Rebirth – pånyttfödelse

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Today it is rebirth for me. Rebirth of who I am and my lotus flower opens more and more to light as I am coming closer to 11D. I realize that I need to share more and more with you, not only of my success but also of what I believed to be failure . I wanted to be perfect and I have worked hard during many years of my life to realize later that i am already perfect as I am even when I thought I was not perfect.
this has followed time throughout my whole life. A feeling of not being good enough and having to be like people around . But I am not . Life has taken me to individualize and stop seeing me as oneness with the other but me as an individual whole and unique , apart from what I believed in oneness.
oneness for me today has to do with being one with myself and all layers of my being flowing into harmony. Because now I understand how nature has been engineered and constructed; so to speak , we come from the same source but we are engineered in different ways, and having different sources from our solar systems.
My pleadian influence has take me to review all of who I was and start communicating with my soulmates from the same source. This has taken me to review a lot about my life and integrate more info about who I am every day of my life.
despite of origination and source, you pertain a light system that is encoded with specific energies running into your physical body. When these energies can’t flow , you may experience serious challlenges in your human life. Some of these challenges are problems with relationships, health, manifestation, professional success. When you align yourself with your soul system, you can emerge as a whole and integrated being.
I feel now as an integrated being as I come to understand more and more the energy system i am supported upon and releasing more and more conceptions here from the Earth duality and resonance that I can now transform with my mental energy.
lots of hugs to you and hope you also experience some of the vibrations in your life , the ones I am sending through this post.
/Gabi Gal

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