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I experienced a vision about what would happen in our societies during the coming years. This happened about 5 years ago. I had A very strong vision about society downfall and that this would happen in the coming 10 years.
about 5 years later I have not seen the Corona world crisis close down a lot of public places, businesses, deliveries, production and so forth. While here in Sweden the experiences are still ok and there are still products in the store and super markets , I have come to understand that the medical system and the supplying structure of our societies Must be reviewed to avoid further crisis.
this review comes from the vibrational level of the changes involved. And this is happening mainly in the three dimensional governing structures who are bound to rethink the models and structures built upon dependence and individualization.
we have experienced post modern highly specialized industries and multi experts. But all fall apart when world supply systems are rubbed and people get physically isolated.
I didn’t know what would trigger this would be corona but I got very clear directions from above to finish my nursing degree. At the time I was finishing my education in alternative medicine. I realized that simpler methods would be asked and required in the future, beyond the drugs offered today and the way people have been living.
I have come to understand that our societies are invited to rethink about why things are done in specific way and why things are needed. People are now invited into reflection about themselves and their roles in their own lives and in the lives of others.
my vision made me move to the countryside and be willing to create a self fulfilling system because I understood how limited it is in a cold climate to get electricity generated and heating in the winter with upcoming storms. I also understood that local production has been highly increased and people would become more conscious of what they eat.

A new fifth dimensional system has started to be installed in our societies now with the increase of worldly energies. This fifth dimensional system is creating a base to new thinking and review about humans as a whole because as you are entering the fifth dimensional reality , You are also living within different frames and uniting your female and male systems, coming into unity with your soul. This unification brings new visions.

the governing bodies will not handle this crisis and the societies will during the coming years experience a result of this episode in human history. It is asked for you to awaken to your soul gifts so you can start contributing to the whole as you come forth to be born here on this planet. Awaken to your soul gifts and awaken to your higher roles in this connected consciousness on this planet so you can make a difference and add to the whole.
this is not only about living your own life now . But living your life with the consciousness of oneness of the whole. Think about that .

with love, Gabi Gal

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