Welcome to my e-courses on leadership, intuition, psychic development, healing the womb (healing the female energies)  🙂

Free MasterClass Soul Healing & Earth Transformation

This is a channeled master class about soul healing and intuition. Welcome to join for free. The sound is very low so please have ear plugs with you.
In this master class, you will learn different steps in the soul healing journey and what is happening in the world, the spiritual awakening journey and the transformation that is happening in the Earth system.

Intuitive Leadership Program Online

True leadership entails a deep self-awareness. Deep self-awareness can only be reached when you know who you are at soul-level. To reach for balance and inner strength in leadership roles, it is important to see the invisible, forecast things, learn to access your superconscious mind and tap into knowledge and information intuitively to navigate better in different territories, relationships and within yourself.

We go deep into Soul Level with Leaders to help you lead from a higher place here on this planet.

This is a program designed for Leaders, CEOs, managers, executives, coaches who would like move further in their own leadership adding intuition and psychic development, learning about their souls, embracing more of their souls and consciousness, self-awareness to another level, in their own lives, relationships but also in their work or business.
To participate in this program, please book a call with me so we can check if we can work together www.gabigal.se/apply.
Click in the button if you would like to read more about the program.

Common leadership challenges and struggles:
*misunderstandings in relationships
*lack of self-confidence in leadership or to stand in your own power
*have trouble to make decisions and discern sometimes
*challenges with delegating and with your communication
*past life trauma and emotional challenges, break-ups, relationship problems
*have trouble to experience intimacy in your relationships and that affect your leadership well
*feels creativity may be blocked and you overanalyse things often
*difficulty to read people, disappointments
*lack of trust
*control needs or bad experienced in being controlled
*overworking, workaholic
*not feeling enough sometimes and that you can be, learn or give more
*lacking a sense of direction sometimes
*need for external confirmation
*struggling with self-love and self-respect
*taking too much responsibility

This program will help you with:
*developing your intuition and psychic awareness
*healing your soul and discovering about your soul gifts so you can lead yourself and others from other level
*understanding and reading energies
*learning and understanding universal laws that govern manifestation and creative processes on this planet
*tapping into your higher awareness and understanding invisible energies
*overcoming different leadership and life challenges, energy blocks, mental patterns and childhood wounds
*learn to read and connect with your soul library, akashic records, where you will learn more about your soul history and who you are beyond your physical body
*open and develop your third-eye power
*access to my latest e-book “Divine Feminine: taking back your power” where you will learn to heal your female energies from wounds that remove your freedom and power
*overcome and heal emotional trauma
*learn about subtle energies, soul energies and the body energy system
*learn to connect with higher and other consciousnesses to help you in your leadership role, guiding your own life, making better decisions, helping others
*be guided throughout the process through more than 40 video-lessons, exercises, written material, more than 60 hours
*get new material every week during 12 weeks and 6 month access to the platform
*get LIVE intuitive, personal, professional, astrological & numerology guidance with me on your challenges and community support throughout the process of 6 months
*and much more…

Corporate Check-Up Program

This is a tailored program designed to help businesses and business owners and leaders to move their dreams and visions forward, through intuitive, coaching and counselling support, energy check up and advice.
I am checking up the business from sight and guiding you in different challenges.
Talk to me to discuss more.

This program will help you with:
*understanding the underlying energies in your business that need to be asserted
*giving insights on how to improve, change, transform or grow your business or organisation, and even your leadership role
*learning to tackle different problems and decisions
*getting support with different challenges at hand you may have, such as interpersonal relationships, HR, employment, recruiting, communication, conflict resolution, underlying issues that may affect your business, organisation, relationships etc
*you get support both for your own development and the business or organisation, organisation development
*you can submit a request for a group support for your leaders, leading employees etc
*we examine your business, your needs and vision and where you want to go from there; and check the underlying energetic overview where it could be improved, changed, transformed, invested, integration of new products and changes etc. You will get insights and ideas, counselling and support throughout the process.

Healing the Womb

This is an e-course to help you heal and reconnect with your female energies, unlocking your full potential in your relationships, releasing unresolved relationships, past hurts, break-ups and conflicts you may have had in your relationships, with your family and so on. Even if you are born as a man in this life time, this e-course helps you reconnect and heal your female energies. This is particularly good if you would like to open yourself to true love, embracing more love in your life, understanding women problems, divine deeper into your own nature and life journey.

You will learn to:
*tap into your female energies to the core and heal them
*identify and transform patterns, situations, family lineage problems that may stop you from embracing your true self and your most creative, powerful and sensual energies
*understanding about your relationship history and how to heal it
*giving yourself an opportunity to get insight into your own life and what you want to transform in your relationships and the relationship with yourself
*reconnecting with your balance, healing women issues such as physical imbalances, emotional challenges, mental and spiritual issues.
*an e-book “Divine Feminine: taking back your power” with my own healing experiences and channeling knowledge
*healing past wounds in the feminine energy even if you are a man (e.g. challenges with your mother, past female generations, cultural and social challenges with not finding true love, a partner, heart-breaks or engaging with co-workers in a deeper way or even friends.)
*stepping into your powerful goddess energy leading your own life from a feminine energy

21 day Energy Transformation Program + E-book Divine Feminine: Taking back your power

This is a 3 week program where you will guided into transforming and uplifting your energies, gaining energy awareness, energy healing and releasing old blocks, patterns, situations, unresolved memories, and things in your life so that you can move forward and embrace the new, planting seeds for the new year or New cycle in your life.
I am also offering in this package my e-book “Divine Feminine: taking back your power” so that you can immerse yourself into a deeper healing experience of your female energies, reconnection through sharing my own healing journey, spiritual awakening journey and channeling from Spirit.
In this e-course, you will get an audio + exercises every day during 21 days. An estimate 1h/day you will have to set aside to go through the material and do the work in yourself. You will however have access to this material even when the period is finished so you will be able to relisten to and re-read it.

You will get help with:
*identifying energies that need to be released and transformed to come to a new cycle in your life
*closing down energies that have been lingering in your system that need to be released
*opening up for new energies
*planting seed for the new year or cycle in your life
*embracing your core energies in depth
*exercises for you to emerge yourself even more into shadow-work, energy awareness and self-awareness, soul awareness
*increase your vibration and manifest your desired intention within 21 days
*access to my e-book “divine feminine: taking back your power” to increase your knowledge database, and get extra support on your journey

Intuitive and Psychic Development

This is an introduction course online to intuitive and psychic development. You will learn the basics of psychic and intuitive development, some tools you can use and the process of intuitive and psychic development. You will learn how to open up your third eye and how you can move forward in your continuing journey.
If you would like to go deeper, I do suggest you to take a look at my Intuitive Leadership Program instead.

This course online will help you with:
*intuitive and psychic development
*learn how to start your journey of intuitive and psychic development
*different channels and steps in the soul awakening journey
*different challenges
*how to continue your journey and grow even more

E-book Mastering yourself

This is a self-help book as well as a research book, an outcome of my European research project in the field of mentoring and coaching, where I gathered science and spirituality, intuitive coaching support.

This e-book will help you with:
*identifying areas you need to increase self-love and heal
*understand about the process of integration, unemployment, life crisis and spiritual awakening
*learn to overcome crisis, emotional challenges, life and existential challenges, finding life purpose, reconnecting with unconditional love and self-respect
*connecting science with spirituality, energy reading and energy work

E-bok Bemästra dig Själv

Denna bok är ett resultat av ett EU forskningsprojekt, coaching projekt där jag utvecklade intuitivt mentorskap som modell i min coaching, och förenade vetenskapliga begrepp med.
Du kan använda den också som själv hjälp bok. Jag har beskrivit också en del av min egen resa mot integration, läkning, när jag började hitta mig själv.

Denna e-kurs hjälper dig med:
*att hitta dig själv, egen kärlek, egen respekt
*vetenskapliga begrepp och andlighet
*energi avläsning, coaching och intuition
*hur arbetslöshet, livskris, arbetsrelaterade problem, integrationsproblem leder till andligt uppvaknandet och olika vägar du kan ta för att hitta dig själv, läka dig själv, hitta och förstå vem du är

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