Hi friend,

I am offering this option for you who would like to get guidance through me, a psychic medium distance reading and counselling from beyond. You can book a time/date in my calendar here and you will receive the answer to your e-mail address as soon as I can. I try to answer within 24 working weekly hours. It may take more if I am fully booked. I answer the ones who booked earlier time and date in my calendar first. No refunds to this service. I channel information from your higher self, guides, archangels, loved ones that come through for your highest good. But you are responsible as of how you use the information and if you want to use the information. Your inner wisdom is the most important guide. The information I communicate though can help you connect with it.


I suggest that you state one clear question to get a better answer. I can access and communicate other information that need to come through anyway. Yet let me know a clear question so it becomes easier to answer you and connect with the right source. If it is about a relationship, be clear if you are single and you are searching for someone or if you are committed. It helps me connect quicker especially via e-mail. As an intuitive and medium, I often get information in clusters so the more specific you are, it enables me sort out the information I am communicating. If I can’t answer, guide you at all or nothing comes through, you will get a refund.


Gabi Gal

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