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Vibration and Healing Frequencies

During Easter, the energy of rebirth has been present affording a lot of humans to take a new step into their own life towards a new self, a self that is more aware and who lives more connected with Spirit.

My reconnection with the trinity – body mind and soul – has not been easy at all times. Often this reconnection and expansion involves a myriad of physical experiences, bodily changes and enhanced perceptions.

During my last live guidance, I have also seen a lot of people experiencing this rebirth in different ways, such as in their relationships, work, patterns they need to break free and welcome more love into their lives. And perhaps the love that is mostly welcomed is an enhanced love for the self.

The centers for love for the self include the heart but also the stomach. During Easter, I have seen a lot of people experiencing challenges there. I have noticed that sometimes to burn old karma and release energies that need to be released, physical symtoms can be materialised in the physical body. These can be burn and pain.

As you release all these old patterns and energies that are not yours anymore, you start to release fear to embrace the new. And the new you is a more expanded you who embraces unlimited parts within. This new you is a you who can access extended realities and release the load that you have taken upon yourself during your life trip. The load of misunderstanding of your life here on this planet, misunderstanding of your relationships, misunderstandings of what you are supposed to work with on this planet, misunderstandings of what life is about.

This new you involves an enhanced perception of who you are as a spiritual being in your physical body and how these spiritual forces merge with your physical body in a way that cause reactions and offer you guidance on how to step forward.

Guidance is always available for you. The more you develop your psychic and mediumship perceptions and your own channels of absorbing information from the universe and from your own soul, the more you allow guidance to come forth easily and tap into mysteries of the cosmos.

During this night, I was travelling astrally and I met different people I was discussing about a common project on the other side. I have seen a lot of buildings building burned and a renewal happening. The renewal happens also within myself here on this planet during this Easter time. But for most people, the Corona crisis has perhaps brought them too into this state of burning buildings that no longer need to be there. People, relationships, thought-forms, habits, experiences that may have kept their subconscious and conscious mind that do not serve any purpose for the current moment.

My gift for you today is to think of these old buildings that need to be released and burned away. These old beings could be a way you see yourself as a limited being. They could represent a false image of yourself and of your relationships. They could be hinders from you to experience more love into your life. They could be energies from other people surrounding your own.

Personal guidance

If you would like to book psychic medium guidance with me (medial vägledning), you can check the options here.

Have a great day 🙂

/Gabi Gal

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