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Webinar Program


gabi gal psychic medium healing workshop webinar guidance counselling

Learn about Body Intuition. How to access Body Intuition and connect with Soul-level information. During this webinar we are working with: 
*unlocking physical energies in your body
*understanding pain from a soul-level perspective
*healing and transforming physical challenges
*accessing information from your soul register that may help you with healing and curing physical problems
*We are dealing with pain from different perspectives: physical pain (physiological and anatomic challenges), emotional pain manifested in the body (relationship challenges, childhood trauma, past-life experiences and much more), mental pain manifested in the body (thought patterns, mental-level information in your body from different sources) and spiritual pain in your physical body
*Theory in Practice: we are working together with release of some of the aspects that disturb your current life experience with your PERSONAL CHALLENGES. If you participate in this Webinar, you are welcome to share experiences and get PERSONAL GUIDANCE and HEALING when time is right in the webinar
* Receive the Webinar recording in your e-mail even if you cannot participate

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Emotional Intelligence and Healing

gabi gal psychic medium reader tarot healing soul gifts finding answers relationship career choices life counselling coaching mentoring course online webinar workshop

During this webinar we are working with:

*emotions, emotional blocks

*silent and visible emotions

*your own emotions and emotions from other people in your energy

*dealing with sorrow, anger, sadness, frustration, break-ups, divorces, emotional traumas, past-life trauma, relationship challenges, family karmic patterns, collective emotions

*PERSONAL and GROUP GUIDANCE to your Specific Situation and Emotional Challenge during the Webinar with Healing

*working with soul-level information connected to emotional blocks and helping you transform emotions, get insights and guidance

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gabi gal psychic medium intuition development soul growth healing energy reading tarot astrology horoscope

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Reprogramming Thoughts and Healing the Mental Field

gabi gal psychic medium reading course energy healing coach counselling

We are working with:

*Mental energies from yourself and from other sources in your surrounding and in your aura

*Mental programs that are blocking you from going forward in your life

*PERSONAL Experiences and Healing during the Webinar

psychic medium webinar online healing teaching learning intuition development

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Discovering Soul Gifts, Healing and re-Awakening the Soul

psychic medium gabi gal intuition development course online healing energy reading astrology tarot card chart love

We are working with:

*Understanding Soul Gifts: what they are, how they are manifested, how you can embrace your soul gifts

*Discovering your soul gifts together

*PERSONAL GUIDANCE with your Soul Gifts during the Webinar, questions and challenges

*Guidance and Healing with your situation at hand so you can embrace more of your soul gifts and access higher wisdom

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Human Energy System and Healing 

psychic medium healing tool reconnection realignment soul gabi gal psychic medium teacher spiritual course online healing

We are working with:

*Learning about your own energies

*Your physical energies

*Your emotional energies

*Your mental energies

*Your soul-level energies

*Soul Integration

*Human Energy Integration Challenges

*Vibrational Frequencies

*PERSONAL GUIDANCE and HEALING during the Webinar through Energy Reading and Mediumship Guidance and Counselling LIVE

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Releasing Blocks and Restrictions

gabi gal psychic medium healing nature intuition development growth personal development course online workshop webinar english swedish portuguese reading energy astrology tarot oracle card reader well known

*What are blocks and restrictions to human experience?

*Human blocks

*Soul-level blocks

*Karmic patterns

*Past-life blocks

*Extraterrestrial blocks

*Astral blocks and restrictions

*Energy connections and chains

*Unresolved data

*traumas and much more

*PERSONAL GUIDANCE in group through clairvoyant remove viewing, energy reading, mediumship counselling and healing during the webinar

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Soul Register Healing 

gabi gal psychic medium healer coach counsellor soul register akashic records development growth healing guidance course online

*Akashic records reading

*Accessing soul register, changing, transforming, reprogramming

*Psychic and intuitive development

*Accessing higher frequencies

*Sources of reach

*PERSONAL GUIDANCE and Mediumship Counselling, Healing During the Webinar

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gabi gal psychic medium astrologist tarot card reader gabi gal course online intuitive development soul growth channel pleiades



Healing Karmic Relationships

healing relationships love trauma hurt heart break soulmates twinflames healing astrology tarot oracles card counselling coaching guidance conflicts relationships love psychic medium gabi gal course online webinar workshop

During this webinar we are working with:

*understanding karmic relationships

*patterns and experiences

*learning from karma and transforming, resolving it

*breaking-free from karmic relationships and inviting soul-level connections

*PERSONAL GUIDANCE in group LIVE and HEALING during the Webinar


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