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Learn the mechanics of the ENERGY behind your BODY, MIND and SOUL.




Learn how to DEVELOP your PSYCHIC and MEDIUMSHIP skills


Learn about your SOUL REGISTER and how to access your AKASHIC RECORDS

And much more…

Gabi Gal invites you to this UNIQUE program. Join this program and register here.

This program is meant to help you move forward into your PSYCHIC and MEDIUMSHIP SKILLS, that is, by helping you develop your intuitive skills. There is NO REQUIREMENT OF PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE. We are delving together into the world of subtle energies and teaching you a framework so you can understand the ENERGY ANATOMY of your composition here on planet Earth.

This program teaches you how to CONTACT your HIGHER ASPECTS, your higher self and how to MAKE a SELF-DIAGNOSIS of your own IMBALANCESENERGY BLOCKS, when you are MAKING a DECISION that is not aligned with your HIGHER SELF, already BEFORE YOU MAKE IT. By helping you delve into the world of DIVINATION and INTUITIVE WISDOM, you will be guided forward with ANCIENT WISDOM of thousands of years CHANNELED through psychic medium and spiritual teacher Gabi Gal.


  • You are a spiritual seeker who searches for answer and spiritual wisdom and growth
  • You know that there is more than just the physical body and you would like to understand your unique energies, what they are, how you can balance them yourself, how you can align yourself to your higher self, how you can contact your own Spirit and live the life that you have dreamt of before you incarnated
  • You know that you have come here to planet Earth for a reason and now it is time to delve deeper and uncover it
  • You know that you have a gift from spirit of intuition and you want to learn how to develop it
  • You are interested in growing spiritually and as a human being, and you are engaged with yourself, and invest in your self-development and soul growth
  • You would like to learn ancient wisdom, about your soul history, your past, past-lives, why certain things happened or happen in your life and how you can handle them better or get over them
  • You would like to heal different aspects within yourself or conflicts in relationships, health challenges, career choices and challenges, business challenges etc
  • You seek your purpose or would like to understand how to materialise your dreams
  • You are open-minded and believe that this can help you move forward in your life and offer you wisdom that you seek
  • You would like to (re)connect with your soulmates, twin flames, heal karmic relationships and understand energies behind these connections and how they affect yourself
  • You are interested in telepathy and communication between worlds and amongst human beings incarnated but far from each other physically

Join this program by registering here.


This is a UNIQUE PROGRAM that will not be launched again. If you would like to participate. I have developed this program uniquely for the energies that are going to participate in this program. I have decided to grant entry to specific souls here on planet Earth who are in this level of understanding. The material offered here as well as guidance requires this soul-level maturation. If you have read this so far, there is a high chance that you are one of these souls.

I invite you then to join this program and register here. After you register in this program, I will check your energy individually by distance. If for some reason I feel the energy is not aligned to this program, I will give you a refund. But if you have come so far and read this still, there is a big chance that you are aligned. You would not come to this page of no reason.


In this spiritual trip where your inner worlds start to get discovered, you also get a chance to discover other worlds, those of other people and dimensions. These dimensions are beyond your human understanding. But they often bring you a depth of wisdom and information that may help you remember who you are. We will experiment in this program how you can discover these new worlds too.


The whole world is connected. As we are connected through air, water and food, we can reach each other in other dimensions too. There is nothing PARANORMAL. It is just that common human beings in a lower dimensional framework cannot understand the things I am teaching. Therefore, I am teaching about TELEPATHY and COMMUNICATION in DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS in this program too. How you can communicate, how communication happens, how you can perceive communication coming and how to send communication through telepathy; Exploring the WORLD OF TELEPATHY, we are working together and I am teaching you the grounds of TELEPATHY here so you can use it in your human existence.


We are delving into spiritual connections, what they mean, how you can connect with LOVE, SOULMATES, TWIN FLAMES and differences between these relationships and KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS. All of this in the realm of ENERGY, so that you can understand what happens with your energies, imbalances, blocks etc.

Throughout the program, there will be a chance to participate in RECONNECTION ACTIVATIONS where you will be invited to reconnect with your soulmates and twin flames.



I invite you to join this program if you feel this is right for you. If not, I thank you for reading this and wish you good luck. You are welcome to take a look at my articles, perhaps a Webinar or a past life or psychic medium reading or session.

This program is however an immense opportunity for soul growth and healing for issues that have been affecting you throughout many life times. The Spirit World and I are teaching you tools to unlock the ROOTS of the things that are BOTHERING your SOUL and STOPPING you from MOVING FORWARD to be the BEST VERSION of YOURSELF here on this planet.

I decided to teach only those who are highly invested in themselves and know the value of my teachings because they can understand that ancient wisdom needs to be taken seriously. And that they will know how to apply knowledge in positive ways towards themselves and the planet.

This trip within yourself with the tools and knowledge we are teaching offers you guidance throughout the period by means of LIVE Calls and written material that will be provided besides the VIDEO COURSES that you will have access to. You will be guided not only from this plane of EXISTENCE but also from the PLANES ABOVE.

Join this program and register here.


We haven’t decided about a start date yet but we are planning to offer you access to the video programs from the end of April, beginning of May. Thereafter you will have access to LIVE Calls too. Registration will be open until I feel the energies are enough to work with BUT REGISTRATION WILL BE CLOSED WITHIN ca. 3 WEEKS. That could mean that I intuitively remove the registration link within a week or two if I realise that the people who have registered are those already planned in the astral plane. In other words, if you await with the registration, there will be a chance to have it closed. Souls can also chance their plans throughout a course of life. If you feel committed with this program, I suggest that you already already. You can join this program by registering here.


If you are not the right energy, I will give you a refund as soon as possible. If you would like to cancel the registration for some reason, you have 48h to think through and cancel if you would to. You waive the right concerning European distance law of 14days cancelling. I hope you understand that we plan for material and communication already from the time you register; If you change your mind, you are welcome to send an e-mail within 48h and ask to get a refund because you would like to cancel the participation in this program. Making changes are sometimes difficult in one’s life. But it is often so that we move forward and delve into territories we haven’t delved before. These changes often come with rewards. When we decide to resist changes however, we stay in the same place we were before and, consequently, we may be thrown into life circumstances that are painful and regretful because of our choices. I believe that the time and investment you give to your soul are priceless and timeless. It may instead be the start of freedom, love and recognition.

Join this program by registering here.


Om du inte pratar engelska men förstår engelska, kan du registrera för detta program, och kommer få möjlighet att delta LIVE samtal dit du kan ställa dina frågor på svenska.


Se você não fala ingles, mas entende, pode participar do programa, vai ter os videos em ingles, mas também oportunidade de fazer perguntas em português ao vivo nas conferencias online.

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