Soul Secrets

written by Gabi Gal, clairvoyant psychic medium and energy readings

What are your soul secrets? You may have asked yourself the purpose of your life and existence, why you are here on planet Earth and what your life is about.

Some time in life, a human poses this question to herself, earlier or later. It could be that existential questions come from an experience close to dt eath, sickness, relationship failure or challenge, family circumstances, the death of a loved one, a career crash, a dreaming falling down or, perhaps, like me, an experience in contact with the Spirit World since childhood 🙂

What are Soul Secrets and how you can utilize them

I knew as a child that my soul had information that my body could not process. And I knew that there was a lot of wisdom within myself in every meeting with another human being. Although I realized the early reactions from other people with what I said and did. Sometimes how I said things.

I have realised that depending on a frame of reference of a human being and her state of awareness of her own Spirit within the Body, she accesses different kinds of information or frameworks. These frameworks may make up to how she can access information beyond her physical body.

In my practice and psychic mediumship guidance and Webinars, I teach people how to tap into their own intuition and inner guidance. So that they can start unlocking their own soul secrets. to understand the gaps in their lives, understand how they can take control of their lives. And even change the course, direction of what they are doing. How they are approaching life and how they live their physical existence.

What can I do for your Soul secrets

You may see this work as a wellness course but what I actually teach you are methods to understand the mechanics of your own energy. And also learn how to make self diagnosis, how to balance your own body-mind-soul. How to listen to your soul information… I can check your own energies as well through remote viewing and provide you meaningful information. Most especially in my private psychic medium energy readings. There, I usually take a look at your original energy from birth, your past life experiences and the blocks, restrictions you have got, as well as which kind of dimensional framework you are living right now. I guide you through the problem or challenge at hand so you can have insight on your situation, not only from a physical perspective but from a mental, perhaps emotional or spiritual perspective.

Our experiences are not created in the physical world. Because they are not created in the physical world, there is much more beyond that a common human being cannot understand because he cannot access where he is. He goes blind to higher dimensions because he has not learned to access them.

Remembering and learning how to access higher dimensions mean that you grow within and start opening doors into your soul so that you gain more awareness of who you are beyond your physical body. The more you get awareness, the more you can heal yourself from whatever imbalance you may have in your life or choice that is not aligned with whom you are. And the more you heal yourself, you also heal the planet.

The problem of the Society

A lot of people are living every day from an imbalanced point of view, making choices that are not aligned with their soul wisdom and energy because they are simply not aware of whom they are. They have internalised and run on socioeconomic roles and past-life patterns, and integrated different walls within themselves. Their chakra system is clustered. And their ways of being are not in line with their higher source.

Disconnection from source brings you a lot of problems. The first problem is physical imbalance. This may be very noticeable at physical level through problems in your body. Not knowing how to manage your emotions and other people’s emotions also create disconnection and imbalances. Not knowing how to manage your own thoughts and other people’s thoughts also create energetic imbalances. And not knowing the language of your soul perhaps creates the biggest imbalance.

Your soul Secrets

Your soul speaks in different energy languages. It has a unique language and a unique signature. This signature vibrates in a specific way. I can recognise your signature by accessing your unique energy from distance through my remote psychic medium readings. There are Spirits who try to resemble like another person on the other side. But even so, they cannot copy a person’s signature.

When you do not know your own energy signature, you may start on a blind process not able to connect to your highest version of yourself here on planet Earth but also navigating through other people’s compasses instead for your own. And the compass I mean is not only navigating through the atmosphere of thoughts and emotions. It is understanding the specific language of your soul.

Your Soul carries information from the time you have been first individualised as a soul until the time you live right now in this time-and-space reality. This library within yourself that exists within higher vibrational fields is the source for you to reach wholeness.

Understand your soul secrets and take charge

A lot of people go blind and instead, are born again and again on this planet being drawn back because of the emotional and mental garbage that they have unconsciously collected throughout many life times. And it becomes a process of rebirth again and again to try to get right and integrate wisdom from past experiences here on the planet and at the same time reconnect with source, because source has been darkened by so much crap.

And it is perhaps this crap that allows you to remember who you are not, that makes people wonder about the meaning of life and start to delve into all this shit. Crap that you have acquired from the News you watch on TV, to the beliefs of your family and culture, your past life misunderstandings about life and choices that you have made against yourself that you are not aware of.

The trip within may be a big CHALLENGE. And the biggest Challenge is to look within and check all suffering that you have had throughout time and space and be able to heal all that so that you become whole again. By wholeness I mean reconnection with your source, with your Soul Signature and allowing life force energy to flow through you freely.

But when you look within and start this trip you set a process of transformation that you cannot hold back…. You may realise that you cannot hold back this process because your soul speaks to you. It throws you towards people and situation so that you can review and learn from your mistakes. And this process may go on and on until you clean all the crap that has been accumulated…

Energies and Soul Secrets

Diseases, illnesses, modern chronic challenges, depression and sometimes even mental problems are usually due to the same thing. A person has got an imbalance in their energy because of clusters of energy. They are not aligned with their own unique energy signature and energy system.

The same happens with emotional problems, such as a relationship that leads to a divorce or family conflict. Or even a separation with your soulmate or twinflame. All these things often come from internal disturbances and lack of knowledge of who you are. Or even lack of knowledge of how you can command your life and create in this material universe.

What are your soul secrets, I ask. And I, Gabi Gal, Answer you: In this universe there are no secrets. A person I met at university when I was studying a course in Health Sciences in the nursing program said to me “that is unethical to talk about a person’s pain and history”. And I told her, “in this vibrational universe, there are no secrets. I can read information from your soul as you can read information from my soul.” Perhaps shame and guilt make belief want to keep their walls up and not recognise that when another person sees shame and guilt or react upon us, then we start to heal and are obliged to look at the emotional bug that exists within.

I totally understand about ethics in the three dimensional reality. But I also understand that the more you develop as a soul, the more you can see things that people cannot. The more you learn about your own secrets, things that you didn’t know of about your own soul, the more you start to heal and transform yourself to a more integrated and whole individual, and the more you start to see other people’s secrets too.

A whole universe outside your body

Beyond your physical body there is a lot of information. As a light being, you are connected to the skies and the limit is the limit of what you are as an individual in this reality. Information that makes up who you are is directed related to how your soul moves itself in time and space and experience itself.

The human body is a vehicle that allows you to move from a place to another on Earth. But it is also a platform for experience of your light. Part of this light is channeled into your body. A big part of it is outside yourself.

You have got an astral body which is beyond your physical body. This body allows you to move your aura and also to travel during night time, what you experience many times as dreams.

I remember well astral projections where I went to schools on the other side and when I woke up, I had learned something new and I started to execute the things and make new choices here on the planet. I also notice very clearly when a person is thinking about me and when someone is angry at me. It feel around my astral body and the Angels remove it.

My discoveries

When I work with people through guidance and psychic mediumship doing remote viewings or through healing. Most times, I feel the energies come to my aura as a person was healing and transforming through my energies.

I realised later how I had to readjust and also handle these things. Sometimes I talk to a person on the other side of the planet over the internet or the phone. It makes them feel good but I feel their pain around my astral body and it affects my physical body. It causes physical pain and discomfort that was not mine indeed.

During that time, I had to spend many days in nature and meditation to understand who to handle this. And this is one of the reasons why I have specific days I attend to people . In the high vibration I see myself now, I can feel people’s pain no matter where they are. So psychic mediums may have its positive attributes. But on a planet that is healing, it can also be quite of a challenge.

Webinars and Psychic Medium Readings

If you would like to know more and learn about the mechanics of your energy. Understand your own challenges and more about your life. Or even heal different aspects within yourself… you are welcome to book your spot on my Webinars. Or book a private psychic medium energy reading online. Please Check more information here.

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