Working together enables a multidimensional contact and support from different levels that entails a deeper learning and guidance than working with a regular professional that works with your mindset, with KBT or life-style changes. We are working at soul-level and we are also taking into account the human life, the body, the mind and the spirit, your life style, your relationships and everything else – the universe.

Working like this entails greater learning and wisdom that you may gather and quicken the process of spiritual awakening, growth, leadership development and healing.

You can work with me different ways:

Email Support

For acute questions and quick guidance, you can book e-mail support here

Thursday Evening Circle

This is a circle for you who do not know my work or who does but would like to get guidance or drop-in for guidance, group support, insights, learn something new or get help with issues you have got at hand. You can book your spot here

Reconnect with your Light 3.3 (Soul Healing Program)

This is my signature program where you will get psychic medium and intuitive guidance every other week (twice a month).  Once you join the program, you will be able to keep growing together and participating in the community and being able to talk to me in the LIVE calls with no extra cost if you need support as long as the program is running. It is now the third version of this program, and you will not only get my LIVE intuitive and psychic medium guidance but also material and a knowledge database with videos, one of my books and exercises to develop your own psychic and intuitive senses, healing abilities and tap into higher energies altogether. We are diving here further than average knowledge that you can get elsewhere – but you are learning to tap into higher truths, your soul history, akashic records, learning about your energy system, opening your third eye and getting guidance throughout the process to grow together. I assume that you have been on a spiritual seeking journey already to come to this phase that you feel like you need to come now to another level and your soul is calling you for growth.

If you feel drawn to this program, then it is right to you. The value of this program is priceless. You will have access to the material but also my LIVE guidance as long as this program is running at no extra costs.

Check more info here


You may want to check my e-courses that may support your own leadership growth and development parallel with one of the session packages or without them. There you will find a lot of self-work and work you can do on your own to develop your own intuition, psychic abilities, understanding about your life and healing your energies. Check the e-courses here

Business Support 

You can get guidance about your own challenges and your business challenges too. We check your energies, leadership challenges, conflicts and support you in the decision-making process towards your goals. Read more info here.

For leadership development, read here


Other queries

If you would like to ask for a possible cooperation, group guidance, tailored courses and inspirational Speeches, you can contact me for more information:

You can also apply for a free call so we can discuss how we can grow together and if you would like to get a tailored solution with your specific challenges at hand.

The packages and the calls are non-refundable; you waive your right for refund. My clients know my work and they know the outcomes they get in working together. If I cannot help you, I will give you a refund. I am highly committed to working with my clients, therefore I have a 5min waiting policy in my calls. If you don’t show up after 5min, I will leave the call and you will not get a compensation for the hour lost. If it would happen from my side due to technical or personal reasons , you will get different options though. Our communications will be done via e-mail and we will talk via You will be able to call me via your local number or via internet through a link you will get as soon as you confirm one of the session packages. If you have trouble connecting, please contact me asap via e-mail. Please honor my time and the Spirit World’s commitment with yourself. No shows will not be refunded or re-booked. You accept the terms for my coaching practice here when we are working together.

I do have great respect for my clients and I have a privacy policy. If you however want to write a testimonial and help me spread my work in your network, amongst your friends and clients, I am very thankful. Because of this, I have a referral bonus if you would like to grow together, and help me spread my work to those who need it. Thank you so much for being in my life 🙂


Who is my typical client

You can read my testimonials here and see the different descriptions of problems I have helped clients solve. They are committed with themselves, want to increase self-knowledge, self-awareness, heal, grow, get insights in their own life journey, relationships, choices, and move forward in their lives, get new perspectives, find freedom and empowerment.

My clients describe me as calm, humble, selfless, charming, full of light, deep, can see what they cannot, accurate, positive, sensitive, unique, competent, inspiring, understanding, warm, healing. Check what they write here. 

You can also check my live videos for the public where I coach groups on my Facebook page here

Feel free to join my VIP group here








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