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Life purpose. Sometimes we make choices in life that takes us to different paths like starting a project, business or focusing on work or relationships that create heavy challenges in our lives.
Challenges can be good but they can also create separation and deep trauma within ourselves. Trauma and emotional challenges, when stored in your body, can create physical diseases in the long run but they can also create a life of isolation, disconnection with people, overly focusing on work, fear of rejection, of not being enough, imposter syndrome and even self-sabotage.
I have been through all of that and I came to realize already in my adulthood that there were a lot of things to heal and learn about my soul, otherwise I would not even be left on this planet.
My soul was very clear: relationships that crashed, accidents, family problems, health issues, work that didn’t go the way I set my goals for, business that ended, partnerships that fell apart, a lack of meaning in life and a deep desire to search what the heck was going on.
So I realized how much money I had spent with medical doctors, counselors, psychologists, books, painful working hours with something I didn’t like, ex-husband criticizing me in my ears, a deep feeling of losing my identity and losing everything else around me. I realized that the cost of all of this would be avoided if, from the very beginning, I would have known what my soul was telling me. It was telling me that it was time to learn about it, learn about how it wanted my life to be, and not only trying to manifest things that were not aligned to it.
Manifestation techniques didn’t work at all. Instead, I realized that the only thing that worked was delving deep within and researching myself. But even this was not possible in a conscious state of awareness.
I have learned throughout the years different tools that helped me connect with my soul wisdom and healing powers, that help me greatly when guiding others psychically. They helped me heal myself and also find my purpose, my creativity and abundance.
I realized that I wanted to share this. I wanted to teach all of this to other people so that they could also find their own path – instead of only getting someone else’s reading or finding temporary solutions.
I believe that all answers are already within yourself. But you have to learn to access it to get them. And the keys to do it lie often beyond your physical body.
I decided to teach this in my program. If you would like to read more, you can check and apply for a free breakthrough call with me – if you would like to take your journey to the next level.
You will get the chance to talk to me in the call and make a roadmap of your challenges, whether you will register in my program or not; you are welcome if you feel called to move your spiritual awakening to a higher level ❤️❤️❤️

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