helping people get more empowered and reconnect with their true selves after trauma, loss and separation

Other reviews during the last decades before Leadership Hub has started.

Carina got my help a few times as I looked through her energies, I would translate different information that was affecting her health, life choices and path forward.
Helen took part in an open LIVE intuitive coaching streaming over the internet and really wanted to get in touch. I could unfortunately not reply her because I had received thousands of messages so I could only see her message some years later and I replied to her.
M. have felt emotional after our contact when I tried to help her in her journey forward in life. As I read her energies, I could see a pattern that she was living on and on and that was affecting her negatively in her relationships. She thanked me very much to realize the origin that was affected not only her health but also her finances – she had given a lot of her spar money (LOTS and LOTS of money) to her ex that would instead gamble. She came back and needed more help later, when she had met someone new.
Sometimes I can see what is wrong and missing in a person’s body. And I got confirmation from her.
A returning client that wants further help of intuitive mentoring and coaching, to move forward and gain more perspective in her life with her decision-making. I only helped her connect with herself. Easy. Easy. I find it rewarding to help people become the best version of themselves with no excuses. The world becomes a better place as we are whole individuals.

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