About Me

I am a writer/speaker and intuitive coach. I have been coaching and working with intuitive leadership during the last decade.

I channel a lot of information from other dimensions and have guided people into healing from emotional trauma and other challenges, helping them reach for freedom and power. I have done that both through writing, speaking and channeling.

Here on Earth, I have got a background in different sciences, such as engineering, humanities, social sciences, health sciences and medicine. During my PhD, I had my deepest spiritual awakening, which took me on a journey to go help people instead of just sitting behind the computer writing scientific articles. I accepted then my psychic medium and healing gifts and started to communicate again to heal and help other people grow. There I realized I was clairvoyant and I could read auras remotely just by thinking of someone.

I believe everyone has a specific function here on this planet. But often many souls are blurred by energies they are not even aware of. One of my points of my work has been to help people become more aware of what happens in the background… what controls them, what leads them to different directions, as well as planetary consciousness. I have been working with different types of family consciousness, such as the Pleiades, Syrian and Arcturian.

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My ideal client is a spiritual seeker who wants to take her journey to a higher level and reach for freedom and empowerment. She is ready for a soul transformation into her higher self and learn about healing the soul, developing her intuition and embodying her soul gifts.


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