Returning to Love

Soul Fragmentation

written by Gabi Gal, psychic medium coach hypnotherapist writer

I have realised that the life of a human being has two directions: leaving love or returning to love.

Our source is love but sometimes it may be hard to understand what love actually entails. Love is the essence of life and of the creation of this framework we live in, which is this physical universe you can perceive, listen, feel, hear, smell, touch and experience …

But love is sometimes translated into romantic relationships or dependent circumstances that resemble a relationship between a child and a parent. I have realised since childhood that love was something else for me. Perhaps coming down to this reality and realising that a lot of what I have observed in humanity is not me has made me think. But I also noticed that people love in different ways depending on their own level of awareness and understanding about what love actually is.

My way of Loving or Returning to Love

So I could say that my way of seeing love is X. And perhaps another person I know sees love in Y way. But that person’s view of love is not less or more than mine. I have noticed that in different vibrational spectrums, people love in different ways. Some may love one another and want to merge completely in a state of dependence. Others may not even know the limit between each other. Others may have a very clear limit and not merge at all.

Nowadays there is a concept of interdependence, especially in love relationships. With other words, that means that you are no a codependent and you know that we in human bodies need relationships to live because we have created a reality in which we need to exchange things, plant, sell, recreate and leave things back. And everything is more or less used or reused even in human society. This creates some kind of dependence on one another but not to the point that you have to depend on another emotionally, mentally and spiritually to survive.

How I understand love

My understanding of love now has to do with accepting what is because everything is a figure of love, and even if something triggers anger, disappointment, sorrow etc this too is also a sign of love because we are energy systems and part of this atmosphere in nature. Nature expresses itself in different ways. Anger can be love because anger can send a message to another person to rethink his acts. But it can also disempower you. Sadness can play an important role in love because you allow yourself to accept what is and understand the importance of that which is not present in your life anymore physically. And this too is a result of natural energy interactions in this world.

All these emotional stuff and mental masturbations of human beings make up possible forms in which energy manifest itself in nature. And therefore these are forms of love, as I see. Going beyond the lower astrals, these forms start to be rare and rare, and you do not see these expressions the same way. That is why, talking to angels or higher beings may not entail these emotional and mental outbursts. But as people here on planet Earth you are subject to all kinds of experience in thick matter, in 3D.

What you need to Understand about love or returning to love

I remember I wanted to keep happy and joyful all the time because that is my nature and I don’t like to be in a negative and low vibrational energy. But I understood with time that even the lower vibrations make an important role in the building of wisdom through the experiences here on planet Earth, and sometimes they may guide you towards other paths that you haven’t seen yet. As I was guided towards this path and leaving academic research behind me during my doctoral degree… I was very upset and angry with the narrow-minded frames of reference I encountered. This was a sign from my soul to refocus.

You see, love is within yourself. You are a MASTERPIECE of this universe, universal awareness. But returning to love may take a while especially if you have got a lot of emotional and mental masturbation in your energy field. Think of this as a trip you are taking towards yourself that may take a while but it may also go very quickly as you start it.

Need counselling on Finding love or Returning to Love?

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Listen to a song of me and another singer sing to return to the energy of love. Click here.

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