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written by Gabi Gal, psychic medium coach writer and spiritual teacher

I know that at the moment that you are writing this, you have perhaps been interested in this topic and wondered whether you really come originally from this planet.

For me, it has been obvious that I don’t since I was a child. And when I look at the stars I knew that my home was there and not here. And I knew that I was different from the people I was surrounded by in my Earth home environment.

I also knew that there was something within myself that made some people be afraid of but I didn’t know quite much about it at all.

When I went to sleep, I usually played with energies and I could see materialisation of energy work I had in my mind in the dark. But I didn’t know whether this was just my imagination. But reading people and telling them about their thoughts, emotions and telling about their challenges before they mentioned to me made me think a while about something within myself that made some people afraid.

I was born in a three dimensional environment with some seeds of fifth dimensionality in Rio de Janeiro. So I was attracted by the occult and talk with the “dead” since I was a child. I was also aware that I would move to the Northern hemisphere as an adult and I constantly felt within myself a strong impulse to learn English, German and Swedish by myself.

As an adult already in Sweden, my Earth home right now, I realise that a lot of my childhood experiences were not my imagination at all. But society teaches often other rules and perceptions of reality that can be quite outdated or even pertaining those people who are in those vibrational frequencies.

I understood that I could talk to nature and communicate with the trees and plants, to animals and have a deep understanding of their urges and wants. I also understood that there is extraterrestrial life and that there are a lot of spaceships on this planet although most people can’t see.

I grew up learning about this three dimensional reality and experiencing the same things as most people do here, learning that life was about creating a family, working, leisure, eat and sleep. But something within myself awakened again at some point where I noticed that this reality does not make any sense.

This awakening took me into realising that I had healing abilities that I was not aware of. Already as I child, I have been channeling and healing.

As an adult, I started to remember my past lives clearly. As I delved into past lives, my psychic mediumship started to come up and I realised that my roots where some where else.

In fact, a lot of people come from other planets originally. But they are in sleeping mode. They have believed in this reality and they cannot see the illusion. They believe in life and death and they believe in what they should do and not what their soul urges to tell them. They believe they have to get a proof that things are true by other people and not what their inner compass tells them.

This is a picture of disempowerment. When you are disempowered, you are fully controlled by other energy systems. This is what happens with infiltrated programs such as virus that get into a human energy system and start to create miscommunication with a person’s soul. This way, you cannot remember or embody your full power.

I have also been in sleeping mode during many lives in a disempowered position as a woman. I took me a lot of lives to understand this and reclaim my feminine energy back and become fully empowered.

I have been talking to one of my guides from the same star system and he has asked me to share this because a lot of our brothers and systers are trapped into this system for many life times and cannot go back home. They don’t remember who they are so they get trapped into Earth-based programs and this creates blocks in their energies, which draw them back to the cycle of rebirth in this planet. They cannot remember who they are and they believe that their Earth families and friends are their home. But there is much more than that in the universe.

As a starseed, you have specific energy signatures that can be read. Information in your energy can be tracked as well as the planets you have been travelling before and during your Earth visit. You collect with you information from everywhere you have been.

As an Earth-based soul, you perhaps do not have the same ability or connection to understand energies beyond the planet. You may think that what I am writing is pure fantasy. And that I might be some kind of weirdo. People are different. And I understand that you can only understand through your own experiences.

Programs, blocks, emotional clusters, soul-based agreements, contracts, vows and much more…

There are thousands of programs that may be visible in your field that may draw your energy back. You may feel totally disempowered, don’t remember who you are, sick, ill, outside, alone, depressed, having conflicts, sad, frustrated, angry, feeling emptiness and that there is a missing part within yourself, experience burnout, try to fit where you just can’t, punish yourself, do not find fulfilling relationships, your soul mates, twin flames etc

All imbalances in a human system have to do with information that has been corrupted someway and somewhere. When I scan my clients, I see where imbalances are and try to read the information that comes with it. Awareness starts and the person begins the healing process. Sometimes these imbalances are caused by misunderstandings but often they are caused by choices that you made that entailed negative programming from outside to come into your energy field. These can be painful and long-term challenges over a course of many life times and you never remember who you are or can fully be in your power.

I am telling you that I have been through myself these experiences during the past centuries until I finally remembered home. And I am here to guide you forward in your own finding, remembering, healing and integrating your own energy.

Since Atlantis, the Earth has not been the same. We have had a lot of knowledge and wisdom from Lemuria and Atlantis but many of us made choices that we were not aware of and some have lost their own power and wisdom. Power and wisdom have been fragmented on this planet. And it started to work from other three dimensional power guided by other civilisations. But we are now regaining this ancient knowledge and I am here to help you remember.

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