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Hypnosis, regression therapies and counselling

I work with individual and group hypnosis, counselling, regressions therapist for health, balance, spiritual development, self-knowledge, growth, healing and transformation.

It is only by identifying the ROOT cause of the challenges that HEALING, GROWTH, SUCCESS can unfold. Many of the roots of human challenges lie in invisible data that cannot be uncovered until you delve deep within your consciousness. I can help you do this quicker.


I guide you and your group forward into self-healing, transformation, balance, growth, spiritual development into going directly into the root-cause of the challenges or issues that you would like to work on. It could be that your professional group needs to work together and improve cooperation with individual members or synchronising with the business goals and visions; or that you would like to increase your leadership, heal past trauma, childhood challenges, understand your life purposes, transform your relationships into more fulfilling experiences for you and for others around you, learn how to uncover your strengths and heal your shadows; and much more…

We delve together in a special program for you or your team. Contact me for more information. We do this by online conference. If you are located close to me physically, we can discuss physical meetings. Please write your birthdate and name (and the people involved), so I can check your energies clairvoyantly already via remote viewing so I can write you an offer or write more details.


This is a unique opportunity to transform and grow from your core. Instead of spending a lot of money and time with long-term therapies and counselling, I offer you a right-on solution that help you integrate the situation, challenge, problem very quickly so that you and your team can start applying new information, and move towards the goals you would like to reach. I do this by sharing my psychic medium gifts and my knowhow in different areas, such as health sciences, psychology, sociology, social sciences, natural sciences and over 10 years experience in the field of coaching and mentoring. Check my books in the Store for if you would like to know more about my work and this method.


I integrate the whole picture of a human being when I guide, counsel, help with healing, transformation and growth.

This whole picture is: an intuitive insight that lies beyond the physical and tangible matters, such as your goals, facts and interests.

We work together with different layers:

*the physical body – where metabolic processes interact and affect how you live, your decisions, choices, relationships, overall health

*the emotional body – the emotions that come up during the process and can be collected through my intuition, understood, transformed, integrated…

*the mental body – thought-forms and patterns that may affect you in the current situation so that you can move forward. There could come thoughts and beliefs from a time that you don’t remember that is affecting you. I help you forward through collecting right on information that you would otherwise need to delve perhaps during many years of psychotherapy and common therapies that could only alleviate or look at the surface…

*the spiritual bodies – here I share with you characteristics from your soul, energies I see beyond your physical, talents you have been born with in this life, information that comes from beyond, from the other side, life purposes and existential information that might be important for you to know.

We integrate all this together towards your goals and needs.

Contact me for more information.

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