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Psychic medium readings and guidance can help you forward to make better decisions, understand underlying facts and information that may help you see the whole picture of a situation, person, relationship, business, work-related issue, health, life purpose and path. It may even help you with contact with a deceived one.

Psychically, I usually access energies that are surrounded by you and within your body, mind and soul. Also, reading energies from relationships, situations, past-issues, past lives, patterns, decisions, events, and future events. Through mediumship, I communicate with Spirit and souls that are not incarnated here on the planet. But I see even mediumship the ability to communicate with different dimensions and other beings, even your own higher self.

The level of information that a psychic medium gets from you shows a lot about the psychic medium gifts themselves and also what you get of it. My specialty has to do with people’s energies at soul-level and communication with different dimensions. I focus on people, rather than objects – but sometimes I can feel and read objects energies as well by distance.

During this life, I have a partnership with Spirit to be between worlds and work with this. Through guiding other people, I also learn higher teachings and share my soul wisdom and knowledge from the past.

I have been intuitive since childhood but it was not until adulthood that I decided to go for this as an occupation, guiding and counselling people – which took me to explore psychic mediumship. So it took me to shift from science and research to embracing my intuition totally.

Today I offer readings and group guidance. You can see some of my public guidance on facebook here. There you will find people’s responses and more or less how I work. Yet with a booking, I usually provide more detailed guidance and I look deeper within yourself. I can also provide astrologic and numerology information that may help you see the wholeness of your life and incarnation in this life time.

If you would like to book for a session, you can contact me here.

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