Female Power

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written by Gabi Gal, psychic medium coach writer spiritual teacher

I have understood that my life here on this planet and the body I have for this existence has a lot to do with being an example for Female Power and Female Energy.

During my past lives, I have been both powerful and powerless. I have experienced lives where I had my healing powers and channeled a lot of information to balance other people and myself. But I also experienced lives where I encountered a male figure that was disrespectful, hurting, killing, stopping me from speaking, negating me.

All of that helped me learn about Inner Strength. And who I really am.

This life, I have been delving into the darkest side of my own consciousness concerning my female energy. This is because I grew up with a sense of independence from the Male energy and at the same time I have developed the ability to embody the male or Yang skills within myself, as that of leadership, being dynamic, goal-oriented, direct and know what I want.

I was a born a Gemini and I have both very strong male energies in my configuration but also VERY STRONG Female Caring energies within myself. But these have been kind of disconnected as I felt I could not be in my full power living in a world where intuition and perception beyond the physical is still kind of awkward and “not accepted”, especially if you are surrounded by status quo in most modern societies, where regular school and university education is your guidance to work life and living.

Beyond that I have Leo as ascendent and I am very passionate to the point that I can’t really do things I have no passion for. And when I don’t have passion for what I do, I can get distracted and start something else. This has made me leave relationships and things that I don’t find passion within myself and move forward but also discover passion within myself.

If you are from different astrology signs such as water in your base chart, you will probably be moved by your own emotions. I am moved by Fire. Although I have a lot of water in my chart to (which makes me be very sensitive and psychic), fire and Spirit are the main elements I guide myself.

Out of my own experiences as a woman, I have learned how it is to be wounded, experience relationship conflict and how it is to develop inner strength although the male counterpart can come with physical strength.

All of my experiences led to an integration of the male and female within myself in a balanced way, which made me realise that I could allow my Female Gifts of Universal Wisdom and Reconnection with Womb to come up. And although this reconnection has been painful (because it made me remember ancestral patterns and past-lives where the female element has been pushed down),I realised that I was not born with my elements random this time.

I have learned about Courage. And I have learned about Inner Power. I have learned that reconnection body-mind and spirit from different dimensions allow you to embody your FULL FEMALE POWER, heal yourself and start healing the Planet.

We are now moving forward to an era of Reconnection with the Female Energy. And this happens because the Female Energy has been imbalanced and misunderstood during over a thousand of years on this planet.

Don’t give up your gifts. You have been born a woman for a reason. There is ancient wisdom within yourself that you can tap into. There may be pain too. But we are all together on the same boat helping one another reach for wholeness. There may be painful relationships, misunderstandings and conflicts. There may be false beliefs and programmings that allowed you to be disempowered. But you are not alone. The universe is supporting you to reconnect with your core energies and allow you to heal, accomplish all your dreams and become the being you wanted to become before you incarnated in your human body.

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