Soulmate and Twinflame Relationships

Soulmate and Twinflame Relationships

Written by Gabi Gal, psychic medium, coach, spiritual teacher

I have been on this trip coming back to Earth specially due to relationships. And it is through relationships that we learn and remember about ourselves too. The relationships with others and the relationship with ourselves.

In the relationship with others, there are different aspects that we learn. The learning process may come through conflicts. It may also come through other circumstances that appear in the relationships where we have to make different choices. But it can also be a learning to recognise the other, or recognise the self. Perhaps you are learning to balance your own energies in a relationship or you are learning to heal one another.

There are different contracts in a relationship. And the contracts can be both painful or happy. And the challenges involves learning about one another, respecting and also exchanging some kind of energy that allows for co-creation.

When you have energies that are unbalanced from the beginning, you enter relationships with several “disabilities”. And perhaps the biggest disability is to know thyself. This is what makes up most of the relationships on Earth those that are not connecting people spiritually. But are connecting people on a physical, emotional or perhaps mental level.

The relationship that you encounter yourself and the type of conflicts that you may have have to do with the kind of awareness you have about yourself. The more you grow in self-awareness, the more you encounter relationships that mirror that kind of awareness you have about thyself.

I have experienced myself several types of relationships throughout my lives. I have had karmic relationships that followed the course over a period of thousand years, in the same painful and destroying way, almost coming with a lesson. I have had relationship with soulmates and souls that come from the same soul group. And I also experienced being left alone without my twin flame.

In the current experience I have during this life time, I have been on this trip towards oneness and I have gone through all types of relationships, which made me realise I do not need a relationship. This has come to me from life to learn to handle being alone and finding love within. And this trip of finding love within actually is a twin flame trip because it involves the highest relationship one may have, which is the highest connection you may have with another soul, or if you prefer to say a copy of your own signature in another polarity. I prefer seeing this as another soul of highest connection because I have understood, during this trip that I shall not confuse the other with myself during this individualised experience on this planet. But this is my perspective.

Throughout history, human beings have learned to mature in relationships the same way that they mature about who they are and see themselves with an extended frame of reference. I have been during a long time maturing myself and forgiving myself for being in relationships that were not of highest goals in past life times due to my lack of awareness by then and choices. This lifetime demanded me to be honest.

Soulmate relationships usually start from a place of honesty. This is when your soul starts vibrating in a higher frequency, that allows you to communicate not only in 5D but perhaps higher than that depending on your soul group vibrational spectrum.

When you start reaching a much higher frequency, you may start accessing the energy of your twin-flame if you have got one and if you have planed during this life for this type of relationship.

Two and a half years ago, I was in a process of reconnecting with my highest truth. I started dreaming about my twin. Since then, I started to have new dreams, where I could see the future. I have received a lot of telepathic messages thought these years and clairvoyant messages. And I must confess that I thought he was other people I have met because I have had strong soul bonds with the people I have met during this time even in the astral world. I know he comes to me physically when time is right and then I will decide what I want to do. And psychically I know what is going on with the energies and I know that I needed a break from this to focus on my consulting and counselling business to share important information with you that may change the course of your life.

Whatever the trip you are into, soulmate relationships or twin flames, they are the highest blessed relationships in terms of soul evolution and reconnection because they allow you to either find a sense of home through another’s energy and your own, forming a bond and remembering one another, helping one another remember what she or he is doing here and yourself, perhaps doing things together, and leaving back to your source when you are done here.

Partnerships for higher awareness

I chose to go for higher relationships because I realised that during this life time I had to handle old karma and reconnect with my core, as well as heal others. As of my role here with healing and integration, to support my own healing but also other soul’s remembering, reconnection and the consciousness of the planet, I realised that partnerships as soulmates and twin flames are usually those for the souls who are here for the same purpose.

Soulmate relationships, as I see it today, are partnerships with your soulfamily. And these relationships you may find a lot of support and help and you may not feel the same depth as in a deeper or highest soulmate or twin flame relationships – where you have to go to the depth of yourself and heal whatever aspect is there from past-life times and other vibrational frequencies that are not aligned with 100% who you are.

My understanding of these relationships today from my own experience is that they enhance your light and support another’s light in a more or less constant way, which allows you to both accomplish tasks that you came here for or that you share as a soul group or soul unity. And this task is usually remembering one another, keeping one another’s frequency and also reconnecting with the deepest aspects within yourself and the other, and leaving this Earth reality back home.

The Human trap of incarnation was once a beautiful experience but it is a learning kindergarten to incarnate in these dimensional frequencies that are very solid and require a lot remembering of your soul to be able to thrive and live in a more unified way with your soul signature and energy system.

The increased vibrational frequencies on Earth, that is, the fifth dimensional frequencies (which I would say the light spectrum that comes closer to the lower astral world) allows you to come closer to your soulmates as well, soul family because you start vibrating in a higher frequency that brings you recognition.

Psychic Medium Counselling for you

Are you going through a soulmate, willing to find your soulmate, perhaps a twin flame experience?

Allow your own soul review to you what is best for you at the right moment. Release your own will as a human being and allow things to come and present themselves as they should be according to higher awareness. If you would like to book a private session for a psychic medium reading about your own relationships, relationship conflicts, perhaps trying to understand if you have got a block in your energy, what it is about and how you can transform your energies? Or perhaps learning how to cope with a twin flame or get a mirror of your situation so you can get insights? You are welcome to contact me here, book a private psychic medium reading, a past life regression online or a Webinar so you can learn yourself about energy works. Click here to know more.

Lots of love to you,

Gabi Gal

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