Intuitive Leadership Program (Online with support) –  (Lead with your soul: Reconnect with your Light 3.3)

Empowerment & Growth, Intuitive Leadership through Esoteric and Ancient knowledge

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.— Albert Einstein

Who is this for?

This program package for you, who want to master your full potential through ancient knowledge and wisdom from old civilisations and beyond about your soul, human life, life on this planet – how you can lead yourself, and others from learning to reconnect with your higher consciousness and beyond.

You are in healing and spiritual awakening journey to manifest your full potential. You are discovering more about your soul and would like to know more about your soul powers, developing your psychic awareness and grow as a spirit into your more purpose, direction, growth, the next step in your own journey into a higher leadership, a soul leadership.

Who am I searching for?

You are committed, want to grow, resourceful, giving, respectful, open to learn new things (open-minded) and willing to be coached. You are a CEO, manager, entrepreneur, project leader, leader of your own life or community, coach or willing to become an even more conscious leader. You want to grow as a soul and discover more about yourself and human life that most people cannot see, feel, experience, know.

You are successful in your career but deep within you feel that your spiritual journey needs to come to another level now. You would like to learn about energies and the invisible world and claim back your lost power from many life times, generations, cultures, societies, relationships etc. It is time for you now to take the step to act in your full light on this planet.

Perhaps you have experienced different things in your life that you need to integrate, heal, understand and transform experience, knowledge into wisdom.

You would like to grow and expand in your life, career, business and help more people, create more value to the world and leave a legacy where you have done the best you can by learning to shine your light fully.

WHY would you take part in this unique program?

We are working together to help you manifest your highest potential here on this planet: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will learn esoteric knowledge and ancient wisdom, learn to tap and read your own energies, develop your third eye, understand the human energy system and universal laws, recurring challenges and steps in a growing journey, to come to a point of higher consciousness in your leadership, in your own life, relationships and increase your manifestation power.

We are working together at the soul-level (beyond mindset or law of attraction) so that you can understand this whole Earth-system. You will have access to a knowledge database with more than 40 video lessons, written material and exercises during 12 weeks but also through support. You are getting my support throughout the process and talking LIVE with me. In this coming program version now, you will also get access to a bonus program to heal your female energies (even if you are are man), where you will be able to heal relationship and ancestral wounds that may be lingering on your DNA.

We are going through the whole natural human system and Earth- energy ecosystem and how it has been designed, so that you can master it completely, so that you can embrace your multidimensional and galactic nature. You will not need to come back to Earth kindergarten after you leave your Earth life if you don’t want to, breaking the cycle of reincarnation.

I am nailing down the process of enlightenment in the program and helping you reconnect with your higher keys to a much higher vibrational access beyond your physical life and this timeline. I am also offering you my personal and the Spirit World’s support throughout this journey. I am working with archangel energies, Ascended Masters, other types of consciousness beyond the planet.

Why is this program important now

As a leader, we usually want to control things to make things work and to generate or implement a higher vision. We are often visionaries and we often can see more than regular people do because there is already an inbuilt wisdom within us that trigger us into such roles.

Understanding the subtle world, human life and the Earth energy ecosystem will help you tap into the unseen and be able to make it seen. This will support you on your own life journey but also being able to navigate your surroundings, making better and quicker decisions. Things and mental patterns that may have controlled you in the past will dissolve because you will gain a greater understanding and vision about the “wholeness” of situations and human life, as well as being able to connect with other types of consciousness and energies that may help you lead with a better outcome and collective growth.

What is so unique about this program

I am inviting you into different worlds here. The Earth and the subtle worlds, which means that you will learn to tap into your multidimensional consciousness, gain energy awareness and go beyond planning and management skills that you may learn else where or may even have knowledge on day by day practice.

Why is it so urgent to learn these things now

Because businesses are closing down, a lot of institutions in the world are going bankrupt and most systems in the world require changes and upgrades due to the changes that are happening on the planet. The planet is upgrading its status and, more and more people are awakening spiritually to the fact that they are souls – and not only a human machine. They are feeling chaotic and experience a lot of emotions, depression, sadness, anger, not knowing their purposes and even not knowing their own talents, how to make the most of their jobs or businesses.

It is a task for a conscious intuitive leader to see these things and know how to handle all this the best way, learning to direct people to the right path and also their own lives; learning to see beyond, forecast situations and make quick decisions that are aligned with their own souls and with a higher purpose.

When old systems are tumbling down, you are mostly required now, intuitive leader, to be able to upgrade your own consciousness so that you get more empowered, you step in your full light and by learning about yourself and the Earth system, you also guide and heal others better too.

Delegating, assigning tasks are no longer main tasks for a leader, but learning to understand another’s soul. If you can’t understand your own and see beyond your mind then you will see other people very limited as well.

Intuitive leadership gives you tools, knowledge and wisdom so that you can learn about yourself in-depth and be able to stay in your full power to be able to benefit the whole much better than if you only learn models, mindset work and other “proven” strategies out there. I believe that self-experience is the only way to gather wisdom. We are using tools and experiencing together in this program so that you can discover things by yourself.

About me


intuition intuitive leadership course program online psychic medium author

Gabi Gal, leader, psychic medium author, researcher, entrepreneur. I have been coaching and mentoring thousands of people over the last decades, both intuitively, professionally and with my expertise in different fields. I worked as a recruiter, employment offer, project leader during many years, starting up businesses. I researched in the field of mentoring, coaching and cross-country entrepreneurship. During the last years, I added medical knowledge to my work in my own healing journey after breaking up from an abusive marriage with small kids. I started to study energy medicine and Western medicine through nursing science. I experienced a total switch in my leadership from becoming a modelled leader copying the rational masculine expectations of our societies… to a feminine leader that embraces her intuitive and psychic senses into her work. I had to work deep within myself with several wounds that controlled me and I had no idea about that did not even come from my own soul. I started to discover several life times, my soul gifts, my healing gifts and reconnection with my source that allowed me to stay balanced, find great inner strength, be able to create abundance easily and deepen my relationships. I also went on a journey of self-love, self-respect, self-compassion and embracing my leadership gifts, not only as a human – but as a soul.

I believe the real leadership is one where you know how to use energy to act upon matter very consciously. You are very conscious of your own energies, the invisible… and you know what you are doing, you know how to be guided by a higher power, and you are conscious of the Oneness that exists in the universe. Because you understand how things work, you can apply them quickly in your life and help others greatly.

I decided to leave my research career to start teaching what I have learned and help others grow, find their power, freedom and beauty too. Wisdom brings down all illusions that we may ever have learned in our lives of what is possible and what is not. I decided to teach these keys here to other leaders, coaches, CEOs, manager, entrepreneurs who, like me, are on this spiritual journey of experiencing the best version of themselves on the planet. They are also open to discover more about the invisible world, their own consciousness, and the collective – making a positive difference in their own and other people’s lives.

A worldwide growing problem

Millions of people die without knowing their full potential. They are born in different societies, cultures and often struggle, feel not enough, imposter syndrome, engaging with abusive relationships, people who do not respect them, earning less than men, having to work a lot at home, with the kids, giving and giving so much and receiving so little. Many develop diseases and die of heart problems, cancer or even cannot work anymore due to burnout and PTSD. There are many more women who support their families financially, take a whole lot of responsibility and even reach to high positions. YET they are not really happy with their own lives and feel some kind of emptiness within themselves, that is often filled with alcohol, relationships, buying things, overworking, co-dependence, social media dependence or other kinds of dependence. They may even have difficulty to find true love.

A lot of these people may be yourself or you may even meet in your work as a leader, your employees, your family members, mates, partners etc. All of these are symptoms come from not knowing your soul fully, not living your true purpose here on this planet and not knowing how to tap into your (spiritual) higher awareness, access your own intuitive power, psychic gifts and knowledge that you have gathered from other life-times – right now.

What is missing is the knowledge about this human life, what this is about, how it works and how this Earth eco-system works. When you learn this, you start to become empowered, than giving away your power to other people. And you start to act from unconditional love, become humble and compassionate with yourself and others.

Many people learn to push down their own pain filling their schedules, overeating, being together with someone because they don’t want to be alone, having sex but not being able to connect deep with someone, focus their attention on others the whole life and never have time for themselves. Self-care is a recurrent problem for women and especially those who are very ambitious. This is a vicious circle. Why is it like this? What are you afraid of? Perhaps… Looking within.

But there is a great well of wisdom and healing within yourself once you become committed in taking the chance to learn what awaits for you. There are great answers you may be seeking that come from self-awareness. There is freedom and unconditional love. There is a possibility to live a human life claiming ownership of your own power, leading your own life the way you were meant to live when you were born in this world. When you come to this place, you start to be able to lead others naturally too.

Avoiding pain to learn the shadows within may cost you more than learning the keys to beyond this world and reaching for freedom

We are often afraid of looking within ourselves because we do not want to relive pain. Yet despite of what we have done or not, our soul does not judge us, complain about us or doom us. Our soul is neutral. Our soul loves experiences. But pain needs to turn into wisdom so that you can also lead others, and even step into your own function here on this planet, experience abundance and even… become a millionaire, or find true love.

Instead of gathering crap during so many life times of suffering, learning to access the power of your intuition and your psychic gifts will enable you to release pain, understand about yourself in a completely new way and understand the pieces of the puzzle of your own life.

Become a beacon of light for your own life and others.

It costs MORE not to move forward than taking the chance now 

I have seen thousands of people turning down this chance because they are thinking about costs instead of seeing the investment that they do in their own lives, in their own health, wellness and the greatest gift of reconnecting with their own light, with their souls, so that they can embody more of their life force energy, find balance and be able to step into their own power, life purpose – transforming millions of other lives…

If they have a family and are not taking the chance to invest on themselves so that they can grow and be free from the limitations that exist within, that are often invisible and controlling them, they may keep on karmic relationships, circles of pain in their families and children who continue to experience painful patterns that lie on throughout many generations to come. Besides, they stop themselves from experiencing more love, freedom, joy with their partners, husbands, wives, and even friends.

There are even indirect costs for the society because you are not taking the chance to invest on yourself to grow and become aware of who you really are beyond your physical costume… These are many people who you would help that do not get your help because you are not living your full power and leadership. They will keep on living with their pain and darkness. Perhaps inventions and businesses that can be grown and help millions of lives creating value that do not come to birth because you may be depressed, stressed, not living your full capacity and not knowing which direction to go, experiencing self-doubt, lack of purpose, emotional pain and struggle, self-sabotage, self-sacrifice etc.

You have perhaps even searched for other professionals, psychologists, psychotherapists, SPAs, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, medical doctors… professionals that work with your physical body and your mind but know nothing about the soul, other timelines, the invisible and subtle world, energy healing, soul medicine. Here you have got a complete package all in one.

The costs with drugs, rehabilitation, diseases, health bills, other professionals may be huge; the damage that is caused to your family and the society is much greater than you would imagine – and perhaps what is biggest is the damage to your own life – life force that never comes back, life that never comes back.

Wisdom that you will take with you eternally… 

I believe that when we unlock our light here in the physical self and allow it to grow and grow, we are gathering that wisdom with us wherever we go even if we decide to come back, reincarnating. This wisdom is priceless and it allows us to free ourselves from illusions, suffering and pain that have been imprinted into our system during many life times and family lineages. When you learn to unlock all this by yourself, you not only heal your physical body, your emotional trauma, your mindset, your soul but many generations from the past and the future; you help the planet heal. You allow your own light to shine and you start to step into your Divine Feminine energy being able to lead others too. You remember who you are. You never lose yourself again. You are no longer influenced by chaos, drama or other situations around you. Because you learn about your own power. And this gives you freedom.

Learn to lead with your soul – not against it


Program Package Overview

You will learn

  • reading energies, energy healing, healing your soul, identifying imbalances
  • understanding and tapping into imbalances and subtle energies quickly
  • soul senses and soul gifts
  • balance through energy awareness
  • how to overcome recurring and common challenges
  • how to heal DNA imprints and energies that may be there in your system for many life times, especially in your female energies or female side of your family
  • Develop your intuition, psychic gifts and intuitive leadership
  • tools to access intuition at will and be able to make decisions very quickly
  • step into your light fully
  • your soul history, life lessons, soul energies
  • universal laws, the Earth eco-system and life systems on this planet
  • guiding yourself and others through your intuition

Main outcome 

  • Learn to lead seeing a person as a whole – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Read energies and how to find your own unique balance
  • Heal past emotional trauma and unresolved issues that may stop you from seeing yourself and others clearly that may come from other timelines
  • Uncover your intuition and your psychic gifts
  • Understand your life puzzle, soul energies, getting back your power and experience more freedom
  • Free yourself from self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, not feeling enough, stress, unworthiness, worries, anxiety, increasing your self-worth and confidence
  • Start understanding your soul’s voice and become self-actualized
  • Heal your feminine energy gathering self-confidence, self-worth, courage, self-love, self-respect
  • Get in contact with your spiritual journey at another level and your purpose here on this planet
  • develop your energy sensitivity and become the master of your own life
  • get intuitive guidance for yourself and your life throughout the process during our support calls


How long is this program

12-weeks with 6 month platform access

If you come from a partner organisation, this program may be taken on different time lengths


How much time do you need to dedicate to the program

You receive lessons every week. We suggest you to assign at least 2h per week to go through the material and exercises. Depending on your own dedication, you increase the immersion of the material into several hours and days.

Past students say…

This was Katja Walish, Transformational Coach, Germany

“Thank you so much for the insights on my soul gifts and understanding about my family background.” – Maryory Reinolds – Health Project Manager, USA

Yuliana W., Azerbarjan; Mohammad M, Pakistan; Landing, Uk/South Africa, past students.

“I’m really enjoying the work and you’re spirit thank you Gabi for stepping in and being YOU! So comforting for others like me.. gives me hope, inspiration and empowerment” – Ronja Elmetid, Artist, Entrepreneur /self-employed, Sweden

Merike, one of my private life coaching and intuitive guidance client’s testimonial about me in Swedish

You may also check plenty of reviews on my public facebook page here 


Start NOW to change yours and many lives altogether.

Let’s grow together!

The coming program version starts on 15th of February 2021. I am offering now a package with my latest book “divine feminine: taking back your power”, healing the womb (a program to help you heal your female energies, even if you are a man), and my main signature program Reconnect with your Light, now version 3.3 with expanding esoteric and ancient knowledge, and wisdom. 

I am only taking in a couple of people because I value quality over quantity. You can pre-register it below for more than 2000€ off now (but I reserve my rights to refund you if I feel you are not the right person to take part in it).

Transformation and growth guaranteed. 

Talk to me book a call here


Gabi Gal










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