When we are going through spiritual awakening, we may ask ourselves several questions: am I crazy? what is happening with me now when I am sensing the world in a completely different way? You may feel like you need to isolate yourself, like you want to protect yourself, buy crystal, start doing different rituals, search for meaning in a lot of things, from religions, to books and education, courses, gurus and even other types of guidance and references or university professors.

I have been through the same journey and I realised that the answers are within myself. The answers are not somewhere else. But it was not until I decided to be committed with my own self-development and spiritual awakening to reconnect with my higher guidance, with my higher self, and start to really make a difference in my own life and in the life of others, that I started to be able to live a life with more purpose and motivation, happiness, joy, balance, inner strength and discover a whole bunch of illusions that I was living and believing; a whole bunch of shit that made me act in ways that limited myself from expressing my truth, my full self-expression, my unique energies and the reason why I came here in this world.

I have witnessed a whole lot of people who are on this same journey but who never take a step to really embrace themselves fully and make the most of their lives – the way that nature has granted them their unique gifts that they can give themselves and to the world, creating abundance in their lives and blessing others. Instead, a lot of people are enslaved in a three-dimensional system, now awakening to a lot of anxiety, stress, 8-16 jobs and a system that does not fit to the unique soul self-expression that requires freedom and empowerment.

But to come to this state of freedom and empowerment, you first have to set yourself free from the inner limitations that made you co-create with lots of dreams that are not yours and things that imprisioned your soul. And all of these things may either come from this time, from another, and even from sources you may not even have ANY idea about. Because of this, we work together to help you free yourself and understand deeper truths about yourself that you haven’t yet found. To learn these deeper truths, I decided to teach you how to read and understand your own “invisible” system and universal mechanisms that regulate life here on Earth that most people are not quite aware of.

It is only through awareness that you can set yourself free – and also be an example for others to do the same. In this journey to live a more enlightened life, I set together my coaching program helping you with ancient knowledge and wisdom, offering you guidance throughout these processes as well – where you have an opportunity to talk to me LIVE as long as this program is running.

I decided to offer you a lot of value in this program because I believe that the people who join my program are those who come here for a greater purpose and really want to make a difference in the world – reason why I connect with them not only at heart but also at soul-level.

It is part of my driving force in life to help other people awaken and embrace their full power to benefit not only themselves but also the world around them, with more light. This is the reason why I called this program “Reconnect with your Light” – because it is only when you embrace your soul light, that you will have an opportunity to really shine into the world and be able to create the abundance that you seek, the relationships that you would like to have, the projects that you dream and the health that you would like to experience. Balance comes from knowing your own energies. Freedom comes from living your truth and that requires a great deal of mastering your own energies and understanding others too. Power comes from your ability to honor yourself and others, and that also entails a deep inner knowledge, knowing your own energies and being able to tap into the mysteries of life.

Will you keep searching for answers outside yourself? Then you will only find half of the truth. Because it is the interpretation you have got within yourself that creates the meaning of your experience. And if you can’t create the meaning that your soul tries to tell you – you have no real connection. There are things in-between you and you. What is that? Perhaps a bunch of shit and crap that you may not even know of.

Let’s go beyond the darkness.


Here is what you will get by participating in this program:

  •   More than 40 video lessons explained about spiritual awakening, intuition, psychic development, channels, energies, energy readings, blocks, the anatomy of your soul, the invisible world, akashic records, soul history, third eye development and awakening, tapping into higher consciousness, reconnecting with your higher self, life purpose, life lessons, tools and exercises for further development (more than 60+ hours)
  • LIVE guidance calls to help you throughout your growth and deeper awakening and healing journey about whatever is going on with you during the time you are taking the program. Unlimited access to the calls as long as this program is running. In other words, you will get great value in joining the program and having the opportunity to keep on having guidance as long as this program version is up. Right now the calls are scheduled two twice a month, evening time, Stockholm time zone.
  •  Access to a growing support community of like-minded people where you will find great support and mates who are on the same journey

You will get access to the material whenever you want, at your own pace. New lessons are available to you in consecutive days. You can listen, read and dive into the material as many times as you wish. An estimate from past students is that it took them 3 months, dedicating about 1-2h per week plus participating in the LIVE coaching and guidance calls. You are not obliged to show up the calls. But it is a great opportunity to learn and to ask questions, or get guidance about your journey – especially when you are going through a development and growth phase altogether as you dive into the program material.

The calls are structured so that you can get the opportunity to get intuitive guidance and also psychic medium reading that may help you move further in your journey, and increase your own connection with your higher self, healing, empowerment and freedom.

WHO am I offering the program to?

This program is designed for committed lightworkers, soulmates who have been on a spiritual awakening journey and would like to take it to another level, understanding higher truths and reconnecting the dots in their own journeys; expanding their self-awareness to soul level and embracing their soul wisdom in the physical plane. My students aim for freedom and empowerment, deeper healing and clearer purpose. They are highly committed in making a difference in other people’s lives. They enjoy the combination of learning knowledge and having intuitive coaching and psychic medium guidance throughout the process. They believe they have a higher purpose in the world. They have also been on a spiritual healing journey, experienced challenges in the past in one or more life areas, and perhaps even challenges with themselves, self-sabotage, self-denial, lack of self-love, struggles, stress and self-sacrifice.


This is a recurring question for many clients and people interested in my programs. I have had very exclusive programs during the last year where I was just working with very few people. Now I am opening this program to more people because I believe this can make a difference in more people’s lives. Therefore, I changed the offer as well as the content to offer more alternatives to those who are willing to take the next step in their own spiritual healing and self-awareness journey. I have decided to offer this program equivalent to ca 10 sessions with me in the past but instead of getting 10h, you will get more than 60h in this program with both material and the LIVE intuitive coaching and psychic medium guidance calls. With the amount of knowledge and self-development moments in this program, the original investment in the past was only available to very few people.

The return and outcome of working together

check what Katja shares about what she learned

Take the chance when it is in front of you!

I believe the universe sends us events, situations and people our way that answers our prayers, but sometimes we have no courage to move ahead and take the leap of faith because we are too afraid or we think that there are many other hinders. Some of the most recurring hinders I hear is: I don’t have money or I can’t invest in myself right now. Or my husband would not like this. Or I have to think and analyse whether I can make this or have time to dedicate myself…

Over the years, I have started to understand that once in my life, I had the same excuses to get what I wanted and I found a lot of reasons why it would be so difficult to take the step and really do it. It was when I came to a crossroad and I realized that I really needed to take a chance to move forward in my life and really take the opportunities that the universe has given me to get where I wanted and; even though I did not know how what I chose to do would get to where I wanted; I trusted my gut feelings and I realized that it was the best thing I have never done. I released the fear and started to trust my inner guidance. As I did it, I started to see the that limitations that I created for myself were not true at all. From there, I realized that I could take the program that I felt resonated with me and I could embrace the opportunity before me instead of declining or over-analyzing because of my fears. The money, the time, the energy, everything appeared out of nowhere when I trusted that that was the right thing for me to do at the moment.

So I realized that oftentimes I complicated the path instead of realising that I was the one who had to first make a choice within myself to see what I really wanted. The HOW would come as I made the decision within myself that I wanted to e.g. participate in a program that would lead me where I want to go as a soul and give me something that I felt I needed at the moment. WHO knows who I would meet in this program or what would I learn that would change my life completely. There are usually not clear explanations to why we have intuitive feelings but it is important to listen to them.

Outcomes of freedom and empowerment 

When you are free and you no longer have things that control within yourself that are invisible, and you understand more about your life and what you are heading for, you start to come to a place of balance, tranquility, and inner knowingness that is priceless. It gives back your power to take ownership of your life and live it as you would like to. It dissolves illusions that you may have been living on and on during many years, decades and even life times. It heals relationships that you may have had challenges with during perhaps many centuries, helps you reconnect with self-love and even lead to true love. It helps you become more enlightened and this is something that helps you awaken your soul senses and your capacities even more; you can start stepping into your full power which may lead to deep healing, satisfaction, even curing your physical body as I myself have witnessed in my own journey. It helps you see truth beyond lies and have greater compassion for yourself, others and embrace your higher wisdom. It helps you understand your life and the life of others from an expanded perspective; you step into a role of a leader because you start to know how to lead your own life. All of this are lessons and wisdom you will take with you no matter where you are and where you go, and even beyond the physical. Yet it requires you to take the step to really move towards the direction that you want to go.

Let’s do this together 🙂

Let’s not wait for more centuries to come and to repeat the same old patterns and suffering. Let’s be free and empowered, exactly as you were meant to be from the beginning. 

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