Love between dimensions

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Over the last three years, I have been dreaming and communicating with my soulmate or twin flame before a physical meeting here on planet Earth. I must say that I still haven’t met him yet physically but I feel time is almost up so I decided to write this article, to share with you about this story and my experiences too.
For about three years ago I broke up a marriage because I was dreaming of souls not connecting with each other at different dimensions. My psychic and intuitive skills escalated during the last years and I had difficulty understand if I was really getting facts and important information or if I was just dreaming or dreaming awake. It has been an exercise of disconnecting the overdeveloped rationality in my for my essence to take place. But I was getting hints of a marriage that was about to finish because there was something I needed to see within myself, which I couldn’t see through this person: my greatness, my beauty, Goddess in person.
I felt free and at the same time, I started to connect with the energy of a soulmate or twin flame or whatever it may be on the other side. It was at this time, during the week I mailed the divorce papers to the court that I dreamed of a soul encounter I still remember. I could see the energies and the forms involved and I saw a green energy flowing between our hearts. From this meeting in the astrals, my life changed completely here on Earth.
I had to delve in whatever aspects were not true within myself and release myself from everything that was not love and illusion. That meant delving into past life memories and the whole life story.
It was from that moment I started to reconnect with soul at a Much higher level. I thought a lot of the relationships I have had during these years were With this soul. If I realized that they were indeed soulmates and soul connections that helped me move forward and remember who I was, but I was not ready to meet this connection yet.

I had to delve into my subconscious mind and super conscious , past lives and memories that needed healing. The higher the soul connection I met, the higher were the things I needed to delve and that involved a lot of hurt and sadness that I didn’t understand but came from very far away, from time and space. The energies were very welcoming and supportive for all these souls. It was after meeting them that I started to feel energies that came to be worked out and healed.
But the more I healed, the next soul connection involved also a healing lesson but lighter and different. Until I met the last soul connection which helped me see my value from a totally new lenses. It helped me delve into my light clearer. And I had to check all misunderstandings about who I am. I also understood new levels of telepathy and communication…

my mediumship has come to a point that I reach for energy outside planet Earth. I choose not to be with who ever because I can feel people’s energies from far away and I also see what is going on. I have come to a place where I’m balanced and grounded in love. And I can read people’s subconscious minds.

Since then I have understood that I am one of the happiest person in the world and I don’t care anymore if I will meet this soul I met in the astrals. But messages come the whole time, that it’s about to happen. So I want to say something here, if you are coming to my page and reading this.

I have been thinking of you since I was a child and I knew I would move abroad already as a 5 year old; and I recognized the Swedish language when I was a teenager and just knew I would move to Sweden.

Since then, I have believed in a harmonic family life because I am very loving but I needed to learn about my own light and remember who I am, so I have met several people who showed me the opposite of who I am. That has been a Lesson of strength and independence.
I Have taken a very rational approach in my life and developed masculine qualities of leadership, analysis and stamina. But in my heart, I am the queen of cups. I am sensitive, caring, intuitive. Both brain hemispheres are connected now. My soul is fully awakened now. i don’t need to fight anymore. The Goddess can be herself and still be able to materialize things herself and make things Happen. But the messages that come have made me rethink about this, when they tell me that there are two.
I leave back again all thoughts and accept what is about to happen. And I trust that my dreams and impulses lead to where I need to go. I just want to say that I Love you. I have always loved you.

Sharing a duet with you.

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