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Are you deeply invested in your spiritual growth, trying to understand puzzles and pieces of your own soul so that you can step into your full potential? 

There is a wealth of wisdom for you, spiritual seekers, who are searching for a higher level of understanding on how to tap into your own light and embody it into your human existence. 

Are you ready to tap into higher knowledge, wisdom and understanding that will take you beyond your physical body, beyond a limited three-dimensional perspective? 


Even though you may be searching for answers and spiritual growth, through meditation, mantras, the law of attraction, positive thinking, guidance from teachers and psychic readings, there may be challenges on the way that stop you from creating the life experiences that you would like to. Whether it is true love relationships, harmony in your family, emotions, health, an abundant job that you thrive, a business that generate income and joy, and other dreams that you may want to come true…



Welcome to *Reconnect with Your Light®* Certification Program!

In this program, you will learn how to understand and balance your own energy through a step-by-step system that will allow you to reach for wholeness, understanding what may affect your light expression, how you can tap intuitively and psychically to “read” your own energies and also become aware of the “invisible world” around you. 

You will learn how to unlock information about your Soul’s nature, purposes, soul gifts, for yourself, your loved ones, and if you wish, for paying clients as well. 

This program is about embodying the wholeness of your light, understanding what stops you from embodying your soul wisdom into your human existence and moving beyond to bridging your invisible and visible parts. 

Have you ever felt “stuck” in the process of transformation? How you can interact with others and yet be aware of who you are at a deeper level? How you can navigate life’s challenges and situations strong within? How you can develop your psychic skills to be a fully empowered creator within? 

Reconnect with your Light®  provides you comprehensive insights and knowledge on how you can transform your reality by understanding the invisible that lies beyond your physical body. That means that you are invited to perceive information with your soul eyes, ears and organs, and not only with your physical body. This program takes you beyond your present life time, to the past and the future, so you can go and resolve karma, and start reconnecting with your roots of your soul family, twin flames and spiritual connections.


This is a powerful spiritual modality where you learn in depth about your light and what it is made of, what splits your own light and what can take you further the physical body. This program takes you to heal karmic challenges, patterns and energies as well as be aware of what else can influence you, your life and of those around you. 

Through Reconnect with your Light ®  we can experience a deep transformation in our life experiences. These experiences start from a heightened consciousness that provides you knowledge to tap into new energies in your life beyond the physical realm. 


  • Learn how to tap in invisible energies within and around you, identify challenges and reach for the experiences that you would like to have in your life
  • Learn how to access and develop your intuition through understanding who you are as a spiritual being in-depth and how your energy is designed to interact with the physical world
  • Transform your life, relationships, health, professional career or business into something that is more aligned with who you are from your core
  • Understand how you can tap into clear information about your own light, your gifts, and higher communication with the invisible world here on the planet or beyond 
  • Assist others to tap into their own knowledge and wisdom, healing karmic patterns, becoming conscious of invisible energies and learning how to tap into their own light too
  • Start working with this program professionally through payed clients who need to reconnect with their lights. This program can pay for itself in just a few sessions! 
  • Integrate Reconnect with your Light®  modality into your current practice, such as healing and coaching.
  • Unlock your intuition to embrace more healing light into yourself and embody higher vibrations within your physical body through higher awareness 

Reconnect with your Light®  goes beyond “just” finding the light within… It offers you a system in which you can easily identify, balance, tap into and create easily the life you would like to live on this planet as well as embracing your soul gifts consciously affecting millions of people positively. 

This program includes the following: 

  • X video lessons step-by-step on how to understand and tap into your inner light wisdom
  • Audios so you can listen on the go
  • Written material you can read and remember the video content
  • Exercises so you can practice for yourself or use in your own practice 
  • Ongoing Q&A support calls twice a month to make sure all questions are answered. 

Why is this program structured as an online video learning program and home study course? 

Practicality. This program invites theory into practice and translates information from the unseen and higher spheres into human word-system. This brand-new modality makes even people who are experienced in healing and intuitive arts to have a benefit in delving into this highly advanced information conveyed in this program. 

Support. Q&A calls offers you support for this program community where you can submit your question beforehand as well as participate in the Live calls. This allows you to interact and also learn from others who share their questions and experiences. As a consequence, this increases the transformational value of this course bridging onto worldwide exchange of experiences and information. 

Accessibility. Through video courses, you can access this course wherever you would like to, through your phone, computer, iPad and so forth. You do not have to travel to be able to participate in this program. And yet you can benefit from the content, support and material provided wherever you are in the world. You also don’t have to wait for months for the next class to start! You can start and follow the program in your own pace. 

Consistency. This work has the potential to transform your life within a few weeks of your consistent focus on listening to the material and applying your knowledge to it. It is important that you use what you have learned to be able to integrate in your daily life and benefit from it. By moving through this course as suggested step-by-step, you will be able to reach for success, the reconnection you seek and even more than that! This way, you will make Reconnect with your Light® as part of your life and work from the very beginning. 


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My Guarantee to you

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Due to the highly transformational nature of this course, all refund requests must be made within 1 day of purchase via e-mail. After you complete your purchase, you will immediately be given access to the first lessons of the Level I program. No refunds will be given after the one-day refund period, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments due. Any decision you make for non-participation after the refund period expires will not be a valid reason for a refund request.

Reconnect with your Light ® Curriculum

A framework from above to below…

Lesson 1

defining the framework from heaven to Earth. We are delving together into the course program with an overview, tips and helping you find your way into the material that best suits you. You get the background of this program explained.

Lesson 2

Finding the root cause of your problems. We are delving into the cause of human problems and how they materialise. Problems that become diseases. Problems that disturb subtle energies around and within your physical body. Problems that reach for higher levels within yourself, i.e. soul-level. We discuss the concept of energy, light and energy bodies as well as dimensional overviews so you can understand and identify energies from different reaches. 

Lesson 3

We delve into how you can detect imbalances by yourself. Here you learn a technique you can use to easily detect imbalances by yourself which is highly specific. You also learn how you can develop your intuition, body intuition, emotional intuition, mental intuition, listen to your soul voices and spiritual voices. We delve into these different types of intuition deeper so you can identify and apply them throughout your own soul growth and healing path.

Lesson 4

Here you learn about how to heal an energy system. We discuss how healing occurs in the physical body, the mind, emotions, the soul. We also delve into karma, karmic patterns and how you can heal them. We discuss about energies that you can include in your healing and light reconnection process. Here we also delve into the process of individuality vs oneness 

Lesson 5

We delve into light vs darkness. How you can identify your own light and concepts of darkness. To understand light and darkness, we delve into energy chords, karmic chords, Earth chords, chords in the astral world, chords between heaven and Earth, what happens with non-incarnated souls and the interaction with them and your own energies. You learn how you can detect chord information and programmings from the Earth and extra-terrestrial material. 

Lesson 6 

Here we go deep in the field of communication outside your physical body. We discuss about light systems. Different light systems on planet Earth and beyond. Different entities, beings from the Earth and from other planets. You also learn about soul family and interplanetary light reconnection programs

Lesson 7

You delve into light communication pathways. Here we go into the field of telepathy, teleport, astral travel, remote viewing, mediumship and holographic intersection with different light sources. We discuss also human communication and extra-terrestrial communication. 

Lesson 8

In this lesson, we delve into light communication processes. Programs that intersect the physical body, the mind, emotions, the soul and how these affect and influence on how your light is distributed in your own energy system. We also discuss about programs that help you remember your own light information here on Earth. 

Lesson 9 

In this lesson, you learn about light knowledge an information gathering. Here we discuss about a soul’s trip beyond time and space, past lives, astral travels and other dimensions when you sleep. We discuss about mental visits, traumas and fragmented energies. We also discuss about connection in different realms and soul family works. 

Lesson 10 

Here we delve into information sources. How you can identify your own light, programs that interfere your own wholeness, programs from childhood, past-life programs, extra-terrestrial material, Earth-based programs built with specific purposes, different types of energies acquired throughout your human life, society, from the past and also through agreements; energies that interfere your system from beyond and from your surroundings. 

Lesson 11

We delve into how you can claim your light individuality. Reaching your full potential in your human existence as an enlightened being, understanding who you are at soul-level; the power of forgiveness and how it works, how you can reclaim lost power, transform negative energy, realign your own energies, chakra energy realignment, healing, healing the “pain-body”, realigning body-emotional field-mind-soul and spirit. Here we also discuss about how you can listen to your soul and reconnect with oneness.

Continuing studies…

This is a glimpse in the advanced studies after you have completed these 11 lessons. The advanced program invites you to Reconnect with your Light even deeper, a reconnection with spirit, cleaning energies from different dimensions, how you can move up your energies to higher realms, higher knowledge and wisdom, the process of accessing energies from oneness, transcending the human brain and embodying soul-level knowledge into your physical being, living as a multidimensional being, reconnecting soul talents. We delve deep into the astral world within the field of astral travel, awareness of life beyond, parallel dimensions and information highways; life purpose choices and how you can apply soul gifts, heal karmic relationships, twin flames, integrating suffering from past incarnations into profound healing, understanding love from different levels, soul support mechanisms, light mechanisms in your physical body, creating abundance with your wholeness and enlightenment as a soul in a human body; how you can reconfigure energies within and around yourself, transforming and materialising energies; embracing oneness and cosmic oneness, activating your soul system DNA and healing others with your soul light. 


Register NOW

Prel. start 1 August. From there you will have access to all material and be able to study at your own pace. All information will be available and sent to you before the start date. REGISTER NOW to secure your spot. Please provide your birthdate, valid e-mail address and country here after you have registered.You accept that I read you intuitively when you apply for this course. You also accept to waive the European 14-distance return law when you register for this course. Part of spiritual development and growth has to do with being consistent and getting committed to what you have chosen to explore. I believe you are a very committed soul and has come so far and aware that this is a serious program that counts. When you have registered, we count with your energy already for upcoming meetings and information that may help you move forward.

The first 20 people who registered in this program will get a FREE psychic reading about their light situation and some guidance. After you register by purchasing the right to access the program, please go directly to this link here and fill out the form here.

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