About Me

I am a psychic medium, author, spiritual teacher, with a medical background.. I am helping women heal from trauma, regain confidence, self-worth, learn more about their intuition and find empowerment again, trust in themselves, start embracing their intuitive and healing gifts. I do this through my books and leadership courses online.


Problems you may encounter

Heart-breaks, emotional trauma, stress, struggle, having to handle a 8-5 job, paying expenses for kids, household, not having time for partner, not being able to accomplish all your dreams, not finding true love, even having money challenges have to do with two things:

  • Not knowing whom you are
  • Having unresolved and unhealed wounds, traumas within yourself that you were not aware of and that are controlling you.


All of this takes you into situations that are quite difficult. It may be difficult to make right decisions, to choose the right partners, to find true love, to love yourself because you are either being controlled by fears and unresolved patterns from the past or making decisions from a place of not embracing your full intuition and soul wisdom.


There is a great well of wisdom beyond your physical body. But you have to learn what it is and how to tap into it.


I have been on the same journey. I started to awaken to my psychic medium gifts, past-life experiences and understand my soul gifts after I went through a life crisis that led to a divorce from an abusive relationship. This, together with having small children, made me want to change my careers completely and not be able to focus on my leadership and PhD research career. I was coaching and mentoring people over the last decade in different areas as well. But my spiritual awakening took me to realize something much greater than I would not even imagine.


I started to access my intuition, open up my clairvoyance, heal myself from physical, emotional, mental and even past-life traumas that I had no idea about. From that, I decided to teach what I know to help other women (and even men) who are going through similar situations.


I do this through my books and programs. You can check my latest book “Divine Feminine: taking back your power” where I share a lot about my own journey, my healing process and also channeling healing, energy healing, that takes you into a process of healing yourself at the same time that you are reading.


This book explains how I healed my own essence and reconnected with my Divine Feminine essence that was wounded through many generations. I believe that it is time now for the Divine Feminine to take over control on Earth and embrace its unconditional love, its gratitude, its wisdom, its perfection, its sensuality, its intuition, its leadership.

If you would like to grow further and expand together, I invite you to book a free call with me so that we can see where we go from there.

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I am ready to become my Higher Self. Please take
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Work with Me

My ideal client is a spiritual seeker who wants to take her journey to a higher level and reach for freedom and empowerment. She is ready for a soul transformation into her higher self and learn about healing the soul, developing her intuition and embodying her soul gifts.


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