The 5th dimension and changes on planet Earth

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The 5th dimension and changes on planet Earth

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Listen to me, Gabi Gal, speak about the fifth dimension and the transformation of the energies on planet Earth. There has been a lot of changes on the planet and, now you are entering or has already entered the 5th dimension.

At this dimension, you are called to delve into your soul talents and learn how to tap into your higher abilities in your physical body. You are welcome to delve into those now together with me in this program, Reconnect with your Light.

This program has been designed so to awaken your inner power, heal and reconnect with your higher energies here on planet Earth. Spiritual seekers, highly invested people, who would like to embrace their full gifts and full self-expression in a human body at soul-level. You are invited into saving now thousands of years of work with state of the art knowledge that will help you tap into a world that perhaps never knew that existed within and around yourself.

The fifth dimension invites you to integrate these aspects from higher dimensions here on planet Earth and know how to conscious manage your energies from above down into your physical body. This is so that you can benefit yourself but also the planet.

Embrace this trip together with me by taking part in the program Reconnect with your Light. Read more about the training here.

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