Guidance and wisdom between worlds and dimensions.

E-programs with Gabi Gal


A program to learn intuitive tools to make better decisions and develop your intuition for your business, company, organisation, leadership position. Perfect if you are a CEO, boss, leader, entrepreneur or have some kind of leading role.

LEARN how to Develop your Intuition and Leadership here


Energy Anatomy? Here you learn about energy anatomy (in Swedish). Upptäck energianatomi och hur du kan utveckla din intuitiv gåva, tredje öga, klarsynthet, medialitet. Här kan du lära dig allt detta via denna e-kurs. Denna kurs har utvecklats för dig som vill ta din intuition till en högre nivå.

Lär dig energianatomi här


E-books to Master Yourself, learn about intuition, healing, relationships, karmic relationships? Do you experience challenges in your relationships? break-ups? Divorce? Need healing? Want to heal yourself and your relationships? Learn about Karma? How to Master yourself and guide other people?

I have written a couple of books. You can read them here.


Healing Your Heart (e-course)

This is a program for you who experience or experienced challenges with heart-breaks, relationships, childhood trauma, past-life trauma, difficulties to enter a love relationship, want to make peace and forgive, let go and move on, open the door to true love. Learn about all this in this course that mixes up practical information with theory. You learn by listening, doing and transforming your reality.

Register for this e-course here and start it right away.


Personal Guidance & Counselling or Requests for Cooperation, Group Guidance or Business Counselling?

You can submit your request to me here.


Blog? In my blog, there are plenty of articles about mediumship, astrology, numerology, psychic medium development, intuitive guidance, healing relationship problems and challenges, getting over heart-break, finding true love, energy updates, past-life regressions, hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis, healing, medical and health sciences and much more. Check my blog here.

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