Gates of heaven

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Vibration and Healing Frequencies

Feeling weird these days?

Time to release lower frequencies that have
Been holding on to your energy field of old contracts, vows and unconscious agreement based on power exchange in lower levels of consciousness. I am sharing now a clearing here. If you feel heavy, tired, angry, sad there may be energies that are not yours in your field or energies that you gave away onto other people’s energy field. Time to release this now and allow these to enter the gates of heaven.

two Healing songs for you. Listen to them and feel the energies that you want to release.

song Nr 1

Song Nr 2

clearing process thereafter:

As a sovereign being of light, I now dissolve and disintegrate any contract of permission that I have ever given, consciously or unconsciously, in this or any life time, to any being that does not love me unconditionally to be attached to my energy field. I now release all such beings, entities, attachments or inclusions from all dimensions of my energy field and my body. I release these now with love and peace and burn all contracts I ever made that are associated with them, through divine grace and my own free will, so be it”.
“I call on the beings that love and serve this unconditionally to hold unconditional love and light in place. To all beings and inclusions that are now leaving my energy field, you will be safe, loved, accepted and fed in this light of unconditional love back to where you come from; return to the Source or the Earth, as you choose but you must leave my energy field permanently now because it is my free will. So be it”

repeat the process if you feel the similar symptoms.

With love,

Gabi Gal

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