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Today I had a beautiful visitor that caught my attention. The message was hope. It jumped behind the bed and stayed still close to the lamp. I understood that this little animal tried to tell me that there is hope and hope comes because I have decided to turn my inner lights on.
As a soul incarnated in a human body, we all go through darkness and trauma. Many traumas are stored in our systems and live on invisibly during many generations… some traumas live on during many life times. Unfortunately, today’s health systems are not really aware of such invisible factors and instead, people are given band aids and anti depressive to be able to alleviate that which causes all of these human challenges, all these emotional and mental stuff stuck in the soul. And all of this can be stuck during so much time turning into physical diseases. It is no wonder that there are many here on this planet with chronic issues and even cancer. Why would you want to kill yourself, I would ask? I don’t think any soul would like to kill itself consciously or create diseases in its own system. But I do understand that there are unresolved invisible issues that are not treated and released. And instead, millions of people on this planet are suffering silent.
I am sure that if you reading this, you know what I am talking about. But there is more to it than most human eyes can see. Human imbalances, trauma, accidents, divorces, losses… all of this is part of the soul learning school system called planet Earth. I am not surprised that there are many souls trying to find their real purpose and understand what they are doing here, and what they are doing with their own lives.
During many generations, many souls have incarnated getting a lot of trauma and suffering. But now it is ENOUGH. It is time to change this now. It is time to HEAL. It is time to discover your TRUE self and start to embrace the invisible POWER that is within you, dormant, awaiting to come up – a power that can heal, transform realities, move mountains, accomplish dreams. Yet it is not until you are aligned with this power that you can start to discover higher worlds within yourself.
That is what I felt called to do this work, to teach people who to access higher worlds within themselves through intuition, helping them course correct their lives, avoid millions of dollars of expenses with other professionals that might not even be able to help them if they wait for too long, a life that is lost which is priceless, and a negative effect not only in your own life but also to your children, family, society and many generations to come.
That you haven’t found your purpose, understood your life challenges from a higher perspective, learned to tap into your own power, intuition and remember who you are at soul level are all serious issues that not only you are concerned about but also the Spirit world is.
Yesterday I met thousands of souls on the other side that are working together with me in this awakening of intuitive women who have been forgotten, silenced, wounded, disconnected, powerless, abused, lost… the Divine Feminine within you may be calling. And this energy is now needed. You are needed here on this planet. And your soul wisdom is all needed here more than ever to transform this world into a better place.
If you feel called to this work, I will be pleased to talk to you via a breakthrough call to see if you fit my program www.gabigal.se/apply . I am selecting resourceful, committed, intuitive women who would like to find their way home and heal. Those who wish to embrace their soul and make this world a better place, like me, who has gone through a lot of suffering and who understood that it is ENOUGH now. And who feels that it is time to make a change NOW instead of waiting for many life times to come. There is HOPE. But sometimes we may miss opportunities if we don’t take a leap of FAITH and decide to act and invest towards our greatest good. And our greatest good often affects thousands of people automatically. If you feel called, you are welcome to book a time. My calls get booked quickly. I’d love to help you forward on this journey if you feel called to work with me. Lots of love to you, Gabi Gal. ❤️❤️

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