Gabi Gal, Soul doctor – intuitive coach 

About Me

I am a natural leader and intuitive coach who merges leadership with my feminine touch in being able to perceive and see things that often common people can’t.

I have a medical background as well as doctoral studies in the field of relationships and entrepreneurship. Over the past decade I have been starting different projects to connect and heal people. I have got experience in different industries, both in the health field, relationship coaching and professional coaching.

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I am ready to become my Higher Self. Please take
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My ideal client is a spiritual seeker who wants to take her journey to a higher level and reach for freedom and empowerment. She is ready for a soul transformation into her higher self and learn about healing the soul, developing her intuition and embodying her soul gifts.


Family lineage healing…

Family lineage prayer 🙏 Today I pray for all women who are lost, need to find themselves,…

Time to shine…

Spirit has said “shine”, “time to fly”, and I haven’t understood this until some years later.…

Today’s message

Today’s psychic medium message is to look beyond the appearances because there may be a treasure…