High Sensitive Person

Written by Gabi Gal, psychic medium coach and spiritual teacher


Are you a high sensitive person, HSP? Welcome to the club. During my own trip to understand my own energies, I have been delving into several books to understand and how my sensitivity.

As a psychic medium, I realised that during different periods in my life my sensitivity has grown to a point that sometimes I prefer to be alone. I wondered if I had anguish or was worried or traumatised but I realised that this is indeed part of my evolution as a soul.

In our societies, this is however interpreted as people who hold problems and perhaps even disabilities. Because I have had contact with the Spirit world since childhood, I also understood that high sensitivity is actually a gift. It may not be interpreted or experienced as a gift in a world holding violence, disharmony and other stuff.

As a high sensitivity person, living in an environment that involves a lot of stress factors and what perhaps “average people” cannot understand, becomes a challenge. It becomes even a challenge when standards in a society as based on this average vibration which is much lower than your own.

Having lived during many life times, you become high sensitive because you also have gone through a lot of trauma. But you have also gone through a process of, I would say, purification of your energy field. And this purification has brought you to a point where you do not have the heavy atomic material around your aura that most people have.

Most people have a strong and thick emotional and mental layer that covers their core, which stops them from seeing their real selves and discovering who they are. It is when they encounter life crisis in their lives either through sickness, illness, someone in their family or friendship circle who died, accident, catastrophe or another event that shook their body and soul… that they start to awaken.

But when you are a child and you are already high sensitive, it is no question that you have gone through all these stuff but you were born already with a clearer energy, I would say, that lead you into this state of perception of your own consciousness and the world around.

I am not saying you are the most evolved being and fully awaken, but that you have already gone through a lot of experiences in your past lives that have made you somewhat more awake than most people who do not have any sensitivity.

Sensitivity brings awareness because you have an enhanced perception of your own senses. This sensitivity, as I, Gabi Gal, see, allows you to have higher perception not only through your physical senses but also through your astral senses, that is, the organs of your soul. And these are merged together in your body. In other words, your experience in your physical body becomes enhanced, but you can be overwhelmed with information from different sources. And this ability to catch information from different sources create emotional and mental challenges for most people who do not know how to handle because they do not know that they are sensitive.

I have been told as a child that I was shy. But I was not shy at all. I had no problem in talking in front of 500 people in a public when I was playing a character in a school theatre. I had no problem in singing in front of a public of 800 people although I knew I was not perfect in singing. But I have been thinking about this for a long time, whether I was shy indeed.

As the years passed, I understood that I wanted to be alone in my room many times and I didn’t want to hear a human voice. Although I love people (I really love to be with people, share and participate socially), I needed my own space and I preferred to be in a calm environment than around people who are loud. And my parents were very loud. I had a lot of trouble finding my own space as a child and teenager and also to be understood and respected by my sensitivity.

Today I understand that they were not aware of this. As most people who are not as sensitive as you are, they do not understand what you are talking about. And the more you delve into yourself and increase the awareness of who you are, the more you increase your sensitivity, the more you grow as a soul within your body, your vibration increases and you open yourself to receive more information from your environment and from other dimensions. How to explain this to a person who has no idea about other dimensions and who only lives in the lower astrals on this Earth planet?

For me, it has been no question about the non-existence of death and the fact that I talk and communicate with people on the other side. I have received proofs every day of that since childhood. Today I had a birthday celebration at home (not for me) but my grandparents came from the other side and I was surprised of so many beautiful things that they said. And even noticing other people coming that I didn’t know of and stayed in my house for a while. I was really flattered by the visit and all preparations they had, which I had no idea of that they would do. But you know, such things are hard to explain to a person who only lives on this Earth reality and are not sensitive to out of body perceptions.

High sensitivity entails higher perception. It entails responsibility too. Responsibility towards your own energy and learning how to handle it. You have to learn to survive in a material world that is , I would say, limited. You have to learn how to cope with living and surround yourself by energies of people and objects that vibrate in a totally different way from yours. And learn how to manage the channels you receive and send information.

As you learn, you may also learn to encode information and to translate information between worlds as I do. That is part of my psychic mediumship. As I have been travelling a lot between worlds, forward, backwards and to other dimensions, I have understood that the only way for you to have a benefit of your own sensitivity is that of managing your own energy and learning how you can live in a multidimensional world of vibrations yet still living your Earth reality.

This multidimensionality entails a non-linear thinking, which is beyond the human understanding. But as a soul, you do not have linear thinking so when you have a deep sensitivity within yourself, you also make use of your higher vibrations as a soul.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for most people, especially those who are entering the fifth dimension now (5D) which I call the lower astral dimension, is to start learning how to live multidimensionally and carrying a human body; as well as learn how to heal themselves from past memories and other blocks that may stop them from reaching higher vibrations.

In my own process, I delved into understanding own blocks and past-life challenges that were active in my current life DNA. Unsolved things and non-understood patterns came up and I needed to learn and integrate wisdom. I have lived over 2000 years on this planet and I had a lot of things to integrate.

When you reach the eight dimensional framework, you start to unlock your soul wisdom by yourself. You do not need a guide or someone help to help you out with this. Then when you reach the ninth and tenth, you start to access ancient wisdom from the planet and from our galaxy. Short or long way ahead, I invite you together with me to learn how you can get the most of your vibration and realign with your core energy which will bring you a lot of benefits to your soul experience here on planet Earth. And you will perceive your sensitivity in another way, as a gift of an evolved soul that is here to reach its best potential.

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