like to combine logic in my work. I have a background in sciences and psychic mediumship. Psychic mediumship has been a gift I have since my birth in this life time. I have chosen to study a lot of things during my life, several areas and courses from different unimaginable things. I am an entrepreneur and leader myself who founded different projects and businesses to connect people, help them grow and expand. I have a lot of experience in the field of guidance, mentoring, coaching, management and start-ups. I have followed up several businesses, people and projects throughout the years both in the private and public sector.

I focus on YOU. I work from YOU, your energies, the ROOTs of the challenges, goals, PURPOSES for why you are living here and now on this planet, helping you connect the invisible with the visible, what you already know.

Listen to your GUT feelings. If you feel drawn to me, it may probably avoid you investing unnecessary money in projects, time and experiences, save you from choices that may lead to damage, guide you into growth, joy, happiness, health, spiritual growth – All of this is PRICELESS.


Interested? Contact me through sending an e-mail here

telling you what you need help with and what made you interested in this program. I will get back to you as soon as possible with more information. If you write your birthdate and birth city, it helps me locate your energy, understand you quicker to see if I can help you.

All love,


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