Intuition and soul retrieval are the keys to freedom from emotional pain, spiritual growth, business abundance, healing the endless soul….


I’m Gabi Gal

Thanks for coming here. I believe that you can embody all your intuitive & soul gifts, be able to experience freedom, joy and share your gifts and businesses helping the world be a better place.

I am offering you a transformational system so that you can tap into your intuitive and soul healing/ retrieval skills & soul/ akashic records consciously and move higher into your own soul leadership & empowerment, learning how to be balanced midst emotional and mental chaos of people around you, healing your own pain and making decisions that are more aligned with your soul.

It’s my mission to help you overcome limitations, heal fears and help you come closer to your soul and your heart. Soul retrieval and soul medicine can help your soul heal, find freedom, self-love, discover spiritual gifts, access your soul history, find a soulmate, live the life you were meant to live when you were born, and impact onto your family, friends or Earth co-habitants in a positive way.

Spiritual seeker, I am here to help you love who you have/want to become and what you can offer the world!

Ready to take control of your soul path? Awaken Intuitive Soul Leadership?

Emotional pain? Creative blocks? Invisibility? Self-sabotage? Not finding a soulmate? Stuck in your business? Law of Attraction is not working? Life mission? Time to learn more about your soul… Healing the endless soul through soul retrieval and soul medicine…

Some of results expected:

*learn to make more conscious choices aligned with your soul 

*learn about your soul history 

*emotional and soul healing

*discover about the invisible world

*understand how you work at a subtle level so that you can take back your power, improve your health, find out about your purpose, understand what is creating problems and challenges in your life 

*take back control of your life reconnecting with your intuition 

*learn how to heal yourself and others 

*get support – you are not alone

*heal the feminine essence within yourself so you can reconnect with a soulmate, twin flame, soul family, create abundance, live the life you wish to live on this planet and help people around you

*confidence, clarity, self-awareness, freedom

*understanding about your true self and soul purposes

About my program…<<Soul retrieval -> soul medicine and healing to the endless soul>>

  • A roadmap to enlightenment – a modality to heal, understand the world of energies and beyond, developing your higher awareness, psychic abilities, and tapping into your soul history, inner compass – as above, so below…
  • Access unique videos, written material, e-book, many life times of research I synthesised and shared in this unique modality
  • Get a support community on the same journey
  • Q&A Calls and Personal Guidance with me throughout the program

After Watching me Make a decision

If you have already watched the Webinar and/or my video, congratulations!

The fact that you have taken action and watched them puts you ahead of 99% women who stay entangled in their situations and blocks, and suffer silently, not making a change towards a life of freedom, abundance and connection with their soul gifts. A lot of those who will continue to be emotionally abused, not knowing who they are, not able to reclaim their lost power, full of regret, guilt, fear of rejection, self-sabotage and negative karma when they leave this physical life time…

If you haven’t watched my Webinar and my introduction video, check them and save yourself years of studies and pain, and millions of dollars! I have done this for you so you can learn and understand the urgency of this issue, as a commitment not only with yourself but also with everyone else you meet in your life.

If you have done it, it is time to make the most important decision of your life now. Will you continue to live controlled by fear that will cost you thousands of years of your life, bad relationships, medical bills, unfulfilled businesses, blocks and limitations, unhealthy patterns, lack of self-love, disconnection with your soul? Think about coming back to the Spirit World not having fulfilled your purposes. I would love to help you and I have keys for you. Keys that will make you more empowered and discover the well of wisdom you already have within yourself.

If you are ready to take your growth to the next level and start taking control of your physical life, understanding more about your soul, learning to balance yourself, learning to detect your own energy blocks, then I am inviting you to book a breakthrough call with me. There we will make a roadmap for your success. Once we are clear about that, you will learn the next steps that will take you to the next level of spiritual growth and reconnection with your soul light – I am giving you this from my heart and soul, even if you decide not to take the step towards your highest soul paths and stay stuck where you are now. But I am very compassionate, so I really wish to help those I can help. So I will be totally honest with you if you don’t fit as well.

All actions you take now will not only affect your own life and purpose, but your family, friends, co-inhabitants of planet Earth. The thing is that the more you invest on yourself and decide to move higher in awareness, reconnecting with your soul, the more you can benefit everyone else around you double as much. The future of your children depends on you. The karmic patterns in your family can be freed. Generations of suffering can be finished now. The power that YOU have lost in many life times can be reclaimed now. The Feminine Essence you carry can be healed and restored NOW. The Power of the Invisible lies within YOU. There is a reason why you are born as a WOMAN. It is time to reclaim it NOW. No more time to be enslaved in fear, rejection, abuse, self-sabotage, unsupported work and relationships, imposter syndrome, not belonging, isolation, fear of conflict and issues with the opposite sex, authority issues, affected by negative energy. I have solutions for you now.

I am teaching you the keys to be free from all that shit that has enslaved you during generations and find out the REAL YOU, your TRUE SELF, your SOUL embodied fully in this human life. Time is NOW. I have been on the same journey. And you can do this too.




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